Convert any surface to a standing desk with the Lift24 laptop stand from ErgotronHome

Sponsored postErgotron standing desk folded by tableAt certain times of the year {and especially during the holidays}, I feel like I’m chained to my computer. Whether it is a large amount of wedding pictures, family photo sittings, or it’s an especially busy blog month, my computer use can get out of control. And, since I’m active and on-the-go by nature, the idea of sitting at a desk or in a chair just about kills me. There are many days during the holidays that you will find me hunched over the kitchen island on my computer, so sick of sitting that I would rather stand and stoop down to see my computer.

It’s this reason that I’ve been searching for a standing desk for the past few years to give me options when I must be at the computer but just can’t sit any longer. The problem was that I wasn’t ready to fully commit to the standing desk, and I really needed a sit-to-stand desk that gave me options depending on my needs and my computer usage. Even better would be if the desk fit within my home’s décor so I didn’t end up with a huge eyesore that was only used a few times a year.

And, then I found Ergotron and my search was finally over.

Ergotron standing desk at tableYou’re probably familiar with Ergotron if you’ve gone to the doctor after the big switch to digital medical files. Ergotron is the desk of choice for most medical, dental, and corporate offices because Ergotron desks are so versatile and well built. I have admired the functionality and ease of use of the wall and ceiling-mounted Ergotron desks for business use, but I never dreamed that they also carried beautiful desks for home use.

Boy, was I wrong.

ErgotronHome is the newly launched home-focused product line, and they carry full standing desks, sit-to-stand desks, wall desks, and desks convert based on your needs.

I fell in love with the ErgotronHome Lift24 that is a height-adjustable laptop stand that converts any surface – kitchen table, dining room table, countertop, existing sitting desk, etc – into a standing desk with so much versatility that you will wonder how you ever went without. Ergotron Standing Desk with computerA compact 23" × 15.7" × 3.4" while folded, it’s about the size of a small, heavy briefcase, and is easy to set up whenever you need without any tools at all and fold up for storage. While folded, it stands on its side to rest beside a desk or chair or go with you into the office each day, and while assembled it is super sturdy and ready for work. Ergotron desk folded sideIt has a great frosted glass base that looks great on a table or desk, and can also hold notes, books, and more to keep them within reach. The 23" × 12" top of the Lift24 is a great size for holding a large laptop, netbook, or even tablet as well as space for pen and paper, a mouse and pad, external drive, and more. Ergotron desk foldedI love how easy it is to adjust the vertical height for whatever surface I’m working on, and elevate my work surface to whatever height I need for my specific activity. This makes it easy to work wherever the kids are playing and follow them around while still getting work done.

But, what makes it even more versatile is that you can also remove the detachable tray and carry your work to a couch or comfy chair for even more options. Now you can work in your favorite chair and can rest your laptop comfortably on your lap with extra space for accessories.Ergotron desk taken apartIt’s easier than ever to keep active and stay moving, all while working, playing, or surfing the net with the Lift24 from ErgotronHome. I find that I sit less, have less back pain, and I don’t feel sore at the end of a marathon computing day, plus I love the freedom to move around the house. Ergotron desk lockedIf you, or someone you know, works long hours at a laptop, netbook, or tablet, the Llift24 is the perfect gift for the holiday season. Whether that work takes place in an office, at a kitchen table, or in a living room, the Lift24 gives you so many options to comfortably compute all day long, while staying active and healthy and offering a versatility you won't find in other desks.

Features of the Lift24 from ErgotronHome:
•  Improve your energy and productivity by switching between sitting and standing while you work
•  Removable laptop tray for use when sitting
•  Vertical adjustment to place laptop at your preferred height when standing
•  Work surface tray provides extra space for mouse
•  Use with any tablet—pair the tablet with a keyboard for a full-function workspace
•  Extremely stable and solid platform
•  Folds up to compact size for easy transport or storage Ergotron closeup with computer
Why stand more while working

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