Travel buddies: Corolle Dolls on the go

Sponsored postThere hasn’t been one single vacation we have taken in the past 4 years that we didn’t take with us a Corolle doll {or 6}. Even when space is most precious and we’re confined to just carryons, we always manage to make room for Corolle. While the reasons behind this are many {comfort of home, favorite toys, open-ended toy, etc}, the main reason is that the kids travel better with them. Corolle in PortlandIt started when my daughter was little because she wanted her own baby just like brother that she could cradle, tuck in, and babywear, but then it turned into much more than that. We realized quickly that the kids slept better with their special babies, played better with each other, and had more fun on long plane, train and car rides with Corolle in tow. Corolle cuddle time

Throughout the years the specific doll{s} they choose for vacation has changed depending on their mood or the type of vacation. My daughter alternates between baby dolls {first Classique, then Calin, and Emma, then back to Classique dolls} and the more grown-up Les Cheries dolls, but it always is Corolle that she brings with her.  Corolle in Turks and CaicosAlong with a few smaller accessories and changes of clothing that suit the specific vacation, they consider themselves packed once their Corolle gear is gathered. Here's how my daughter packed for our Turks & Caicos trip.  Corolle Beach accessoriesWhile there is something to be said for the next stage in life when the kids simply want to bring a book or a handheld toy that doesn’t take up half a carryon, I know I will deeply miss the days that Corolle came with us everywhere.  Corolle on vacationI will miss looking into the backseat and seeing their babies buckled into the unused middle seat. I will miss hearing them play house once we get to the hotel and discussing which fictional places they should visit with their babies. I will miss the sounds of them explaining new and exciting things we see along our journey. And, most of all, I will miss watching them curl up on the bed at night with doll in hand, exhausted from a day of exploring and ready to snuggle with a best friend.  Sleeping with Corolle on vacationI have always enjoyed how fun it is to travel with kids and experience the world through their eyes, and I truly think that my kiddos feel the same way about their babies. Even though most would look at their babies and think they are mere dolls, my kids see their Corolle as so much more than that. These babies have been everywhere with them, have seen them through good times and bad, and become beloved friends in the process. Corolle CampingI can’t promise you that your kids will become travel pros overnight with the addition of a Corolle doll to their suitcase, but I can say that it has definitely worked out that way with my kiddos. Corolle on the TrainWant to get your kiddo their own special travel buddy? You can choose between soft-bodied babes like the Calin dolls, vinyl bath dolls, or the water-loving Tidoo, or you can go with a Classique baby doll, an interactive baby, or anything from their Mademoiselle Corolle or Les Cheries line. Head over to to read about all the little details that go into making a best friend or check them out at a retailer near you. And, be sure to interact with Corolle on Twitter and Facebook 

Leanne Signature 2Thank you to Corolle dolls for inviting me to be an ambassador. As always, all opinions are 100% ours. Because you can't possibly fake this kind of love.

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