7+ tips to save money in the kitchen

Save Money in the Kitchen
Where could you use a little savings help? If you’re like most people, you probably said the kitchen. When you really break it down, the kitchen has the highest bill of anywhere in your house – there are foods needing to be replenished each week, appliances that cost money to run, and waste to take care of.

How would you like to save a little money while making your days easier and more organized? I bet you would! Just for you, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite money-saving kitchen tips that can help keep money in your pocket, food in your bellies, and your kitchen running smoothly.

7+ tips to save money in the kitchen

  1. Use a good and trusted garbage bag with top-quality performance, not a no-name bag that will rip or tear. Hefty Ultra Strong bags are an outstanding quality at a new, lower price at Target and Walmart, which will help save you money on your bill. The Ultra Strong bags have active tear resistant technology for better puncture resistance, which means you won’t have to scrub the trash bin and floor because your garbage bag ripped. This might not save money directly, but it will sure save you time! Bonus tip: when you change the trash bag, throw an extra bag in the bottom of your can so you can always have one handy. The Arm & Hammer odor neutralizers smell great and it gives no excuses as to why your family left the can without a bag… again. Hefty garbage bags
  2. Keep a compost bin in the kitchen. This reduces food waste thrown in the garbage can, which saves money and doesn’t end up in landfills. Bonus tip: these scraps can be utilized in the garden, for chicken feed, or thrown in the yard waste bin in most cities. Compost bin
  3. Minimize food waste. The #1 money-waster for most people is expired food. To combat items dying a slow death in the back or bottom of your fridge and pantry, utilize a quick-grab bin right on the shelf. Put this bin in your fridge and pantry at eye level and fill with items you would like eaten first. Bonus tip: this is a great way to influence their snack foods and get them to eat a balanced diet. Throw in some pre-portioned carrots, celery, and peppers and they get eaten like treats. Quick grab bin in fridge
  4. Run full wash loads only. Fill that dishwasher to the brim before you hit start and you will save tons of gallons of water and some money off your bill each month by not running the dishwasher too frequently. This is especially important during periods of drought, but a good practice all year round. I would rather have extra cups, plates, and silverware on hand than to have to run the wash more often than absolutely necessary, plus it means I’m ready when we have lots of company over. Bonus tip: filling your dishwasher full before you run it means less emptying of the dishwasher, which is definitely a good thing.
  5. Put a quick-grab fruit bowl on the counter. I keep the bulk of the fruits in the fridge to prolong their life and save money, but then I fill a shallow bowl with a few fruits a few times a week. My kids will gobble up fruits almost immediately if they are displayed, but rarely will they seek out fruit if it’s left in the fridge crisper drawer. It’s an extra step for me, but it encourages healthy eating and doesn’t have me throwing out perfectly good food each week that was left to rot in the fridge. Bonus: this tip also works for adults, and I find myself snacking on fruit far more often this way. Fruit bowl on counter
  6. Regrow store-bought food. Did you know that you can regrow lots of fruits and veggies you buy at the store? It’s true! After you chop celery, don’t place it in the compost bin or garbage, simply put the base of the cut celery core into a container of water and it will sprout a new stalk right from the top. Pop it into your garden and you will have a bunch of celery to harvest. If your potatoes start growing eyes, cut them into pieces and throw them into a bucket filled with dirt. They will grow new potatoes from the potato pieces and you will have a bucket full of potatoes in a few weeks. Bonus tip: kids love the science aspect of re-growing veggies and this is one kitchen savings tip that they can do all on their own to help you out in the garden. Hefty Ultra Strong
  7. Make ahead whatever you can. You’re less likely to waste money eating out {and have your foods at home going bad} if you take some time at the beginning of each week to make up meals. We do bulk breakfast burritos we can microwave each morning, peanut butter and honey sandwiches by the loaf, and create mini “salad bars” to make quick meals as easy as possible. Bonus tip: eating at home is quicker and easier than eating out, which means we save tons of money each month!
  8. BONUS TIP: Save those Box Tops for Education you find on food items and kitchen essentials like Hefty Ultra Strong. This isn’t exactly a money saver for me, but if it helps the schools with funding, I’m all about it. I keep a tea canister on the counter that the kids throw labels in as we come across them, and then the children trim the labels and bring them into school each month. Box Tops for Education

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What are your best money saving tips for the kitchen?

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