The perfect first gift with Corolle dolls

Thank you to Corolle dolls for sending their 40th anniversary baby Madeleine to love. We’re celebrating #40yearsCorolle right along with them and sharing why Corolle dolls are the perfect first gift.

Corolle love Corolle dolls are the perfect first giftCorolle is a brand that I will never grow out of. My love of the brand started in my own childhood, and continued even well after I was done playing with dolls. Even after I had purged all my old stuffed animals, my old toys, and my once-sentimental items, I just couldn’t get rid of those Corolle dolls I had loved so much. Instead, I packed my beloved dolls away and hoped that one day I would share this love of Corolle with my own children.Corolle girls 2 Corolle dolls are the perfect first gift

I was thrilled when not just one, but all three of my children gravitated towards the brand at a young age. In fact, I think it would be fair to say that they love their Corolle dolls even more than I did as a child, which I never, ever thought was possible. Their babies are not treated merely as dolls, their babies are truly friends that go everywhere with them, sleep with them, and are part of nearly every game they play.Corolle hug Corolle dolls are the perfect first gift

This past month, my youngest came down with the flu and was out for almost a week just feeling awful. At one point, I went to go hand her one of her most beloved Corolle dolls and to my absolute shock, she refused her doll. She began to cry and said she didn’t want to get her baby sick, and then laid back down in her bed without her beloved friend. As much as that broke my heart into a million little pieces thinking that she wouldn’t even let herself have that little bit of comfort her baby could bring her, it made me realize how *real* her baby is to her that she truly thought her baby could get sick from her.Corolle in air

I guess it makes sense, though, because Corolle has been there from day one for her. Corolle was there as she learned to crawl and then as she took her first steps, Corolle was there to comfort her on her first day of school and for all big doctor’s appointments. Corolle has been on so many adventures with us, including every single family vacation and just about every single trip to the park, beach, or playground. Her babies are more than just dolls, they are best friends and they are part of our family these days. Corolle joy

We’re so excited to celebrate Corolle’s 40th birthday this year, especially since many of those years I’ve personally shared in the Corolle love. We’re officially a second-generation Corolle family, sharing the sweet vanilla scented love of their adorable baby dolls and fun accessories for all ages and stages.  Corolle doll running Corolle doll spinning

We have so much love for the brand that it shouldn’t really be surprising that Corolle dolls made yet another appearance in one of our family pictures.Corolle familyI can’t think of any other toy I would allow in so many of our family pictures, but it makes sense when you realize how small the window of time is that they aren’t holding a baby or two. If we’re capturing our family as it is right now, then there will likely be a baby in it, and that is just fine with me.

Corolle girls

Corolle dolls are the perfect first gift

It’s this reason that whenever someone I know is having a baby or has a young child, I always recommend Corolle dolls as the perfect first gift. With a wide range of both soft bodied and poseable dolls of different sizes, you are sure to find the perfect doll for your child’s age and stage. If the new baby has a sibling, be sure and get them their own special doll, too.

Want to find out more about the amazing collection of Corolle dolls? Head over to the Corolle website to read about all the little details that go into making a best friend or check them out at a retailer near you. You can also get your little one {or yourself} a 40th anniversary doll from the #40yearsCorolle line just like baby Madeleine.

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  1. This is simply magical. My girls all had Corole growing up and I cannot wait to spoil my granddaughter with her own when she arrives later this year!


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