Where we were: Boston, Massachusetts

This winter, I got invited on a luxurious-sounding press trip to a winery in California, alone with my husband where we could relax and unwind from our hectic life. And, I almost went.

But, instead we packed up the kiddos and their million pounds of gear and hopped on a cross country flight to Boston. Once in Boston, we did without a fancy hotel and we crashed in the living room of a cousin who clearly didn’t know what he was getting into offering 5 people a place to stay and disrupt his life. Once we fully shook up their house and their lives, we then went all day long with four kids on very few hours of sleep trying to cram in all the sights, sounds, and history of the city together.  Boston city skylineAnd, honestly, it was the perfect choice for us.

You see, we’re kind of warrior travelers. We do overnight flights with infants, long international jaunts with layovers, and we do packed days and short nights. It’s just the way we travel, and it’s now how our kids are used to seeing the world.

Boys with their baby girls in BostonMaybe someday we’ll do wine country alone, but for now, hectic and packed is the way we roll. And, I wouldn’t want it any other way because if we waited for things to be calmer, for it to be easier to fly, or if we waited until we had the money to really do up a trip with all the stops, we would never be able to experience the things we do.

I like to think we’re teaching our kids to roll with the punches and go without luxuries so they can get authentic experiences in addition to the luxurious vacations we enjoy together. It’s about balance, and our kids are getting a healthy dose. Loaded strollerOf course, it helps that they also want to experience the world and see and do everything they can, whenever they can, with whatever means they can.

And, it also helps that we were staying with some of their absolute favorite people in the world and doing fun stuff for kids while learning about the history of Boston at the same time. Like I said, balance. Boston park with ducksI’ll be sharing more in-depth about our trip soon, but for now I wanted to post about the fun we had.

Have you ever been to Boston? What's your favorite thing to do in the city?

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