Elevate your outdoor space with the Step2 Atherton Planter

A big thank you to Step2 for sending the Atherton Planter 2 pack for us to love. As always, no form of monetary compensation was received for this rave review.

When you think Step2, you probably think products for toddler and kid, right? I bet you don’t think of products for your home, but you definitely should. Sure, Step2 still makes all those kids’ products you know and love {as well as tons of new products each year}. But they also excel at making products that can elevate your home’s exterior while withstanding whatever life {and mother nature} throws at them.

The Step2 home collection has a variety of products to fit any home. All products are made of Step2’s famous durable resin that ensures that they are designed to last and hold their own against the elements. And, did I mention they are gorgeous? We received the Atherton Planter Box Classic White 2 Pack and they are truly stunning.

Atherton Planter

Years ago when we first moved in, we got metal planters to dress up our front entry and garage, and in 16 years I have repainted them a whopping 3 times. That’s a whole lot of times, and you’d think there wouldn’t be visible rust on them considering I just sanded, cleaned them and repainted last year. Unfortunately, you’d be wrong, as they already need a touch up!

But not these Atherton Planter beauties. Swoon.

Thinking spring with the Atherton Planter 2 pack

I’m so thrilled to not have to sand and repaint my planters every few years thanks to Step2’s high quality resin design of the Atherton planters. I’d much rather do a quick spray with the hose and wipe them down once a year than ever have to sand, stain, and refinish ever again. And, I know from experience that Step2 products require almost no maintenance whatsoever. We’ve had Step2 products that have lasted through multiple sets of kids and still looks brand new, and now I have that magic beautifying my front entry.

Atherton Planter

It’s been so cold here this year, all of our planting was delayed. But, I couldn’t wait and had to get some fresh primroses into these beauties. I figure I’ll replace them if I need to – but I really needed some spring color in my life, and these are pure perfection.

The design of the planters is really cool and can be used indoor or out. For outside use, simply add drainage holes to the bottom so you won’t have standing water in the base. For inside use, just leave them without drainage and you won’t have to have a saucer underneath. They also have a cool lift-out self-draining tray design to save you money on your potting soil. No more filling the whole base with expensive soil, and instead you can fill them with heavy rocks if you tend to have high winds at your home. I put 5-6 rocks in each, which should be more than enough to handle winds in my entryway.

Then, I filled the lift-out tray with fresh potting soil and added some colorful primroses I’ve been babying in my entryway waiting for the frost to pass. Then a simple boxwood for height and the planters were all ready to make my entry something special.

Atherton Planter

Shop the entire Step2 Home Collection

From the street to your front entry and then to your patio, Step2 has all the products you need to enjoy and beautify your outdoor spaces in a variety of ways:

Protect your delivery – everyone has a story of porch pirates these days, and the cases are only on the rise with so many shopping from home. Thank goodness Step2 has a wide variety of styles and sizes of mail posts, mailboxes, and package delivery boxes to choose from that can keep your mail safe and secure. These aren’t your typical lock boxes, these are beautiful additions to your street or porch. My favorite product in the line is the Atherton Reserve Storage Mailbox that has a bottom you can remove to allow your mail to drop into the reserve collection below. This allows your carrier to deliver the mail like normal, even when you’re on vacation or can’t get to the mail right away and it will stay safe and secure in the base of the mailbox until you collect it. No more mail holds and no more notes from the mail carrier telling you that your box is too full. Win, win, win.   

Patio living – if you are vowing to get more out of your outdoor spaces this year, Step2 is the perfect place to start. They have everything from benches and seating to tables built for entertaining. Add Step2 to your patio and see how you can bring comforts of home to the outdoors, all with minimal maintenance required each season. My favorite product in the patio line is the Outdoor Storage Bench. It’s beautiful and requires no maintenance like plastic or wood does, and the bonus is that it can hold a ton of stuff to clean up your space and store necessities close by.

A beautiful exterior – your home’s curb appeal isn’t just a small thing. It’s the first thing you will see each day when you arrive home, and it should express both your personality and your home’s unique character. This season, update your home’s appearance with matching planters and you will be guaranteed a smile when you arrive home. My favorite exterior product is the Atherton Planter Box 2 pack that is perfect for flanking a front door, at the base of your stairs, or on either side of the garage, as we have them.

Plant some beauty – Step2 doesn’t just make planters for your entry, they also have a line of raised planter beds that make growing flowers and veggies easy {and easy on your back!}. The Step2 collection of planter boxes and is a great way to add a garden anywhere. With high quality resin, Step2 planter produce will never chip, splinter, rust or tarnish, which makes them superior to every other planting system we’ve used in the past. Check out how awesome this raised planter box is. This totally makes me want to plant all the veggies and fruits to enjoy all summer and fall.

Ready to get your home and patio ready for warm weather?

With so many products to choose from, there’s so many ways to get your home ready for spring. Get your patio and entryway all ready for summer now and maybe even get something fun for the kiddos while you’re at it.

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