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With warm weather and outdoor adventures on the horizon, we’ve been talking a lot about the best gear for parents and kids.  But, you can’t talk playing hard without talking about safety, so I am excited to introduce you to our newest rave-worthy product to keep you and your family safe: Road ID.

Nav_logo The Road ID slogan is “If you can’t speak for yourself, Road ID will speak for you” and that’s something that really hits home as the mother of two children who can’t always speak for themselves.  By taking the old ID tag and updating it to bring you a whole new dimension in safety and peace of mind, Road ID gives you numerous ways to keep your whole family safe.  With different style options for creating your own ID and various ways you can customize your own piece to suit your individuality, Road ID is anything but a boring old ID bracelet. 

Each Road ID allows for at least a few lines of customizable text with some offering as much as 7 lines.  And, recently the new Road ID Interactive gives you even more options and allows you to create your own life-saving profile that can include as little or as much information as you want.  No matter what design you go with there’s a lot of information you can pack on the individualized ID plate to help you or your little one communicate in an emergency. 

Road ID is a family run company that got its start making ID products for athletes training for marathons, and their products show the exceptional quality and craftsmanship that is necessary for sports and recreational use.  But, while Road ID was originally marketed towards serious athletes and sports-lovers, we adore it because it is perfect for toddlers all the way up to the elderly.  How many products can you say that about? 

With my oldest heading off to Preschool in the fall, my search for the perfect ID bracelet began.  I wanted something that was fun to wear, but at the same time functional enough to have plenty of room for important emergency contact and medical information.  I was bored by the usual silver ID bracelets that I wore as a child, and was quite delighted when I ran across the website and saw their unique and fun take on the classic, as well as all the new features they add to keep their wearers safe.

Shopping for the bracelets was quite fun and the process of selecting the features and personal touches was not only simple, it was also stress-free.  As I wasn’t entirely sure about what I wanted and how to best customize each piece, I loved that there were handy guides on the site to compare each option and numerous ways to get help if I should get stuck.  Because I was new at this and I trusted their expert opinion, I also opted to have them double check my order to maximize my specific IDs with information first responders would need in the event of an emergency.

Prod_wristid_ori After much debate, I decided on the Wrist ID Sport for my Preschooler-to-be and think it was the perfect choice for him – He loves his Road ID so much he doesn't want to take it off!  The Wrist ID Sport comes in Small, Medium/Large and Extra Large, and the small was the perfect size for my preschooler with plenty of room to grow, which will be great as he starts to venture out on his own with family and friends. 

The Wrist ID is made of heavy duty nylon with Velcro closure, making it perfect for an active kiddo.  It has two reflective stripes on the band to provide added visibility at night, which is great for evening walks.  There is a variety of color options available {Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, Pink and Purple} and the ID plate on the bracelet is a laser engraved surgical grade stainless steel that can be taken off and transferred to several of the other great RoadID products {the Ankle ID, the Shoe ID, and the Shoe Pouch ID}. 

Elite_id For my daughter, I chose the Wrist ID Elite, the fancier Road ID model that has a very sleek and sophisticated design.  The Wrist ID Elite has a rubberized band and watch-style stainless steel buckle and is fashionable enough even for everyday office attire.  The band needs to be cut to be individually fitted, so this is ideal for grown kids or adults.  It is available in eight color options {Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Orange, and Green} and the Elite ID plate easily moves from one color Wrist Band Elite to another {but doesn’t transfer to other RoadID products like the Wrist ID Sport does}. 

Products_fixx_ORIGINAL We also got to check out a Fixx ID which is a military-inspired dog tag but with a really fun twist.  While the back side of the ID necklace holds all the important contact information you want, you can also customize the front of your tags with logos and designs, choosing between a huge selection of sports themed and fun icons, as well as adding color around the edges to make the ID more like a necklace than an ID tag.

All Road ID products we got to check out were super lightweight, but because they are made for serious athletes, they are also strong enough to withstand the torture of my very active kids.  While they are perfect for any kid, they are absolutely essential if you have a kid with a serious allergy or medical condition as the RoadID Wrist ID bracelets would be a perfect daily accessory. 

Whether it’s contact information, allergies, life-saving medical information, and more, Road ID truly does speak for you if you are ever unable.  The versatility and peace of mind that Road ID offers makes it one of my new favorite products for athletes, children, and more.  I highly recommended looking into one: the added security it brings is priceless!

Prices: The Wrist ID Sport is truly a bargain at only $19.99, as is the Fixx ID for $24.99 and the Wrist ID Elite for only $29.99.  Even better is that all engraving is included in the price, no matter what model you go with!  With such a high quality life-saving product, I would have imagined they would be much more expensive, especially now that I know what great customer service they have as well as their genuine satisfaction guarantee.  Available in the Wrist ID Sport, the Wrist ID Elite, the Shoe ID, the FIXX ID, the Ankle ID & the Shoe Pouch ID as well as Road ID Interactive options!

Not sure which one you need?  Check out their handy comparison chart of original and interactive options!  Start shopping here:

Katie Signature A huge thank you to RoadID for sending the samples to be reviewed.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review.

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