Strange Magic: Marvel’s Doctor Strange opens today

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Just when you think there are no original superheroes left, Marvel does it again by
releasing what is arguably the coolest movie of the year and one that Marvel fans have been waiting  years for: Doctor Strange

The film introduces us to Dr. Stephen Strange {Benedict Cumberbatch}, an arrogant, world-famous neurosurgeon who is at the top of his game. But, when he experiences a life-changing accident that robs him of the use of his hands, he finds himself in the role of the patient, and it doesn’t go well. 

After traditional medicine fails him, he is forced to look elsewhere and hears rumors about a man who was healed from a horrible spinal injury using Eastern Medicine. His journey to find healing takes him to a mysterious enclave known as Kamar-Taj where he learns that there is more to the center than meets the eye. Image009

At Kamar-Taj we meet the Ancient One {Tilda Swinton} who shows Doctor Strange that there is so much more to the world than he knows and that magic is possible. Doctor Strange then commits himself to learning all he can while slowly realizing there is even more to Kamar-Taj than he could imagine. While honing his newly acquired magical powers, Doctor Strange is thrown into the fight against dark forces that are trying to take over the Earth. In the end, he must choose whether he will return to his life of fortune and status or leave it all behind to defend the world.

Since realistically most Marvel fans will end up watching Doctor Strange at some point, the question really is as to whether it should be seen in theaters or if you can wait for it on video. And, while I will most definitely be buying the movie as soon as it’s released, the answer is that it needs to be experienced in the theater first.

With the amazing cinematography paired with exceptional special effects, the film really comes to life on the big screen. I got to experience it in IMAX 3D at the Seattle pre-screening and it was truly a perfect movie for that venue. The visuals are just incredible and truly deserve to be seen big. Doctor Strange was a great mix of the unbelievable imaginative storytelling that makes comics so great, paired with the visuals that only a big movie can give you. Image017Beyond how awesome the movie looked, I also really like the fact that Doctor Strange is a character that learned how to be a superhero. Rather than some accidental spill of radioactive material, he just worked hard and studied. This of course is a great example for our little ones, who honestly should probably wait a few years to see it, but whose minds will be blown when they do.

And, speaking of little ones….

Introducing Marvel Studios: Hero Acts 

From now until the end of the year, Marvel Studios will donate five dollars ($5) to Save the Children {up to U.S. one million dollars}, for every fan who uploads a photo of themselves in their favorite Marvel hero pose. Simply visit and see how to upload your photo and choose from a selection of custom Marvel-themed overlays. You will then be able to post their photo directly to the Hero Acts gallery and to your social channels using the hashtags #marvelstudios & #heroacts. Image004Want more Benedict Cumberbatch? Watch as Doctor Strange watches scenes from CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR and gives his “medical” opinion on what is happening to the Avengers during the battle scenes.

Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE is in theaters everywhere, this Friday, November 4th!
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