American Girl introduces Blaire Wilson

American Girl Blaire with kiddo

Every family wants that idyllic childhood for their kids. One that encourages togetherness, fosters wholesome family values, and allows for their kids to just be kids. American Girl is hands-down one of our very favorite brands for this very reason. Their newest Girl of The Year, Blaire Wilson, focuses on making connections and shows that the value of good old-fashioned friendships is the most important.

Kit’s new garden accessories from American Girl

American Girl Garden

I am so excited to share my newest photo shoot I did with some of the newest items from American Girl this summer. We were inspired by Kit’s new gardening series and decided to make a fun garden scene to celebrate – just in time for fall harvests. A little backstory: My kids were originally … Read more

American Girl DIY play garden

American Girl Garden with Kit

Our DIY play garden for American Girl dolls can be used for a variety of play scenarios, from learning about plants and how they grow to imagining your dolls are running a bustling farm that sells its goods at the farmer’s market. It’s easy to make and inexpensive, but adds a ton of play value to our American Girl playtime.

Give the gift of history with Felicity from American Girl

It’s hard for me to picture Christmas time without American Girl. I vividly remember circling items in the American Girl catalog each year in my youth, then I remember shopping their online store with my nieces years later, and now I’m taking my own kids to the Seattle American Girl store for them to make … Read more

DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free season 3 is available now

Back in the summer, my kiddos fell in love with DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free. They love a good series that they can really get into and follow along with the characters, and horses are a huge deal around here, so Spirit Riding Free was basically made for them. Since we limit our kids’ screentime, I … Read more