IRIS cordless vacuum with stand

A big thank you to IRIS USA for sending the IRIS cordless vacuum with stand for review. We love everything about it and cannot believe we waited so long to solve our vacuum woes.

POV: you need a quick-grab vacuum in your main living area, but you cannot stand the way the quick-grab vacuum and all the attachments *look* in your main living area. I know I can’t be the only one who didn’t want to buy a separate wall unit and then drill into my drywall and trim in order to hang my vacuum on the wall. And, that doesn’t solve the problem of where all the attachments will go, either.

Just look at this mess. Right in the middle of my main living space.

Solution: IRIS cordless vacuum with stand

This IRIS USA Cordless Vacuum with stand solves the problem of a quick-grab vacuum that has nowhere to go. The IRIS cordless vacuum is not only compact, but it also comes with a super handy stand that can hold the vacuum as well as all the various attachments in the main living area, where you can grab it quickly. No drilling into the wall, no loose attachments laying on the floor. It all goes nicely on the stand to help keep the main living area tidy.

IRIS cordless vacuum with stand

The best part is that the vacuum isn’t stuck to the wall – it can go just about anywhere thanks to the stand. Heck, you could even move it around your house for funsies just because you can. Try it in the living room, the kitchen, your hall closet. If you can find a square foot of space, it can live there.

This gives everyone in the family literally no excuse for not running the vacuum after each meal or when their friends track in dirt from the backyard. No excuses at all.

This is one that *anyone* can use. We have a bulky, high-powered vacuum that is stored away for large messes, and that usually does a deep clean every week or so. But, in the many, many years we’ve owned it, I can count on my hands the number of times someone other than me has noticed that it needed running, drug it out, and then made a cleaning happen.

IRIS cordless vacuum with stand

But, how does IRIS cordless vacuum work?

Before you dismiss this small and compact vacuum assuming that it won’t be able to handle your family’s messes, you should know that I’ve tried a bunch of vacuums throughout the years. This is by far the best and most powerful cordless vacuum we’ve tried, which says a lot. Maybe it’s the 2-stage Centrifugal Separation System that uses advanced cyclone suction to divide small and large particles. Or maybe it’s something else that makes it so it maintains suction power at 99%+, but whatever it is, it’s pretty awesome.

In addition to maintaining full suction throughout the cycle, the power head brush roller is amazing at tackling all floor types and can go from hardwood to carpet with ease. On the high mode it spins at up to 6,000 RPM and the main motor spins up to 60,000 RPM, which is amazing for cordless cleaning. It also can run while almost completely flat against the ground and can flex up to 90 degrees for impressive reach, making it ideal for getting under couches, chairs, side tables, and more. As long as the brush roll head fits, you can vacuum under it.

Oh, and the battery life is almost TWICE as long as our other cordless. The rechargeable battery runs ~35 min on low or ~15 min on high on a full charge, but the best part is that it runs with full suction power the whole time, not slowly losing suction as you go. The indicator on the control panel shows you how much battery is left, letting you ration power if you need to. So, you’ll never run out of battery halfway through the cleanup and then have to deal with a half-clean floor.

Easy cleanup without extra waste

When you’re done vacuuming, cleaning up is super easy, simply flip the dust collector open and all the waste drops out. The double filtration system uses both a sponge filter and an exhaust filter to catch fine dust particles and help keep the exhausted air clean. For deep cleaning, the filter all disassembles and empties easily. The durable dust cup is 100% washable, and saves you money over expensive vacuum bags.

So, what’s all included with the IRIS cordless vacuum with stand?

My favorite is the heavy-duty power head with motorized brush roller. This is what I use 90% of the time, to vacuum around the kitchen and island after meals, to do quick cleanups when the kids track in dirt from outside, and more.

But, the IRIS vacuum also comes with lots more tools for literally every single job. The mini brush nozzle is a smaller version of the main power head and is ideal for upholstery and soft surfaces, or for the uprights of the stairs. The crevice tool with brush head is perfect for getting along baseboards and cleaning vents out, the multiangle brush is perfect for brushing off and then vacuuming all those hard-to-reach places, the pet hair brush gets pet hair off soft surfaces. You can remove the middle extender tube and attach the power head directly to the motor for more versatility or attach the included tools either way as well, giving you the option of extra reach or better maneuverability.

IRIS cordless vacuum with stand

Oh, and did I mention that it looks good doing it? No more cords all over, vacuum parts just waiting to be kicked {or worse, hidden away never to be found again}. Now, with the IRIS cordless vacuum with stand, every single tool has a home, which means I actually remember to use them. I can’t even count the number of times I used the wrong tool because little vacuum pieces had wandered off. But, now I’m literally using the right tool for the job.

Really, my only complaint is that the stand itself is not charge-ready. Instead of a charging base that automatically charges the vacuum, you do have to remember to plug it in after using it. I don’t forget, but sometimes the kids do, and that can be frustrating. If it ever gets really frustrating, I can always order an extra battery pack, which they sell separately.

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