Magic Cabin encourages imaginative doll play

Open ended and imaginative play is paramount in our house. When shopping for toys we search out toys that inspire creativity and learning, and that search always leads us to Magic Cabin. I’ve talked before about my love affair with Magic Cabin’s wide assortment of toys that grow with your kids, and once again I’m raving about the fun that starts when a Magic Cabin box is opened.

And, whose eyes wouldn’t light up if they saw a box full of gorgeous toys and treasures from the pages of the Magic Cabin catalog?

This past year was all about dolls here at Rave Central – doll accessories, doll furniture, and more – and the Magic Cabin catalog was the source of much of our inspiration. Really, it’s hard to not get inspired while searching through the Magic Cabin catalog. Page after page it shows 821100xchildren playing in dress up clothing, engaging in imaginative play, and nurturing creativity with heirloom quality toys and gifts.

The first thing we fell in love with this year at Magic Cabin for doll play was the Kathe Kruse Spring Fairy Dolls because we are very into fairies these days. We love designing their homes and making miniature fairy gardens, and the Kathe Kruse Spring Fairy Dolls are the perfect size for this kind of creativity.

Since we live in tulip country and the pretty and colorful flowers are such a big part of our spring, I knew the Kathe Kruse Tulip Fairy would be a great addition to my daughter’s garden room.  Once she arrived I knew she was perfect. The Spring Fairy Doll is less than 9 inches tall, so she could easily go on a display shelf or even in a larger doll Magic Cabin Spring Fairyhouse, but she’s also really fun to play with since she has a flexible and posable fabric body. 

We decided to make a special “swing” for her suspended from one of the shadowbox shelves of my daughter’s wall mural and she is simply stunning on display. Like all Kathe Kruse, the Spring Fairy Doll is simply exquisite and classic, the kind of doll that you pass down for generations to enjoy. 

Magic Cabin was my first introduction to the amazing Kathe Kruse dolls, a German company that makes handcrafted Waldorf-style dolls, and now I’m hooked.  Magic Cabin has an 821100extensive collection of these cotton dolls with mohair tresses that are great for any collector or for those looking to make a special little girl’s day. If you haven’t checked out their line of dolls, I would recommend you do so – you won’t be disappointed.  They even have a beautiful Easter doll with a basket of felt eggs, holiday dolls, and Fall Fairies that would delight any doll lover. 

Another essential Magic Cabin doll accessory is the Combi Doll Furniture line that encourages imaginative play with your little one.  The line is made of beautiful Baltic Birch and comes in two 827235different colors {natural oil finish or red stain} to match your play area.  Besides being USA made and gorgeous enough to keep in a main room in your house, what I love most about the Combi Doll line is that the products promote creativity.  Not only do they encourage imaginative doll play, they also are very open-ended toys that can be used for many different play situations.

My favorite of their line is the Combi Chair which goes from a highchair to a doll desk simply by flipping it on its side. I love this as it works for both baby dolls and for the “older” big girl dolls my daughter is now very into. But, as cool as this is that the Combi Chair is 2-in-1, my daughter made it even more awesome by adding two more uses for the petite little chair. By flipping it upside down while in desk mode, my daughter has decided it is a “car” for her smaller 827238_chair_swtoys and they use it to drive all over our living room. 

And, then my favorite use: as a puppet theatre. By turning the chair upside down while in high chair mode and covering with a blanket, you have the perfect make believe theatre to play with.  We’ve spent so many days thinking up stories to act out and entertaining each other for hours that this is now our new favorite toy. We’ve now added backdrops and made some little finger puppets and have a great rainy day/snow day activity.

Magic Cabin Combi Chair
If you are doll shopping for spring, you should start at Magic Cabin and check out their amazing 864350collection of Kathe Kruse as well as accessories for everything from baby dolls up to collector dolls.  My favorite tip is to check out the Magic Cabin Exclusives that, to me, define the very nature of open ended and extended play toys.  I seriously could shop there for every little kid on my list this year!

Leanne Signature 2 A big thank you to Magic Cabin for this review and giveaway opportunity.  All opinions remain 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this very Rave Review.

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  1. I’d probably get the Girl’s Your Body 5-Layer Puzzle by Beleduc (it’s just so cute and different!) and I also really love the Felt Crayon House 🙂

  2. I really want to get my baby girl a Sophie Giraffe! Thanks for the chance. bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

  3. I would get some old fashioned “wood toys” for my son to play with! Can’t go wrong with wood toys!

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