The perfect gift for the impossible to buy for: Snake River Farms steaks

Sponsored postSnake River Farms boxEveryone has that one {or four, or five} people on their holiday list that are impossible to buy for, and you spend all month running around searching for something – anything – before you give up and buy them a gift card. How about this year you do something different and give them a gift they truly want, and something to look forward to opening and enjoying?

That gift is American Wagyu beef from Snake River Farms. Used by some of the country's most renowned chefs like Thomas Keller, Wolfgang Puck and Michael Mina, as well as at popular spots nationwide, a gift from Snake River Farms is sure to impress even the toughest critic. Founded in 1999, Snake River Farms has been passionate about delivering the finest foods directly to consumers to bring you world class restaurant quality in the comfort of home.Snake River Farms mealWe got to try a few American Wagyu steaks from their Steak Flight gift set this month and I can tell you, they are like nothing else I’ve ever eaten. Fancy steakhouses aren’t in the cards for us right now, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a quality steak just as much as I used to. In order to enjoy a quality steak, Hubby and I didn’t have to don fancy clothes, get a sitter, and then make the trek to an expensive restaurant to enjoy a meal that is truly decadent and memorable.

Thanks to Snake River Farms we got to enjoy a premium steak cooked just the way we like it, without all the hassle. We really could taste the difference in quality and taste with the Snake River Farms steaks and my husband hasn't stopped talking about how much he enjoyed each and every bite. Snake River Farms contentsI’m sure you can think of a few people who would also appreciate this kind of convenience and decadence with the gift of Snake River Farms delicious steaks. You can choose from a curated steak box, a steak flight, or a bone-in collection that can be shipped directly to your recipient, or you can ship it to yourself and bring it to your gathering to watch their reaction as they open their gift.

The Snake River Farms gift collection includes some great options for wowing this holiday season:

Hugh Acheson’s Curated Steak Box with 2-8oz American Wagyu filet mignon, 2-6oz American Wagyu ribeye filet, 1 Lodge skillet, 1 Mercer saucing spoon, 1 Bragard kitchen towel, Jacobsen’s Flake Finishing Salt and Hugh Acheson’s Steak Cooking Guide. $199

American Wagyu Steak Flight includes 2-6oz American Wagyu filet mignon, 2-6oz American Wagyu ribeye filets, 2-6oz American Wagyu sirloin filets, Espresso Brava Salt, Snake River Farms hat and a Cooking Guide. $169

American Wagyu Bone-In Steak Collection includes 2-12oz American Wagyu bone-in filet mignon, 2-20oz American Wagyu bone-in New York strips, 2-28oz American Wagyu New T-bones, Espresso Brava Sea Salt and a Cooking Guide.  $350 Snake River Farms plateSnake River Farms Wagyu/Angus cross cattle are raised in the Pacific Northwest along the high plain of the Snake River. The family-owned business began with a small herd of Wagyu cattle from the Kobe region of Japan. The Wagyu bulls were crossed with premium American cattle to form a proprietary herd. They value quality over quantity and because of that their feeding method takes up to four times longer than traditional US cattle production methods. This gives their meats an extremely tender and flavorful quality you just can’t find in super markets. Snake River Farms steak mealTheir American Kobe {Wagyu} beef is celebrated by chefs and beef connoisseurs and offers a quality that is actually higher than Prime. USDA Prime is the highest USDA grade for beef, but even that does not adequately represent the quality of their beef. That means their beef is higher quality than the mere 3% of all beef in the US that receives the designation of Prime. For this reason, they use the Japanese marbling scale which better reflects their quality.

And, Snake River Farms doesn’t just offer American Wagyu beef. They also carry fresh Kurobuta pork and gourmet hams, roasts, BBQ, and Northwest beef. Along with select cuts, Snake River Farms also makes gourmet hamburgers, sausages, frankfurters and hardwood smoked bacon. All products are made with only the finest ingredients to ensure an exquisite eating experience. For more information about their offerings, visit

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