Shinesty: matching outfits that will help you rock the holiday season

A big thank you to Shinesty for sending our new holiday matching outfits. No monetary compensation was received in exchange for this rave review. 

We always said we weren’t “that couple”. You know, the couple that starts to look like each other, dress like each other, and eventually seems like the same person rather than two individuals? Nope, we were never going to be them.

Well, we were wrong. We have started down the slippery slope of becoming “that couple” and we aren’t even sorry about it. Introducing our official holiday outfits: the Buffalo Check Holiday Suit and Wrap Dress.Shinesty matching couples outfitShinesty matching couples outfit 2

Shinesty matching outfits

Are you inviting us over for the holidays or joining us at a shindig? Chances are good that you’re going to see us looking just like this in our new Shinesty matching family christmas outfitsTyler and Leanne in Shinesty

Yeah, that’s right. We’re going to be looking like we all of a sudden started a band even though neither of us currently plays an instrument and we definitely don’t have an album cover in the works.Shinesty matching couples outfit 8

I mean, our girls match every day, and our son likes to dress like daddy… why not go for a full-on couples matching outfit, too?Shinesty matching couples outfit 7Shinesty matching couples outfit 5

How on earth did we go this long without one single matching outfit? Our lives were clearly not complete until this very moment.Shinesty matching couples outfit 6

Shinesty Quality

One look at his new Shinesty suit and my husband declared, “Holy cr@p, I’m going to wear this all season long!” If that’s not a ringing endorsement, I don’t know what is. You see, my husband has never, ever wanted to wear a suit, let alone got excited about it and planned events specifically around wearing dress up clothing. Shinesty Suit 1

He always complains that men’s dress up clothing is typically boring and plain – you get to choose between grey, blue, or black suits. If you’re a really kooky guy, you can go with a pinstripe suit because “fun” suits just don’t exist in traditional stores. Thankfully, Shinesty isn’t a traditional store and he’s now a changed man. Shinesty Suit 2

Not only is the Shinesty suit about as fun as a suit could possibly be, the quality of it is actually really nice. I was picturing more like a costume where it’s designed to wear just once or twice, so I was shocked when the suit was lined, the pants had a great cut, and every little detail was accounted for. It doesn’t matter how cool something is if you never want to wear it because you feel uncomfortable. Shinesty knows this and designed suits that are as well made as they are amazing-looking. 

This guy? He’s ready to party, so please invite him places.

Shinesty Suit 3

My wrap-style dress is also well made with great attention to detail. It has a nice lining and I love that the wrap style is forgiving and allows you to move without worry of flashing everyone. I paired it with leggings because it’s too cold for bare legs, but if you’re feeling extra fancy you could go without. Shinesty Dress

And, girls, hear this: it has pockets. Pockets! You know how you never have a place for your phone when you’re wearing a dress? Say goodbye to the days of handing hubby your phone and checking in for messages. Pop your phone right in the pocket and you will be a changed woman. Shinesty Dress with Pockets

Shinesty has matching outfits for every occasion

If you’re shopping for outfits for the holiday season, consider going matching. Then, go with Shinesty for your matching outfits where you will be guaranteed to be the life of the party. We’re planning on bringing the party all season long. Shinesty matching couples outfit 4 Shinesty peeking
Refer Shinesty to a friend and you’ll both receive $20

Start your shopping now at Shinesty by clicking this link to go right to their matching couples sets. You will not be disappointed.
Shop their Holiday apparel line with matching outfits for Him & Her, the family, and pets!

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