My First Crayola art supplies

I think it’s good for kids to get messy. I wholeheartedly encourage my kids to dig in the dirt, cover their hands with paint, and generally make messes. But, while there is a time and a place for getting dirty {for instance, when a bath is in the near future}, there are many times that … Read more

Shop Smart with Project PlaySmart

Do you ever find yourself feeling lost in your local toy store?  Maybe it’s the fact that there are too many options or maybe it’s because half of the toys are plastic junk, but I feel like I’m in the same position every time I’m shopping for birthday presents for my kids’ friends.  I certainly … Read more

Magic Cabin encourages imaginative doll play

Open ended and imaginative play is paramount in our house. When shopping for toys we search out toys that inspire creativity and learning, and that search always leads us to Magic Cabin. I’ve talked before about my love affair with Magic Cabin’s wide assortment of toys that grow with your kids, and once again I’m … Read more

Woobee from Rain or Shine Kids

While we’ve had a bit of a mild winter here in the Pacific Northwest so far, it looks like winter is going to hit us pretty hard in the next few weeks.  Taking other years into account, this means that we are likely looking forward to months and months of ice, freezing temperatures, and snow … Read more

BigJigs Rose Cottage Wooden Dollhouse

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide – Day 23 While I didn’t want for much growing up with 4 siblings and built-in best friends, I always thought there was a void in my life that a doll house would have fit perfectly.  I wanted a doll house so much, in fact, that I made my own: first … Read more

It’s Time to Dance! Live with Yo Gabba Gabba

As you may know, the Yo Gabba Gabba gang was in my town last weekend.  Having gone to the There's A Party In My City Yo Gabba Gabba show last year as well, I thought I knew kind of what to expect.  But, let me tell you, the show completely blew away my expectations, which … Read more

A Gym in a Suitcase: The Amazing Journey Gym

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide – Day 5 With freezing temperatures on the horizon it’s always temping to wrap up in a sweater and forget your active summer routine.  This is especially true as the holidays approach and all the baked goods are there for the taking, but this is actually one of the best times … Read more

Lunch Box Notes and More

Experts agree that positive reinforcement really works – no matter what age you’re working with.  As the mom of a toddler and a preschooler, I do my share of positive reinforcement throughout the day and the results have been quite amazing.  Instead of kids that cry, whine, and fuss to get my attention, I’ve got … Read more

B-Ready for everything with Britax

Get Out and PLAY Event – Day 21 If you’ve been in Washington over the past two months, it’s likely that you saw us crisscrossing the state with our newest ride. No, not a car, a stroller: specifically, the new Britax B-Ready stroller. In an effort to save money, use less gas, and get some … Read more

Groovy Little Love Bus from Jack Rabbit Creations {Review}

Every once in a while I find a toy that is so perfect that I just can't help but covet it for my little ones.  This would be a toy that combines clever design, good play value, and high quality parts as well as being fun to play with, which means it is bound to … Read more