Hotel Indigo Seattle opens at the Port of Everett

RR Hotel Indigo front deskIt was a decade and a half ago when my husband and I toured a few buildings at the Port of Everett where they were talking about revitalizing the port. There were talks of promenades, restaurants and cafes, high-end condos, shopping, pedestrian walkways, the works. Well folks, it’s finally happening. The pedestrian bridge is in place from Grand Park, the restaurants on the waterfront are thriving, and now we can add Hotel Indigo to the list.  RR Hotel Indigo lobbyHotel Indigo had its grand opening celebration last night and we got to tour the property while snacking and mingling. We let ourselves into the pool area, the restaurant, and then we made ourselves at home in one of their guest suites {see the Everett Herald article and video if you want to see just how cozy we got}.  RR Hotel Indigo drink RR Hotel Indigo PoolRR Hotel Indigo BarRR Hotel Indigo market RR Hotel Indigo selfieI’m hoping to schedule a stay there in the next few weeks, but until then I will just be over here explaining to my kids that no, we can’t go back to Hotel Indigo every night of the week. My littlest even suggested that we just bring our Christmas tree there to decorate and enjoy, and then shrugged when I explained that then we wouldn’t have it at home. RR Hotel Indigo BedRR Hotel Indigo bed with robesRR Hotel Indigo viewSo, yeah, it made an impression. And yes, they would love to go back and wear those robes for reals this time. As for me, I’m excited to finally see some of the changes I was promised all those years ago finally start to happen.  

Hotel Indigo Seattle Waterfront is now open in Everett, WA. You can find out more about the hotel here and schedule your vacation now. 

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