Corolle dolls: a friend you can count on

Corolle Walk 3

I’ve said it for years and I’ll say it again: Corolle dolls aren’t just any old baby doll – they are best friends. The snuggle of a Corolle doll has gotten my kids through all their childhood fears and the baby dolls they fall in love with remain beloved friends even after they grow out of the typical doll stage. Now, more than ever, we need simple pleasures and the reminder that things will be okay again

Joss Kendrick: 2020 Girl of the Year from American Girl

Joss Kendrick AG in girl's arms

I know I say that every American Girl doll is gorgeous, and I’m not incorrect in that assertion. But, even keeping that in mind, Joss is still pretty special. Her long brown hair and brown eyes are unique in the doll world, and I love it. She arrives wearing a swimsuit, hoodie, sandals, and shorts and even includes two removable hearing aids in a case that you can place in her right ear as well as her book.

Julie’s Pinball Machine from American Girl

American Girl pinball machine couple

We love when doll accessories are also toys the kids can play with – even without the dolls. Such is the case with Julie’s new Pinball Machine from American Girl that actually works. It’s amazing fun to play with, even without a doll in sight.

Holiday magic with Corolle dolls

Corolle laughing

It’s our 12th Corolle Christmas here at Rave & Review and we’re celebrating by sharing our favorite new baby doll accessories and friends.

Retro fun with the new American Girl Lanes

Bowling Alley with Kids 2 RR

The new American Girl Lanes Bowling Alley is simply good old fashioned fun with a high-tech twist. We’ve gone absolutely crazy for this *fully functional* doll-sized bowling alley this summer and the kids have spent so may hours playing – with or without their American Girl dolls.

The perfect first gift with Corolle dolls

Corolle girls 2

We’re so excited to celebrate Corolle’s 40th birthday this year, especially since many of those years I’ve personally shared in the Corolle love. We’re officially a second-generation Corolle family, sharing the sweet vanilla scented love of their adorable baby dolls and fun accessories for all ages and stages.  

American Girl introduces Blaire Wilson

American Girl Blaire with kiddo

Every family wants that idyllic childhood for their kids. One that encourages togetherness, fosters wholesome family values, and allows for their kids to just be kids. American Girl is hands-down one of our very favorite brands for this very reason. Their newest Girl of The Year, Blaire Wilson, focuses on making connections and shows that the value of good old-fashioned friendships is the most important.

Kit’s new garden accessories from American Girl

American Girl Garden

I am so excited to share my newest photo shoot I did with some of the newest items from American Girl this summer. We were inspired by Kit’s new gardening series and decided to make a fun garden scene to celebrate – just in time for fall harvests. A little backstory: My kids were originally … Read more

American Girl DIY play garden

American Girl Garden with Kit

Our DIY play garden for American Girl dolls can be used for a variety of play scenarios, from learning about plants and how they grow to imagining your dolls are running a bustling farm that sells its goods at the farmer’s market. It’s easy to make and inexpensive, but adds a ton of play value to our American Girl playtime.