A Sealy mattress for every family member

A big thank you to Sealy for sending their Sealy Posturepedic Plus Hybrid High Point mattress for review. There truly is a Sealy mattress for everyone and we were thrilled to find our perfect mattress. As always, no monetary compensation was received for this rave review.

Something that caught me completely off guard in parenting was how sleeping needs change quickly as your family grows. I was wholly unprepared for how many beds, mattresses, and room reconfigurations we would need throughout the years as a family of five. I mean, I knew our food bill would go up, and I was prepared for the influx of toys and sporting goods as we entered the world of parenting. But mattresses? I guess I just never thought of the reality of how fast kids grow and change and how many times we would reimagine their spaces out of necessity. 

In my childhood, I had a moses basket when I was a baby and then one twin bed until my senior year in high school and that’s it {yes, my feet had been hanging off the end for years}. When I turned 18, I saved up money for my first Sealy full-size mattress. Then, as a married couple, we splurged on a larger, queen-sized bed when I was pregnant with our first baby. But, then we needed a baby crib mattress, which all the kiddos used. By the time the third child was in the crib, we’d already bought three twin sized mattresses for the older kids – with one extra for the trundle bed for sleepovers.  

That’s a whole lot of mattresses in a very short window of time. 

So, when I realized that our teen was now hanging off the end of her twin bed, it all felt too soon… again. It was clearly time for a Queen-sized bed in her room, and it was time for a new bed for us, too. And, then we started thinking about how our pre-teen wasn’t that far off from needing a queen-sized bed himself. They say it goes by in a blink of an eye, and it really does.

While I was over here sad that my babies are almost full grown and wondering how we were going to swing three new mattresses in the next few years, we came up with a plan. Sealy, the mattress company we started with all those years ago, has traditional innerspring mattresses, as well as memory foam and Hybrid options which start at $799 for a Queen. Surely, we could find some good Sealy mattress options for all of us without breaking the bank, and these mattresses could take the kids all the way to adulthood. 

Sealy mattress

It was time to mattress shop. 

What I’ve found throughout the years is that picking the right mattress for each member of the family/room in the house isn’t as easy as adding it to a cart. This is one of those things that shouldn’t be done from a keyboard unless you’ve already done your research. Try and return a mattress easily from purchasing online and you’ll chalk this up as one of those times when doing things the old fashioned way is the best. Trust me on this one. 

So, we headed into our local mattress store and that’s where the fun began. We ran around the store finding our perfect mattress like a group of little Goldilocks. For my husband and I, it became clear at first bounce that we wanted to go with a hybrid mattress this time around. We’ve done traditional coil mattresses and we’ve done memory foam. We wanted to try something different this time – a blend of the two types so we can get the best of both worlds. 

Enter the Sealy Posturepedic Plus Hybrid High Point mattress

The Sealy Posturepedic Plus Hybrid was this perfect blend, and for us it was love at first try. The only real question was how firm we wanted it. So, we laid on each firmness a half dozen times a piece, bouncing, tossing and turning, and trying to recreate our sleeping positions to find the firmness we liked best. It turns out, our perfect mattress is on the softer side. I have always had really firm mattresses up until now, and I was so excited about trying something different for our new mattress. 

Sealy was among the first to create this new hybrid mattress, pairing the best qualities of innerspring and foam mattresses to deliver out-of-this-world comfort. Basically, it has a traditional innerspring core with coils to give it extra support for every part of your body, but then it is topped with the best of the best foam layers to conform to and cushion each curve for the best night’s sleep. 

But, this isn’t just any hybrid mattress, this is the one all others will be judged against. Sealy was solving all the problems of other hybrid models, adding their patented DuraFlex Pro Coil Edge, which is a breathable and durable edge to the mattress. This edge helps the mattress maintain its shape and allows superior airflow to keep you cool. They created the Response Pro Zoned HD encased coils that are densely packed right where you need them most – your back and your core. While the science and technology are almost completely lost on me, the comfort really isn’t. 

Sealy mattress

I had gone in thinking I wanted another straight memory foam mattress because I thought that was the only way to get the motion reduction that I definitely need. I am in motion almost all night long, and my husband has a varied wake-sleep schedule, so we really need something that won’t keep him up all night and something that won’t wake me too early in the morning. It turns out, the Sealy Posturepedic Plus Hybrid has also mastered the motion reduction you think of memory foam for. This is thanks to individually wrapped coils that provide superior motion reduction and keep the harmony between opposite sleepers like my husband and I. 

Sealy mattress

The other thing I was excited about was the cool-to-the-touch cover technology to help us sleep cooler, fresher, and more comfortably—all night long. This cooling technology comes from their SealyChill and SealyCool layers that give you all the cushioning you love, without all the extra heat that gives memory foam mattresses a bad rap. That paired with the better airflow really does work keeping us so much cooler in sleep than our old memory foam mattress.

The Sealy Posturepedic Plus line comes in foam {starts at $1799/queen} or hybrid {$1999/queen} and has various options up to split-California king. 

Cocoon Chill Memory Foam Sealy mattress

As for my teen, she chose the Cocoon Chill memory foam mattress for her new bed. She laid on just about every single mattress in store and debated for a bit about a hybrid herself, but in the end, she preferred the straight memory foam over the inner coils. She has always wanted a memory foam mattress, and the Sealy Cocoon is the perfect economical mattress for her. 

The Cocoon Memory Foam has the same cool-to-touch feel in their cover that our Sealy Posturepedic Plus Hybrid does, which was a huge selling point. This cover is infused with a proprietary Phase Change Material that absorbs and dissipates heat to help you sleep cooler throughout the night. Living in the pacific northwest where AC is hard to find means that sleep in the summer is sometimes unbearable, but having a cool-to-the-touch mattress can make a huge difference in how you sleep. 

Sealy mattress

The next favorite feature? The motion reduction of memory foam. While my teen isn’t a wild sleeper, her little sister is. And, this little sister loves her big sis and their “sleepover nights” are her favorite thing on earth. This little sis has always been a ball of motion like her mama, and my teen loves that the Cocoon Memory Foam mattress had the best motion reduction to keep the peace on these nights. No one likes a terrible night sleep with a restless partner, and the memory foam motion reduction is perfect for making these sleepover nights bearable for all of us. 

For me, I love that all Sealy foams meet CertiPUR-US safety standards. There are other discount mattresses on the market, but I know that with Sealy I’m getting a mattress that has been tested {and retested} beyond industry standards. This commitment to quality products gives you the safest and most comfortable mattress that I know will last longer than the competition.

The Cocoon Chill mattress comes in memory foam {$799/queen} as well as hybrid {$1099/queen}, and an extra-chill upgrade is available for really hot sleepers {$199}.

Sealy mattress

As for the pre-teen, he’s still on the fence about what mattress is best for him. Luckily, we have a year or two before we need to buy. For now, he is loving both the FlexGrid and Naturals lines, but it changes every time he flops onto a mattress. 

The FlexGrid line of mattresses is available in foam and hybrid options like the others that we chose, but the FlexGrid has Sealy’s exclusive HexGel technology. This is a pressure relieving honeycomb-shaped gel grid combined with the support of their memory foam. Add in the cover that is cool to the touch, and there’s a whole lot to love about the new line. The result is a comfortable and supportive night’s sleep, while giving the cooling properties that we love. 

The new Naturals line of mattresses is Sealy’s first ever eco-friendly mattress collection. The Naturals collection of hybrid mattresses combines environmental responsibility with the comfort and restful sleep you’ve come to expect from Sealy. The Naturals mattresses are designed with responsibly sourced materials and environmentally-responsible construction, as well as motion-absorbing coils for whole-body support and comfort throughout the night. The Naturals collection offers soft, medium and firm feel options.

About Sealy 

At Sealy, they are committed to delivering a restful night to every sleeper, regardless of shape, size, sleep style, or budget. With a history that spans over 140 years, they are arguably the biggest name in mattresses. In fact, Sealy is ranked as the #1 best-selling mattress brand in the U.S., according to Furniture Today’s list of the Top 20 U.S. Bedding Producers.

I touched on this a bit when describing the mattresses we all chose, but a big part of why I love Sealy is because of the rigorous testing each of their mattresses goes through. Their mattresses all go through six intensive testing phases using state-of-the-art robotics to make sure they will remain comfortable night after night {after night}. You can read all about these cool testing robots here. www.sealy.com/sealy-living/sealy-a-test-above-the-rest/

After a few months sleeping on our new Sealy Posturepedic Plus Hybrid High Point, I can tell you that I’m forever sold. Not only was I absolutely certain that my sleep had improved immediately upon sleeping on the new mattress, but I actually have verifiable proof thanks to my SleepTracker. In the months since my mattress arrived, my sleep score on the SleepTracker has improved by anywhere between 10-20 points a night. That might not sound like a ton, but let me tell you: that’s HUGE. To go from a sleep score of 70 to a sleep score of 90 will make you feel like you’ve got hours more sleep, and will leave you ready to take on each day. This increase in sleep score is worth every single penny of the upgrade, and I can attribute it to curing my “bad back” I had been nursing for years. 

Find your perfect Sealy mattress now

If you are looking for the most amazing night’s sleep, look no further than Sealy. Visit your local mattress store and you will see what I’m talking about. Be sure to lay on a few, flop on them, recreate you favorite sleeping position. I bet that you, too, will fall in love. 

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