Holiday magic with Corolle dolls

A big thank you to Corolle for sending some goodies for our kiddos to open this Christmas. No monetary compensation was received for this rave review, I just wanted to share some holiday magic with Corolle dolls.

It’s our twelfth Christmas as parents. While I still can’t believe that’s possible since in my mind I just had my first a few years ago, it really becomes real when you look through a dozen years of letters my kids have written to Santa. What I realized in looking back on those letters is that in every single one of those 12 years, a baby doll or doll accessories have been on the list. And, not just any baby brandthey always specify a Corolle baby doll or accessory. Every single year. Corolle baby at Christmas

Why Corolle dolls?

I’ve talked before about what makes Corolle dolls so special, but it’s hard to really put It into words what makes them so unique. But, kids don’t need it described to them, they just get it. With their soft vanilla scent and their soft-to-the-touch baby doll feel, Corolle dolls were made to be best friends. 

As you can imagine, our doll setup is pretty epic at this point. Some years they asked for a baby doll, some years they wanted a stroller, an outfit, or a special accessory. But, every single year, Santa heard all about how much they love Corolle and then listened to them patiently describe what they wanted from the catalog.  Corolle doll bundled up

This year is no exception, and the little one surprised exactly no one when she asked for a baby doll after sitting on Santa’s lap. If you know her, you know that she adores her babies. She brings her baby dolls every single day to school pickup, to all playdates, even to preschool. Sometimes they are in a stroller, sometimes in a front pack, sometimes peeking out from a backpack. But, she always has a baby doll with her and some sort of story about all the adventures they got into that day. Corolle laughing

Corolle dolls, it’s just magic

Just look at the newest Corolle dolls. Aren’t they just beautiful? We fell in love with Alice, a sweet little brunette with gorgeous locks. Corolle’s 14″ Mon Grand Poupon Alice one of the dolls my kiddo has her eye on, and I think it’s because she’s the perfect stepping stone to the older 18” dolls. She’s still a baby that can ride in strollers and front packs, but since she has hair that you can brush and style, she’s more like the older dolls Corolle Alice

The other doll she has her eye on is the Corolle Lilly Enchanted Winter doll that is a special edition just for the season. The Mon Grand Poupon Lilly Enchanted Winter Holiday Baby Doll is 14” and has a soft, bean-filled body. Perfect for snuggling to sleep, taking on adventures, Lilly is going to get a whole lot of love here at our house.  Corolle Lilly Enchanted Christmas

So, I wasn’t surprised when she asked for a baby, but what I was surprised about was that she clearly didn’t get a chance to see the Corolle catalog this year, so Santa’s going to be able to wow her in a really awesome way on Christmas morning. Corolle Christmas 

The all-new Corolle Mon Grand Poupon Carriage Stroller 

It’s hard to pick a new favorite Corolle accessory this year, but if I had to choose, it would be the brand new Corolle Mon Grand Poupon baby stroller. So many awesome improvements on the older Corolle stroller models {which are still awesome, by the way} make this new model so much more practical for all the use my kiddos get out of them. Since my kids truly use their strollers like little mamas and take them everywhere with us, I have a few favorite features that Corolle added this year.  Corolle Carriage

The first new feature is that it can fold flatter than other models, so it can be stored away for families that don’t use it a ton. Or in our case, it can fold up compactly so we can take it in the car with us, which allows my little one to push it even more places.  Corolle stroller folded up

The second feature I love is the molded plastic base of the new Corolle stroller that helps keep the stroller’s shape as well as offering a place for my kiddos to store all their stuff. This may seem like a small thing to you, but traditionally doll stroller storage is made of thin fabric and it has ripped in every stroller my kiddos have ever had. This is possibly due to the sheer volume of stuff that the kids insist on bringing, but also due to the fact that unless items are in there perfectly, the whole bottom panel will drag on the ground. The hard plastic panel solves this, while also adding a level of structure to the stroller that makes it feel really sturdy.  Corolle stroller plastic basket on bottom

The third feature I love is the body of the stroller that is shaped like a bed for baby. Since my kids like to drag along all their baby stuff each time they leave the house, I love that baby is fully enclosed in the bassinet-like carriage. This means I don’t have to worry about missing baby shoes, blankets, stuffed animals, etc. that I only find out about after we get home. Corolle even added an integrated baby bunting that helps keep the doll and accessories in the bed of the stroller even more contained, as well as being a cozy place for baby to ride.  Corolle cozy baby doll

The fourth, and nowhere near final, feature I love is the adjustable handle of the stroller than can grow with your kiddo. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched the older kids struggle with pushing a teeny tiny baby stroller, and this new model now allows them to adjust the handle up so they can stand and push. As a mom who knows anything can happen and all it takes is a scraped up knee and my children’s legs cease to work, I love that even I can stoop over and push it while I walk. Thank you, Corolle Corolle stroller

Corolle electronic doll pacifier with sounds 

I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that no mom has ever preferred an interactive baby doll to a traditional one. But, the problem is that kids want an electronic and interactive doll despite all of our steering. Corolle makes some truly amazing interactive dolls that even I adore and never got annoyed with, but talk with any other doll grandma and they will tell you other brands aren’t nearly as tasteful in their interactions.  Corolle pacifier with baby

There are many times that I would just prefer that my kiddo have a traditional doll over an interactive one, such as weddings, performances, or even naptime. But, if I could make an already beloved Corolle baby interactive on demand? Well, that would be amazing. And, now it’s possible thanks to the new Corolle electronic pacifier with soundsThis little pacifier takes baby doll play to the next level, all without having to have a sound-making doll at all times Corolle pacifier speaker

The pacifier features 15 different sounds that are activated by pressing on its button, which is easy enough for even younger baby doll fans. The pacifier is on a strap with a slide-locking clip so it can easily be attached to baby doll’s clothing. I love that when it’s not in use it can hang from the strap on the diaper bag, baby front packs, or even strollers, which helps us to never misplace it during our doll play.  Corolle Baby Doll with pacifier

Corolle changing accessories 

What little mama doesn’t want baby accessories just like the real thing? Ever since my sister had her baby, the need for realistic items has grown even more as the kiddos see her care for my nephew. I love the new Corolle changing accessories that include all sorts of baby necessities. The matching diaper bag came with the Corolle stroller, but we also got a 2-in-1 Changing Accessories Set with 5 changing accessories for diaper changing fun. The changing pad folds up and secures with velcro and then the pocket of the pad is where you can store all the changing accessories, like cream, lotion, diaper, and wipes.  Corolle changing

Holiday magic with Corolle dolls

Coming into our 12th Christmas, I can already tell you that this year is going to be absolutely magical. Between the gifting of brand new dolls to all the amazing accessories to find under the tree, our little one is going to be in baby doll heaven every single day. Corolle doll in stroller

Want to hear more about the amazing new 40th anniversary Corolle collection and their classic dolls and accessories?  Head over to to read about all the little details that go into making a best friend.  And, be sure to interact with Corolle on Twitter and Facebook. 

Enjoy holiday magic with Corolle dolls this year!

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