Stocking stuffers for toddlers

I love buying for toddlers. They are typically the most appreciative bunch of gift receivers you will find anywhere, especially if you happen to know one or two things about their interests. As someone who has had three toddlers and bought for dozens more, I’m sharing my favorite stocking stuffers for toddlers to help you out this holiday season. Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

#1. Cali’s Books Press & Listen stories

Cali’s Press & Listen Books are FABULOUS. They are new to us this year and already a favorite toy in our home because they are fun to read together. But, the best part about them is that they allow your little one to read all by themselves since the books themselves read to the kids.

Cali’s books the perfect stocking stuffer because they appear to both kids and adults with their beautiful illustrations and their cute narrations. Toddlers love pushing the interactive buttons and working on those fine motor skills, and us parents love that the sounds are lovely and not the annoying kind of noisy toy we all hate. the There are 18 sound books to choose from – classic nursery rhymes, modern songs like Baby Shark, seasonal music, education, and even books teaching other languages.

To buy: shop Cali’s Books on Amazon. Cali's Books

#2. Piggy Paint non toxic nail polish

This stocking stuffer will obviously be handed over to the parents after it’s opened, but I couldn’t *not* include Piggy Paint. Piggy Paint are the only nail polishes I would put on my little ones, which earns them a spot in the stocking. Piggy Paint nail polishes were invented by Melanie Hurley, a mom who was painting her daughters’ nails one day over a Styrofoam plate to catch any drips. She noticed the nail polish melted a hole right through the plate and she thought to herself, “Gosh, if it eats through a plate within minutes, then what is it doing to my daughter?!”

Melanie then created an eco-friendly, non-toxic alternative for kids using a water-based formula. We’ve been using Piggy Paint for years and love the fun, vibrant colors that are kid-friendly and you can actually feel good about giving them… just make sure you store them away once they are gifted so your child doesn’t try to paint any of their special toys or your house themselves. 

To buy: shop Piggy Paint on Amazon. They have single bottles for $7.99 or adorable gift sets starting at $13.99 to choose from.

Piggy paint Rave and Review

#3. Baby Banana the safety toothbrush 

Did you know that toothbrushes can be dangerous for toddlers? This is especially true when your little one can’t sit still and could possibly fall while brushing. If you’ve got an active little one, consider a Baby Banana safety toothbrush, which isn’t just for babies. The Baby Banana safety toothbrush was invented following a tragic accident, where the company owner’s grandson slipped and fell with a toothbrush in his mouth. The toothbrush punctured the roof of his mouth, nearly missing his carotid artery. 

The Baby Banana gently massages teeth and gums with a flexible 100% food-grade silicone and has easy to grasp handles. The Baby Banana is dishwasher and freezer safe and is BPA, latex, and phthalate free so you can feel good about giving it to your little one. The newest designs are the dragon and unicorn, which look as fun as toys for little toddlers, which hopefully means they will look forward to brushing!

To buy: shop Baby Banana on Amazon. Hopefully the new designs will be available soon!

Baby Banana toothbrush

#4. Pals Socks intentionally mismatched sets

I think my daughter wore mismatched socks since day one. So, when I see intentionally mismatched like Pals Socks, I get excited. Pals Socks are thicker than normal socks and have no-slip grips on the bottom, so they are perfect for using as slippers, taking to slumber parties, or wearing during the winter when you want to cozy up. I love their message: “We don’t match. Pals Socks believes it’s fun to be friends with someone different. Life is exciting with fresh perspectives and new adventures. #DefeetTheNorm”

You can choose between some really awesome designs like: Cat & Dog, Cow & Pig, Burger & Fries, Donut & Ice Cream, Dragon & Unicorn, Fox & Bunny, Frog & Turtle, Milk & Cookies and more. The best part? The company guarantees no holes forever, or they will replace them for free. That’s awesome, right?

To buy: shop Pals Socks on Amazon

Pals socks

#5. Corolle pacifier makes any doll interactive

I love this little pacifier from Corolle dolls that turns any baby doll into an electric, interactive doll… and then lets you convert it back by just taking away the pacifier for quieter events. It features 15 different sounds that you can play just by pressing the pacifier button. You can use it with any doll that has an open mouth, so we can use it with most of our special baby dolls. It really takes the baby play to the next level, and will absolutely blow any doll-lover’s mind. 

To buy: shop Corolle dolls on Amazon

Corolle pacifier speaker

#6. Chanteur Designs jewelry for kids

Did you know that most mall jewelry for kids has toxic chemicals? You wouldn’t let your kids play with toxic chemicals, so why should jewelry be any different? My kids all wore jewelry really young, especially for special occasions, so I really wish I had known about Chanteur Designs back then so I didn’t have to drop tons of money for gold and sterling silver jewelry. With Chanteur designs you can ditch the lead jewelry and let your littlest fashionista pick a pair of fun and trendy earrings or bracelet you can feel good about her wearing, without breaking the bank. 

Chanteur has the most beautiful, non-toxic jewelry for kids that is 100% lead, nickel, and cadmium free. Their line includes necklaces, earrings, bangles, bracelets, purses, hairclips and more in tons of trendy designs. Pick unicorns, mermaids, turtles, hearts, or even pearls or Swarovski Elements crystals. 

To buy: shop Chanteur Designs on Amazon. You can also visit the Chanteur Designs website to purchase. Chanteur Designs earrings

#7. Steiff stuffed friends

Every stocking in our house always includes a Steiff stuffed friend. Our kids now have quite the Steiff collection, and those collections are one of their most prized possessions. Yes, some Steiff are pricey because they are so collectible, but some are totally reasonable and can be gifted to even small kids. In my experience kids seem to get that these are special toys even at first glance, and they treat them differently than they do cheapy plushes they get elsewhere. 

Start your little one on a Steiff collection with a My First Steiff friend, or go with a classic mohair collectible that can be displayed on a special shelf or cabinet. Either way, they are going to be thrilled when they see it peeking out of their stocking on Christmas morning. 

To buy: shop Steiff on Amazon.

Bunny Ear Steiff

#8. Schleich hand painted animals

When my oldest was little we fell in love with Schleich animals. We bought a handful of the beautifully painted figurines to occupy my daughter on a long plane ride to Europe, and she played with them the entire time she wasn’t sleeping. Once we had a few animals, they became addictive and that handful became a bag full, and then a drawer full, and then a bin full as we began to collect them for learning as well as playing. 

There are so many learning opportunities with Schleich animals as you can learn about where animals live, what temperatures they prefer, who they live near, what their food source is, or you can categorize based on any other number of factors. Since Schleich makes just about any animal you’ve ever heard of or dreamed of – real or imagined – it means you can create a mini zoo or use your imagination to visit worlds away. 

To buy: shop Schleich on Amazon

Schleich parade

#9. Faber-Castell beeswax crayons

I don’t think there’s anything more lovely than coloring with crayons side by side with your toddler. Whether they are scribbling a vortex of lines or they are starting to make shapes that actually resemble something, toddlers are naturally delighted with just about any mark they are able to make. What better way to encourage your little one to love art than to get them the good stuff. These Faber-Castell beeswax crayons are the good stuff. 

Their beeswax crayons are so bright and vibrant and are nothing like the cheapy crayons you get handed at restaurants, events, and playdates. Faber-CastellFaber-Castell crayons write so smooth and are so fun to draw with, even us parents get excited to use them. 

Faber Castell kids art supplies

#10. Maileg Mice

The tradition of Maileg mice in the stocking started when my oldest was little and now I can’t imagine Christmas without a tiny mouse in each stocking. We have a whole shelf of these little critters in my daughters’ room and they get tons of love year-round. I love their little handmade accessories, the matchbox and cigar box beds that some of the mice come in, and their adorably simple clothing that reminds me of everything pure and good about childhood.

How cute are these toddler mice twins that share a cigar box? If you would like a bigger set, I love the mom and dad mouse in a box {see link, but note the prices are way inflated on Amazon}. Honestly, any of their mice collection is welcome around our house.

To buy: shop Maileg on Amazon, or find them in smaller local stores near you. Maileg Mice

Good luck and happy shopping!

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