Playing and learning with American Girl: Melody’s microphone and piano playsets

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Amereican Girl Melody doll
After spending so much time this year learning about the new BeForever character, Melody Ellison, I wanted to get the kids something special this year to celebrate. With so many awesome choices in the Melody collection, I debated for a bit whether I wanted to go with one of her playsets or an outfit or two.
Melody with piano and microphoneIn the end, I decided that adding to our Melody collection with a toy they could play with was the way to go. I chose Melody’s Microphone Set paired with Melody’s Electric Piano because the kids were specifically drawn to them at the Seattle American Girl store after they realized that they actually really work. American Girl family band

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Non-candy Easter treats from Corolle dolls

Sponsored postMy kids really aren't big on candy, which makes me really happy. Sure, they get the occasional treat at school or during holidays, but I never load up on holiday candy because it just takes up space in my pantry after the kids forget all about it. Since I already know what happens when they get bags and baskets of treats, I'm always thinking of creative things I can give them in their Easter baskets, and I always think Corolle first.

If anyone thought that having a real live baby of our own would diminish the kids' love of all things Corolle, they were wrong. Baby dolls are a very big deal around here and show no signs of going anywhere anytime soon, so I love the idea of getting them each a little surprise in their Easter baskets that can add to all the doll play and make it even more fun. 6a0105362badb1970b019b02d6ed77970b-800wi

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Travel buddies: Corolle Dolls on the go

Sponsored postThere hasn’t been one single vacation we have taken in the past 4 years that we didn’t take with us a Corolle doll {or 6}. Even when space is most precious and we’re confined to just carryons, we always manage to make room for Corolle. While the reasons behind this are many {comfort of home, favorite toys, open-ended toy, etc}, the main reason is that the kids travel better with them. Corolle in PortlandIt started when my daughter was little because she wanted her own baby just like brother that she could cradle, tuck in, and babywear, but then it turned into much more than that. We realized quickly that the kids slept better with their special babies, played better with each other, and had more fun on long plane, train and car rides with Corolle in tow. Corolle cuddle time

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Corolle dolls offer a best friend for every age and stage

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My daughter is a hard-core doll fan. She spends nearly all day with her Corolle dolls, and they have quickly become more than just mere dolls; they are friends.

But, while my son is still very much into baby dolls, my daughter alternates between playing mommy and playing with her more grown-up dolls, like the Corolle Les Cheries dolls. These beauties have become my daughter's new favorite toy and she is on a mission to collect every single one Corolle makes.

Best Friends Les Cheries

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Home sweet Lundby {SMÅLAND Swedish doll’s house review}

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Home Sweet Lundby
I vividly remember when I began to think in miniature. It was one of the many summers I spent with my grandparents in their small town up north. One of our projects that summer was to build a dollhouse for my growing collection of miniatures my grandma and I had collected at swap meets and secondhand stores as well as things we had repurposed around their home that were to scale.

In my mind, my grandpa and I would make a house fit for our treasures, one with intricate details and style that was just like my cousin’s dollhouse my aunt had made from a kit. But, I will never forget when my grandpa and I started to sit down and design my dollhouse and I realized we were making a primitive A-frame house with scrap wood from the garage. My dollhouse would be without doors, windows, or details other than walls.

Don’t get me wrong, I adored the dollhouse we built that summer. It was more than a few steps up from the shelf in my room that had previously housed my miniatures, and it would be perfect for moving a play family into that didn’t mind a little bit of a fixer-upper. I played with that dollhouse for years and did my best to make it feel more homey and inviting by making my own wallpaper and adding realistic accessories.

But, my desire for a real store-bought dollhouse never went away. Even into adulthood, I would look wistfully at dollhouses that were done up to the nines and imagine my childhood dollhouse furniture I had collected filling those big, bright rooms. 

In one of those searches, I found Lundby, the Swedish Doll’s House, and it was as if my childhood play family had finally found “home”. I remember bookmarking the site, emailing the link to my husband and asking him how soon was too soon to start buying dollhouses for our baby girl. We both agreed to wait a few years, but I always kept Lundby in the back of my mind.

Last fall, I lost my grandpa after a long battle with illness and I, myself, felt a little lost. My grandpa had been such a strong figure in my life growing up and I wished more than anything that I had held onto that dollhouse we made all those summers ago. I wanted something to help my daughter remember her amazing great grandfather, and wished that they could have bonded over miniatures like we had all those years ago.  

So, when a package landed on my porch a few months later with a welcome letter and a “key” to a Lundby Smaland dollhouse, I was beside myself with joy.  I knew this was the perfect way to introduce my daughter to the world of miniatures and to provide a link to my past at the same time.

Lundby Dollhouse in package

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The legacy of Götz dolls continues with HABA

Some girls play with dolls; others make friends that are dolls.  My daughter is definitely in the latter category, and she treats each of her dolls like a beloved playmate.  Her dolls each have personalities of their own, which she will likely tell you all about should you ever ask. According to her, some of … Read more