Groovy Little Love Bus from Jack Rabbit Creations {Review}

Every once in a while I find a toy that is so perfect that I just can't help but covet it for my little ones.  This would be a toy that combines clever design, good play value, and high quality parts as well as being fun to play with, which means it is bound to become a favorite of all of us.  All of these would be perfect descriptions of Jack Rabbit Creations, a children’s brand that is known for its unique products and extended play value as well as its adorable designs.  

With a full line of toys that are the things childhood dreams are made of, Jack Rabbit Creations carries some of the most timeless and classic toys for children.  Recently, I fell hard for their "Groovy Little Love Bus", a wooden camper van-esque family bus that I found online.  Because I can’t resist wooden toys and my husband has long dreamed of owning a van similar to this for our family vacations {albeit with a few – or a lot – less peace symbols}, I knew this was the Groovy Love Busperfect thing for our daughter. 

And, really, how could you not love the Love Bus?

Not only is the Love Bus simply adorable, it is also incredibly fun to play with.  Simply place the wooden family atop their magnetic "seats" and the Love Bus is ready to hit the open road.  Probably an unintended bonus, but something both my kids love, is the awesome sound the family makes if you wiggle them in their seats as they spring back to place atop their magnets.  Once it hits the road, its wooden wheels make the most satisfying sound as they roll, with the cab of the van bumping along as it drives its family from adventures to vacations and beyond.

Groovy Little Love Bus
Of course, there’s also the super cute sound effect that my daughter adds once the Love Bus is in motion, which makes my heart melt each time she does it.  One of her favorite features is the nice open top of the van allows for easy repositioning and removal of the family on the go, and even has extra room for gear, pets, and more that they may pick up along the way.  My daughter spends hours zooming the bus around our house, picking up a hodge podge of characters and toys and stuffing them in the bus along with the Love Bus family. 

Which leads me to my next rave: The folks at Jack Rabbit Creations know that one person in a play vehicle is no fun, so they smartly included a family of 5 {as well as their trusty pup} in their School BusLove Bus.  This adds to the "more the merrier" aspect of a family bus and is something I really, really appreciate because there is nothing worse than having two people playing and only one passenger to play with. 

If you aren’t familiar with Jack Rabbit Creations, you should head there now {I’ll wait…}.  They seriously have the cutest toys, accessories, and even clothing for your little one and you are bound to fall hard for numerous of their items.  Whether you have a soft spot for tin toys {me!} or classic wooden toys {also me} or organic handmade items {me, me, me!!}, everything they carry is simply irresistible.

Leanne Signature 2 A huge thank you to Jack Rabbit Creations for sending the wooden Love Bus for review.  All opinions are 100% ours and no monetary compensation was received in exchange for this very Rave Review. 

5 thoughts on “Groovy Little Love Bus from Jack Rabbit Creations {Review}”

  1. That is SO CUTE! My daughter is 5 1/2 and she would LOVE Groovy Little Love Bus. I can just see her putting in the family and then tucking in a few Squinkies and Littlest Pet Shop animals for good measure 🙂 So glad you reviewed this, I’m adding it to Kaitlyn’s Amazon wish list!

  2. She looks happy. I guess this is because she found her interest in playing her toys. When I was a child I found my interest in playing a doll which is given by my father. The first ever gift that I recieve from my father.


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