My GoGo squeeZ kids enjoy Goodness On The Go

DSC04730It was back in 2011 when we became a "squeeZer" family, as the kids called them. Due to a dental issue, my son was unable to eat solid foods unless they were cut up in super tiny bites, and most hard foods were impossible for him to eat without having to deal with bleeding gums. Thank goodness it's also when we found GoGo squeeZ, because otherwise life with a hungry boy who couldn't eat most foods would have been rough for all of us.

That dental issue has since been resolved, but our love of GoGo squeeZ just keeps growing. And growing.

I appreciate that they are 100% fruit and veggies that I can feel good about the kids eating, and they love that they are delicious and easy to eat on the go. It's wholesome goodness I can carry with me, and it's a guaranteed way to get them to eat their fruits and veggies – all while thinking that they are winning the food battle.GoGo SqueeZ BeachBlast

We take them on vacation with us, we enjoy them for backyard picnics, we serve them at birthday parties, and we bring them into the schools for snack days regularly. Basically, we would eat them anywhere… and we do.  GoGo YogurtzSo, when I hear about their newest products, we scoop them up as soon as they hit the shelves. Our record so far is 100% that my kids will love every GoGo squeeZ product, so it's the one thing I can count on when getting my kids to try new things. For instance, the new GoGo squeeZ Yogurtz that appeal to all of my kids' love of yogurt while being shelf-stable so they are easy to take with us in a purse or diaper bag.

That's right, they don't require any refrigeration. It's real, delicious yogurt with fruit, but it doesn't need to be kept cold like other yogurts. That's because it is heat treated to store at room temperature until opened. It's got all the GoGo Goodness that you love, without any preservatives, rBST, BPA or any other yucky stuff. All that and you can bring it with you without having to pack around ice packs.

You can find Strawberry, Banana and Berry YogurtZ in stores everywhere. They are sold in packs of 4 3oz squeeZers.

And, speaking of new products, I'm in love with the new GoGo squeeZ flavors I've just tried. While I personally like every GoGo flavor I've ever tried, these two flavors {Apple Grape and Apple Pineapple} are my current favorites. I mean, grape and pineapple? Way to take a great thing and make it even more delicious, GoGo squeeZ!

Gogo Squeez new flavorsThis girl doesn't have many {real} words yet, but one of them that is clear as day is "GoGo", and we all know what that means. In fact, we can't even say the word "go" in front of her without her insisting on a GoGo squeeZ. DSC04734While at Disney World with Disney Social Media Moms, we were thrilled to hear that we were one of the few that won a year supply of GoGo squeeZ, and even more thrilled when the first shipment arrived. My little one thinks each GoGo squeeZ package is a present just for her, and she responds accordingly each time she pops open a package and finds her beloved snack.

You can find GoGo squeeZ at grocery stores everywhere, and at Target and other retailers. This is great that you can find them just about everywhere I shop because sometimes this mama runs out of the house without realizing her purse stash has been raided, or we rock through our month supply quickly and I need to pick up a 12-pack or two to get us by.

Still not sure where you can find some GoGo squeeZ? Check out the store finder at

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