Playing and learning with American Girl: Melody’s microphone and piano playsets

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Amereican Girl Melody doll
After spending so much time this year learning about the new BeForever character, Melody Ellison, I wanted to get the kids something special this year to celebrate. With so many awesome choices in the Melody collection, I debated for a bit whether I wanted to go with one of her playsets or an outfit or two.
Melody with piano and microphoneIn the end, I decided that adding to our Melody collection with a toy they could play with was the way to go. I chose Melody’s Microphone Set paired with Melody’s Electric Piano because the kids were specifically drawn to them at the Seattle American Girl store after they realized that they actually really work. American Girl family band

American Girl BandEven though I knew the kids were already enthralled with the sets and loved pounding on the keys and singing in the microphone, I had originally viewed the microphone and piano sets as toys. Toys that would be fun while they are playing dolls and learning about Melody, but not much else. American girl microphoneThe kids proved to me yet again why we keep returning to American Girl year after year when it quickly became apparent that these sets were more than just fun toys. I basically created my own family band with the help of Melody’s collection. Add in Maryellen’s Jukebox that we can use to play a favorite song while the kids play along, and I’ve created a full band sound that makes them excited about playing music together. American Girl band with kidsMelody’s Microphone Set – This 1960s-style microphone amplifies and it has buttons to press that add an echo or you can add fun studio sound effects with applause, cheering, and laughter. It also comes with a tambourine that dolls and kids can really hold and shake, plus tiny sheet music with one of Melody’s favorite songs. Melody with microhoneMelody’s Electric Piano – This doll-sized 1960s-style electric piano features keys that really work. It has buttons where you can choose the style of sound they want: organ, piano, or electric piano. It also comes with sheet music with a special song that Melody’s brother wrote for her. American Girl playing pianoNot only are these perfect for their dolls to add even more fun to their pretend play, but these two sets are also great for expanding the kids’ musical horizons. Although we’ve had numerous musical instruments available to the kids since day one, they seem to pick them up intermittently and give them up within minutes. They express a desire to learn to play just about every instrument, but they don’t seem to realize how much energy it takes to really learn to play. American Girl Girl BandWith these two sets from American Girl, they are actually learning the basics of playing music, and surprisingly they are sticking to it and remaining excited about playing songs every day. Encouraging this love of music isn’t just about having fun at a piano, but about all the learning aspects that come from keeping a beat, learning to play by ear, and then eventually reading and writing their own music. American Girl playing piano 2With Melody, we’ve learned the power a voice can have with the #LiftEveryVoice movement, and I love that these sets tie into that perfectly while still being a fun toy that they could all play together. Melody’s Microphone Set and Melody’s Electric Piano have been the perfect complement to our winter playing and learning and I see many more years of use from all of the kids… and their dolls. Melody singingShop Melody's full collection here, which includes outfits and accessories, an amazing recording studio, an adorable block party set, bedroom set up, and so much more. Shop now and wrap up a playset that is so much more than a toy this holiday season.

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