Indulge your inner gourmet with the new Samsung Chef Collection

Sponsored post basic disclosureSamsung LivingWhen we bought all of our home appliances back in 2006, we thought we knew what we were looking for. We had researched options, talked to people about their major appliances and what they liked and didn’t, and we agreed on the basics of what we didn’t want. But, we hadn’t moved into our home yet and we didn’t know some very important things about the house that would have been great to know when shopping for those big appliances.

I wish we had considered how hard it would be to get by the fridge if the doors were open, ovens that were better suited to baking, and how loud the dishwasher would be in our open concept and wood floor living space.

If we were shopping today, we definitely would have looked into this bad boy, the 34 cu ft ultra-high capacity 4-door French door Chef Collection Refrigerator. Samsung refrigerator shutI recently got to play around with one of these Samsung Chef Collection Refrigerators during my visit to the Samsung booth during my BlogHer San Jose trip. After playing with it and seeing how it solved all of my issues with my current fridge, I can say with 100% certainty that this is the fridge I would have gone with, had I known what I know now. With a French door opening, it can accommodate large serving platters, pizza, and other bulky items, but it is still very accessible and helps you control all the easy to lose small items with all the awesome drawers, cubbies, and shelving.

Seriously, just look at this organization:Samsung Chef's Collection FridgeAnd, to make it even more amazing, it is configurable. Instead of having a fridge on top and a freezer on the bottom, the bottom portion is divided into two compartments and you can choose whether you want them both freezer, or if you need more refrigerator space, you can convert the right side to fridge.

While many of the French door freezers are simply one big pull-out drawer that is hard to organize, the Samsung Chef Collection Fridge has built-in drawers to help you keep your meats from your veggies and your ice cream from your leftovers. Of course, it also is seriously beautiful. Samsung Chef Collection RefrigeratorI spent a ton of time in the Samsung booth playing with all the fancy new appliances and pretending I was shopping for my house. And, while I created my wishlist, I also went in the Samsung video booth and babbled about parties and stuff. You can see my Samsung video from #BlogHer14 #MasterYourHome here. Samsung Chef CollectionAs you can see from the video, I really loved the Chef Collection Range. Not only does it tout a precise temperature guage that I love, it also has a truly awesome built-in cookie sheet that is the size of the oven racks. This would be awesome from when I’m making huge batches of cookies and want to bake them all together, and would be a vast improvement over our current oven that I really wish had a convection cooking mode or held a consistent temperature. Samsung Flex DuoThen, when I was done cooking, I wish I could throw everything into this awesome dishwasher, which is one of the smartest new designs I have seen in dish washing. Instead of having a circular sprayer that spins around, the Chef Collection WaterWall dishwasher has a spray bar that runs the entire length of the dishwasher and covers every nook and cranny of the dishwasher. I personally love the fact that it has a huge accessory tray on the top that can hold all the small stuff I never know what to do with, and keep it from flying all over during the rinse cycles. Samsung dishwasherHere's a shot of my friend Jessica from And Then There Were Five being interviewed by news crews in the Samsung booth. Clearly, she's a natural!Samsung interviewAnd, one shot of me checking out this awesome mini clothing washer that is a cloth diapering parent's dream. Samsung at BlogHerHave you checked out the new Samsung Chef Collection appliances? If you were shopping for your own home, which would you go with?
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  1. I really, really love that fridge! I wish my fridge had all those awesome bins and drawers for organizing. Great, now I want a new fridge 🙂


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