More than a digital frame with Sungale Cloud Frame

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When is a digital frame more than *just* a digital frame? When it’s a Sungale Cloud Frame. We’ve all seen digital photo frames before, yes? I’m sure you’re familiar, you just plug in a flash drive or external memory card into your digital frame and the pictures just scroll through. But, what if it could do more than just sit there scrolling through pictures?Sungale Cloud Frame

Sungale has the answer to that with their new Cloud Frame. The Cloud Frame has added so many functions that not only make the digital frame experience better, it also elevates it out of the frame category and becomes more of an all-around entertainment device. Sungale CPF1051+-1

Sungale Cloud Frame: more than just a digital frame

  • Full-function mobile phone app. Use the app to manage and operate your cloud frame, choosing pictures to display, how to display them, and so much more. If you do want to control your frame from the unit itself, you will love the intuitive touch screen that allows you to control all operations right on the screen.
  • Go wireless. Most digital frames go black as soon as the power is cut, but not the Sungale Cloud Frame. The internal battery keeps the pictures scrolling so you can either go wireless or keep it plugged in, whichever you prefer. 
  • Send pictures from anywhere. You no longer have to pop the SD card or flash drive out and then load more pictures as you take them {which I promise you will forget to do}. Now you can receive real-time photos from your phone, from social media, and even from friends and family.
  • Cloud frame=cloud storage. Speaking of external memory, that’s only part of it. You also get free cloud storage where you can store your photos without requiring external storage. The built-in Dropbox receives photos automatically from your cell phone, so it’s constantly updating.  The frame has a 16GB internal memory for photos and videos and then has a microSD card slot to expand memory up to 32GB.
  • Connect with social media. Compatible with many social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Gather pictures from your accounts, and keep up on what’s new with friends.
  • Relax and watch a movie. Yes, you could watch your own home movies, since the Cloud Frame can hold pictures and videos, but you can also watch real movies right on the frame. You can set up the frame to connect with your Netflix account and other video hubs and get caught up on all your favorite TV series, see the latest movies, and more. 

Sungale Cloud Frame in BoxWhy do you need a digital frame?

I love having a digital frame going at all times. Even though I’m surrounded by pictures on the wall, on my computer, on my cellphone, on social media, and all of my extensive photography external drives where I store the pictures we take each year, this is the easiest way to actually enjoy them. But, as much as I love the digital frame, I think the kids love it even more. They sit there transfixed by the Sungale Cloud Frame, which I guess makes perfect sense. The kids don’t have tech devices, so they just have access to the pictures I print each year… which is only a handful of posed and perfect photographs.Sungale Cloud Frame

Those goofy and fun photos we take as we go on adventures and travel just sit on my digital devices, never to be printed or shared online. Which means no one but me will ever see them. The Sungale Cloud digital frame changes all of that, and the kids love to watch it and relive their year of memories with their family and friends. 

You can use your phone, laptop, or tablet to send photos to the cloud no matter where you are. The Cloud Frame can then retrieve these photos from the cloud every 10 minutes to automatically display the photos on the screen. You can build your own photo albums in the dedicated cloud storage, so you can organize by adventures. 

Connect with friends and family, anywhere in the world

Even if family or friends are far away, you can still feel close with the Sungale Cloud Frame.  Being able to see pictures of loved ones all the time makes you feel so much closer. I love the fact that you can set it up so loved ones can send you pictures from wherever they are, which makes it really fun to see what’s new each time they send new pictures.Sungale CPF1051+-2

Watch videos and movies, just like a TV

Sungale Cloud Frame has integrated the most popular video hubs into its functions. On the frame you will find a list of video hubs that you can select, including Netflix as well as other video services. By inputting your personal account information and password, you can watch your accounts right on the Cloud Frame. 

While it won’t replace your TV in your household, having the digital frame pull double duty is certainly a bonus. Whether you are traveling and can’t take a full TV with you, or you want to catch up on movies from your desk, the Sungale is a great solution to when TVs just aren’t possible. Sungale Cloud Frame in hand

Shop Sungale’s full line of connected electronics that can make life easier, more enjoyable, and help you connect with family! 

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