Spring refresh with new entryway decor

RR spring refresh Entryway decor through door

We refreshed our hardest working room of the house this spring and I love the results. Check out our spring refresh with new entryway decor and a little bit of paint.

Get truly restorative sleep with TEMPUR-Pedic {Q&A with Jonathan Alpert}

Tempur-Pedic snuggle

This post about restorative sleep with TEMPUR-Pedic is not sponsored, I just wanted to share our love of all things TEMPUR.  It was almost a year ago when we received our TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme Breeze to review {now called the TEMPUR-Breeze}. It was replacing an older Tempur-Pedic mattress we got back in 2006 when we first … Read more

The smartest dishwasher on the block

Bosch Dishwasher at Best Buy

It felt like all dishwashers were more or less the same for roughly 30 years. And, then in the past 5 years or so, there’s been so many dishwashing innovations. These newest Bosch models are the smartest dishwashers I’ve ever seen, with functions I never even knew I needed. We’re talking automatic everything, adjustable to a shocking degree, and the quietest operation I’ve ever experienced.

MAXIMUS Smart Security Light: all-in-one light and camera

Maximus light in day

The newly released MAXIMUS Smart Security Light is so much more than an outdoor lighting fixture that happens to have a camera. Their Smart Security Light is beautiful in its own right, with 4 different models to choose from that can match just about any house exterior {Coach, Contemporary, Craftsman and Traditional}. The Smart Security Light also has two-way talk so you can engage in live conversation or play a message every time someone is detected. Add in the fact that it’s easy to install and doesn’t require an electrician or damage the exterior of your house, and it’s not hard to see why we love it so.

2 hour entryway transformation with mywoodwall

Entryway wall finished with mywoodwall

Transform your space with super easy peel and stick wood paneling from mywoodwall that can make your space amazing in an hour or two. See how we redid our entryway in the span of a naptime, without any special tools or help from a professional.

Year-round comfort with the Quilo 3-in-1 tower fan

Quilo 3in1 in window

Looking for a way to keep cool and comfortable year round? Look no further than the Quilo 3in1 Tower Fan with Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier. That’s right, the Quilo gives you year-round comfort with three appliances packed into one, and the result is a compact, energy-saving, air cooling system that is truly made for … Read more

DIY budget custom fireplace mantle

Before and after fireplace Affiliate linksBack in 2007 we bought our house from a local builder and got to make numerous choices, but the basic house design was fairly set and didn't allow for many changes. This means that our house has very little built-in "character".

The good part about that is that we got to create our own "character" as the years went on, but the bad part is that it sometimes takes a decade to make my visions come to life. Some stuff was easy, like having the builder agree to do wainscotting throughout the main floor or adding a simple pressed tin backsplash instead of learning how to lay tile. But some things seemed easy and instead became a project… like my mantle I had been dreaming of since we first moved in. Fireplace before 2

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Convert any surface to a standing desk with the Lift24 laptop stand from ErgotronHome

Sponsored postErgotron standing desk folded by tableAt certain times of the year {and especially during the holidays}, I feel like I’m chained to my computer. Whether it is a large amount of wedding pictures, family photo sittings, or it’s an especially busy blog month, my computer use can get out of control. And, since I’m active and on-the-go by nature, the idea of sitting at a desk or in a chair just about kills me. There are many days during the holidays that you will find me hunched over the kitchen island on my computer, so sick of sitting that I would rather stand and stoop down to see my computer.

It’s this reason that I’ve been searching for a standing desk for the past few years to give me options when I must be at the computer but just can’t sit any longer. The problem was that I wasn’t ready to fully commit to the standing desk, and I really needed a sit-to-stand desk that gave me options depending on my needs and my computer usage. Even better would be if the desk fit within my home’s décor so I didn’t end up with a huge eyesore that was only used a few times a year.

And, then I found Ergotron and my search was finally over.

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What not to bring to bed to improve your sleep

How would you describe your bed? If the words “haven” or “perfection” aren’t part of the description, then you should definitely listen up. If you really think about it, most people spend about a 1/3 of their lives in bed, which is more time than they spend doing just about anything else. Knowing that, doesn’t it make sense to make your bed as amazing as possible?

But, the truth is that most people are not getting nearly enough sleep. Whether they’re suffering from insomnia, stressed about work/money/life, they are chronically busy, or they are parents to kids of any age {because no, it does not get better after the newborn stage}, sleep deprivation comes in many forms.

Since we're talking beds, I thought I would share my all-time favorite picture I've ever taken of a bed. Even in my post-wedding haze when I was deliriously exhausted, I was admiring how huge our honeymoon suite was and I came up with the idea that hubby and I should jump on the bed in our wedding day finest and capture it all with the self-timer. The result was this picture, which we then sent out as thank you notes after the wedding. Wedding Pic

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