Oribel introduces 2 new PortaPlay items {pre-order and save 15% off}

Do you remember my review of the awesome PortaPlay from Oribel that I posted last year? It’s still one of my most favorite “baby” items we’ve ever had, and I love it even more now than I did when it first arrived. Baby under the tree for Christmas
See that tree NOT getting mauled by my 10 month old? Thank you, PortaPlay!

Wonder why I put the word “baby” in quotes? That’s because this bouncer/activity table isn’t just for babies. This is a grow-with-me activity center that converts as baby’s needs change. We’re still mostly using the PortaPlay in baby mode, but we’re getting ready to convert it to table mode for certain activities and I’m super excited about the newest accessories Oribel is releasing this spring to really expand its play value.

The first new item is actually a pair of items – PortaPlay stools that come in sets of two and make it even easier for older kids to utilize the activity table. PortaPlay stools
The next new item is my favorite for my little artists – an art paper roll dispenser that clips into the toy slots on the PortaPlay tabletop. For anyone who has ever used a roll dispenser with young kids, you know that they have a hard time pulling out the paper and cutting it off when the dispenser moves, so I absolutely love that this one is secured to the table. PortaPlay art roll

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