Year-round comfort with the Quilo 3-in-1 tower fan

Quilo 3in1 in window

Looking for a way to keep cool and comfortable year round? Look no further than the Quilo 3in1 Tower Fan with Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier. That’s right, the Quilo gives you year-round comfort with three appliances packed into one, and the result is a compact, energy-saving, air cooling system that is truly made for … Read more

DIY budget custom fireplace mantle

Before and after fireplace Affiliate linksBack in 2007 we bought our house from a local builder and got to make numerous choices, but the basic house design was fairly set and didn't allow for many changes. This means that our house has very little built-in "character".

The good part about that is that we got to create our own "character" as the years went on, but the bad part is that it sometimes takes a decade to make my visions come to life. Some stuff was easy, like having the builder agree to do wainscotting throughout the main floor or adding a simple pressed tin backsplash instead of learning how to lay tile. But some things seemed easy and instead became a project… like my mantle I had been dreaming of since we first moved in. Fireplace before 2

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Convert any surface to a standing desk with the Lift24 laptop stand from ErgotronHome

Sponsored postErgotron standing desk folded by tableAt certain times of the year {and especially during the holidays}, I feel like I’m chained to my computer. Whether it is a large amount of wedding pictures, family photo sittings, or it’s an especially busy blog month, my computer use can get out of control. And, since I’m active and on-the-go by nature, the idea of sitting at a desk or in a chair just about kills me. There are many days during the holidays that you will find me hunched over the kitchen island on my computer, so sick of sitting that I would rather stand and stoop down to see my computer.

It’s this reason that I’ve been searching for a standing desk for the past few years to give me options when I must be at the computer but just can’t sit any longer. The problem was that I wasn’t ready to fully commit to the standing desk, and I really needed a sit-to-stand desk that gave me options depending on my needs and my computer usage. Even better would be if the desk fit within my home’s décor so I didn’t end up with a huge eyesore that was only used a few times a year.

And, then I found Ergotron and my search was finally over.

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What not to bring to bed to improve your sleep

How would you describe your bed? If the words “haven” or “perfection” aren’t part of the description, then you should definitely listen up. If you really think about it, most people spend about a 1/3 of their lives in bed, which is more time than they spend doing just about anything else. Knowing that, doesn’t it make sense to make your bed as amazing as possible?

But, the truth is that most people are not getting nearly enough sleep. Whether they’re suffering from insomnia, stressed about work/money/life, they are chronically busy, or they are parents to kids of any age {because no, it does not get better after the newborn stage}, sleep deprivation comes in many forms.

Since we're talking beds, I thought I would share my all-time favorite picture I've ever taken of a bed. Even in my post-wedding haze when I was deliriously exhausted, I was admiring how huge our honeymoon suite was and I came up with the idea that hubby and I should jump on the bed in our wedding day finest and capture it all with the self-timer. The result was this picture, which we then sent out as thank you notes after the wedding. Wedding Pic

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Children’s beds made fun and functional with Cuckooland

Sponsored postFor the past few years, I’ve been researching bed solutions for my growing family and have come to one conclusion: people put a whole lot more thought into the crib that they will buy their little one to sleep in for a matter of months than they do the bed they will grow up in.

It’s true. There are numerous companies devoted to helping you design a baby nursery and pick your baby’s bed, but there is very little help once you are ready to graduate your child to a big kid bed. I guess you’re just supposed to go to a traditional furniture store and pick one of the 5 boring beds they stock and call it good. Well, there’s one company that thinks that kids beds should be cooler than that. Way cooler.


Meet the British commerce site, the coolest way to make your child’s room the stuff dreams are made of. Delivering all the wow factor I have been searching for in kids furniture, their line of children's bedroom furniture will have grownups as well as the kids wanting to daydream in a treehouse bunk bed or make believe the day away with a playhouse bed for sleeping and playing in. Cuckooland_Lifetime_Childrens Tree House Cabin  Bed_Lifestyle_LRPart bed, part art, and part play space, these extraordinary children's beds make it possible to create a gorgeous place for sleep and for play that is only limited by your imagination.

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Indulge your inner gourmet with the new Samsung Chef Collection

Sponsored post basic disclosureSamsung LivingWhen we bought all of our home appliances back in 2006, we thought we knew what we were looking for. We had researched options, talked to people about their major appliances and what they liked and didn’t, and we agreed on the basics of what we didn’t want. But, we hadn’t moved into our home yet and we didn’t know some very important things about the house that would have been great to know when shopping for those big appliances.

I wish we had considered how hard it would be to get by the fridge if the doors were open, ovens that were better suited to baking, and how loud the dishwasher would be in our open concept and wood floor living space.

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Laundry room re-do with

Sponsored post basic disclosure Laundry room storage solutionWhen we moved into our house almost 7 years ago, I was so excited to finally have a laundry room. It seemed like a pretty nice upgrade from our “laundry closet” of our rental house and an awesome improvement over our “laundry kitchen” at our past house.

But, then I didn’t quite know what to do with the room once I had it. It was an awkward, L-shaped space that came complete with an ugly Utilitub, a useless wire shelf, and no good place to put the washer and dryer. Thank goodness I found, because it gave me the inspiration I needed to finish the space and create a separate and functional room that is truly fun to enter.

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Acrylic photo gifts make your photos pop

When we moved into our house 7 years ago, I went out and spent a fortune professionally printing pictures and then getting them framed and matted. Then we planned out large photo designs and hung them gallery-style across our wall. And we haven’t done much else since.

But, recently my walls got quite the shakeup when I was given the opportunity to create an acrylic mounted print that doesn’t require a frame. A relatively new medium for displaying photographs, acrylic photo gifts are turning photo displays on their heads.

Unlike what might first come to mind, photos on acrylic aren’t just a standard printed photo laminated or incased in acrylic sheets. Rather, the photo is printed directly onto large acrylic sheets {think plexiglass} via a flatbed printer. I would describe the end result as like hi-def television, but in a photo. 

Closeup of Acrylic Pix frame

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Secure your TV with SANUS {tilting TV wall mount}

I’m sure everyone out there has read the horrifying stories about little kids climbing furniture and pulling it down on themselves, but I’ve got one more for you.  About ten years ago, my little niece climbed the drawers on a dresser in her older brother’s room to change the channel on his TV.  Since the … Read more