Thank goodness for HoneyBaked Ham this Thanksgiving

Sponsored post basic disclosureBy now you probably know how much I love HoneyBaked Ham and how it made me into a ham-lover after 3 decades of turning the stuff away. These days I’m always looking for another reason to visit the store near me and load up on their ham and turkey, and the fact that Thanksgiving is just a week away solidified that a trip to the new Lynnwood HoneyBaked Express was definitely in order. Honeybaked Ham storeNot only do they have amazing ham, they also have turkey {both smoked and roasted}, as well as a ton of sides, entrees, and desserts that can make Thanksgiving dinner as easy as calling in an order and heating up your oven. We did the Make It A Dinner deal and added some sides and a pie to our turkey and ham order, and I’m so glad I did.

While these sides don’t take long on their own to cook from scratch, the aftermath of a big dinner is typically a sink full of dishes and a whole bunch of cleaning. With Honeybaked meals, I can actually enjoy our guests and let dinner take care of itself. When everything is heated through and ready to serve, you can simply pop it into your fancy serving dishes and get dinner on the table in no time. Honeybaked ThanksgivingThe only thing we made ourselves was the roasted acorn squash, which is a family favorite and must be on the Thanksgiving table, but everything else is courtesy of HoneyBaked. Very little dishes, no stressing about how long to cook everything for, and less than an hour until our plates were filled. Easy, peasy. Thanksgiving Dinner with HoneybakedDon’t fault me for the fact that this was an easy meal, it did still take quite a bit of planning. I had to plan where to hide it so my family didn’t eat it beforehand, I had to plan all the ways I was going to enjoy it, and then I had to plan how on earth I was going to sneak leftovers before everything was devoured. See? It took a lot of planning. 

When it comes to Thanksgiving, HoneyBaked has everything you need for an amazing meal. With green bean casseroles, mashed potatoes, sweet pototes, cranberries, and more as well as the best ham and turkey you will ever find, it makes shopping and planning for your Thanksgiving dinner as simple as calling in an order or stopping by a store. They even have stuff you forgot you needed, like the desserts and dinner rolls to finish off your perfect meal. Thanksgiving sides Honeybaked HamWhile the focus is turkey for Thanksgiving {and HoneyBaked makes a delicious turkey breast}, I urge you to remember to pick up some of their amazing ham as well when you’re shopping. You won’t regret having extras if unexpected guests pop by for dinner, and you will love the ham as leftovers after the dinner is over. Seriously, just look at this ham. You know you want some. Honeybaked hamFor 50 years HoneyBaked has been serving only the finest quality bone-in ham, cured in a secret marinade, and then smoked for hours over hardwood chips. Served spiral-sliced and then smothered with a sweet and delicious crackling glaze, the ham is a perfect amount of sweetness. It really is that good.

Try it for your Thanksgiving meal and see how easy hosting the holidays can be!

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