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RR Tech WIll Save Us SynthMy kids have always preferred creative toys. From the earliest age, they have been drawn to toys that they can put together and take apart and really see how they work. The kind of toys that don’t have just one specific way to play with them, and instead allow you to experiment. So, we were thrilled when we first saw the Music Studio Pack from Tech Will Save Us. 

Consisting of the Electro Guitar Kit, the Synth Wave Kit, and the Record & Remix Kit, the Music Studio Pack really checks a lot of boxes for us. For one, it’s a musical toy, which we always say yes to. For another, it is expandable and grows with your child depending on what stage they are at. And, remember that bit about experimenting and allowing your kids to get creative? This Music Studio Pack excels at all of this and more. Tech Will Save Us Music Kit

These kits seem like toys at first glance with their bright colors and cardboard housingsBut, these are real musical tools that kids can utilize to learn the basics of music, layering, and even a bit about musical theory. As you can imagine, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it and see what kind of musical group we could assemble.  RR Tech Will Save Us Record and Remix

Everything was super easy to put together, but still fun and left us feeling like we’d accomplished something just by assembling them. Since the kit comes with only basic instructions and a download QR code, and we didn’t have our tablet handy, the kids got to put them together by trial and error. Thankfully, there was very little in the “error” column, because with these kits anything goes!  Tech Will Save Us Electric Guitar Contents

Even though this may look like a instruction-less nightmare, the kit was easy to build and then to customize for the perfect sound. It was mere minutes until the kids were happily jamming away on the guitar and fine tuning the amp and pickup. Tech Will Save Us Electric Guitar being built

I had thought that the Electro Guitar was going to be the toy that all the kids fought over, but what I found was that every kit is so cool in its own way that everyone wants a turn at all of them. That makes it perfect for families, or for groups and playdates because they are all so fun to play with. And, the bonus is that these kits don’t have to be played with as a set – groups can still play with one kit together, as my children have done numerous times.  

Music Studio Pack 

  • Electro Guitar Kit • $34.99 Kids will build a cardboard electro guitar, then add effects and produce their own tracks. Using the cardboard pieces included, kids will build their own cool electro guitar with three rubber band strings and then rock out. The amplifier sits in a cardboard body kids fold themselves. Step-by-step animated instructions and fun learning videos make it a fun and easy project. Kids will even learn the basics of how to play an electric guitar! Record, layer and share music tracks in the online recording studio. Tech Will Save Us Electric Guitar
  • Record & Remix Kit • $34.99 Kids can build a sound sampler and produce their own tracks, which makes for hours and hours of fun. After assembling the cardboard housing, kids learn what happens when making changes to a sound wave. They record a sounds using the keyboard and microphone and are taught what happens when you stretch and squash the sound waves. Record music tracks in the online recording studio and share them with friends and family. Tech Will Save Us Record and Remix Kit
  • Synth Wave Kit • $34.99 Kids get a behind-the-scenes look at how electronic music is created by making music with a digital synth. Assemble the fun cardboard housing and dive straight into the world of synthesizers. Learn all about sound waves and why different shapes have different sounds. Kids can program musical patterns into the arpeggiator and learn all about how it works with fun learning video and interactive manuals. Record, layer and share music tracks in the online recording studio.   Tech Will Save Us Synth Kit

Tech Will Save Us 

Tech Will Save Us is a London-based company that encourages kids to use their own powers to create something new. Kids see how devices are getting smarter and smarter, and they are curious. Through its wide range of products, Tech Will Save Us guides kids through key developmental stages, helping them learn about all the new technology is a safe and kid-friendly way, all while ensuring they’re not just passive consumers of tech. RR Tech Will Save Us Guitar

“Every day I am inspired by the creativity of our young customers who design crazy things,” laughs Bethany Koby- Hirschmann, Co-Founder, and CEO of Tech Will Save Us. “The excitement we see in a child’s eyes when they’ve built a circuit that results in a blinking LED light is pure magic.”   

If you’re shopping for kids this holiday season, you should definitely check out Tech Will Save Us for all sorts of tech kits that will inspire your kiddo all year long. 

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