aspara Stylist Lite hydroponic smart grower will help you garden year-round

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Meet “Gus”. He’s my latest obsession and the answer to all of my indoor gardening dilemmas.

“Gus” is my new hydroponic garden from aspara {get it? aspara… Gus} and it has changed the way I garden forevermore. And, more importantly, the aspara Stylist Lite hydroponic smart grower has changed the way I feed my family. No more using dried or dehydrated herbs and spices, and no more overspending at the supermarket for a mere ounce of fresh herbs or specialty veggies. Nope, now you can get the best tasting herbs, vegetables, and greens right on your kitchen counter, whenever you want.

What is the aspara Stylist Lite hydroponic smart grower?

Introducing the latest and greatest in indoor hydroponic gardening, the aspara® Stylist Lite smart grower. If you’ve never experienced hydroponic growing before, you’re in for a treat. Growing veggies and greens in an aspara garden is not only space efficient, it’s also insanely easy. The aspara app will walk you through every step of the process and send you alerts when you need to add water, nutrients, and if there are any issues.

The aspara Stylist Lite smart grower is extremely compact and can even be stackable if you have more than one garden growing. With 8 grow holes and adjustable LED grow lights in a stylish and minimalist square, it’s quite possibly the most adorable garden I’ve ever seen. But, what I adore even more than looks is that growing and harvesting all the veggies you want is literally foolproof. Thanks to an easily accessible menu of specific planting programs, and an even easier-to-use app to make your smart grower even smarter, you can garden like a pro from your very first planting.

aspara Stylist Lite hydroponic smart grower

Why go hydroponic?

Hydroponically grown plants have a much faster growth than traditional soil-dwelling plants, which means you can start your harvesting sooner and enjoy your garden in mere weeks instead of months. They also have less pests since they aren’t out in the wild attracting rabbits, squirrels, and bugs of all shapes and sizes. Oh, and they take up less space since the roots don’t need as much room to grow, so you can plant more veggies per square foot.    

aspara Stylist Lite hydroponic smart grower

I should back up a bit. You see, years ago, I had a beautiful backyard veggie and fruit garden that would yield veggies and herbs for approximately one-two months of the year {hello, Seattle}. I would till the soil, add in new dirt and compost, then I would plant seeds and cover them with tiny greenhouses to protect them. After that, I would water the garden daily in the scorching heat, weed all the stubborn greenery I didn’t plant, and check for growth and any potential issues. It was satisfying work, but it oftentimes wasn’t worth the effort for the few weeks of yield that it brought me.

So I decided to buy a hydroponic indoor herb garden to grow food year-round and it changed my life. From then on, I only planted easy root veggies and then anything that didn’t die back from past seasons in the backyard garden, and the rest I grew indoors. But, all of the indoor hydroponic gardens I tried had issues. Big issues. Some of them didn’t even last a year. The aspara came along to solve all the problems I had with hydroponic gardens {terrible pumps, huge and bulky units, and expensive and ineffective grow lights}, all in an adorable little package.

It truly is the best indoor smart garden.

aspara Stylist Lite hydroponic smart grower

This is a mere week and a few days after planting. I think I could make a salad or two out of this, and it’s just getting started!

Putting together your aspara garden couldn’t be easier

Simply follow the included instructions and snap your aspara garden together in a few easy steps. When you are done, you fit together all the pump pieces as directed and place into the aspara base. It all clicks together easily with no tools needed, and within seconds, you’re ready to plant your first garden.

Plant your aspara Stylist Lite hydroponic smart grower in minutes

Each aspara seed kit comes ready to plant. The seeds are already inside the pods, you just have to carefully place them into the growing tray. Then you peel the plant tag off to expose the growing medium filled with seeds.

aspara Stylist Lite hydroponic smart grower

Wet the growing medium while filling the aspara base to ensure the seeds are saturated, and then cover with the tiny plastic domes that act as mini greenhouses. Add the nutrient packet to the full base to encourage fast and efficient growth. Then, choose the growing program that corresponds to the seeds planted {you can see what program mode to use in the seed pod kits} and finally you sit back and watch it thrive.

Built-in Planting Programs
  • Provide specific planting programs for each plant species
  • Apply the most appropriate light intensity automatically
  • Designated planting programs help plants grow 50% faster
aspara garden app
  • When you connect the aspara® Stylist Lite with the aspara app, you extend the smart grower’s functions
  • Track your plants and take pictures of your garden as it grows
  • Monitor and control the smart grower, get planting guidance and tips, and share the successful planting joy with friends and family

aspara isn’t just for adults

Planting and maintaining an aspara garden is so easy a child could do it. Seriously, it’s so simple. Then, maintenance on the growing garden is as easy as adding water or nutrient packets whenever the unit tells you to do so. Since I’m the one with the aspara garden app, I’ll simply let the kids know to water or feed Gus whenever I get the alert, and they handle it {supervised} for me.

Maybe they jump to do it because it’s just so fun to watch their indoor garden grow, but I think it’s because they’ve collectively decided that the lettuce we grew in Gus is far better than grocery store faire. I can’t say I disagree with them.

aspara Stylist Lite hydroponic smart grower

How to Buy

Grow your own herb and veggie garden indoors with the aspara Stylist Lite from Grow Green. You can purchase your own aspara Stylist Lite Smart Grower at the aspara site, or you can get the bigger aspara Nature Smart Grower. You can also purchase your new asapra at Amazon.

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