Here comes the Easter bunny with the Steiff Candy Rabbit

This post is unsponsored, I just wanted to share our Easter tradition of Steiff bunnies

Bunny Ear Steiff Easter tradition of Steiff bunniesI love everything about Easter – egg hunts, family dinners, baskets filled with candy, and little kids in their Sunday best. Easter has it all. Back when I first became a mom, I came up with all the Easter traditions. And, then life happened and I had to drop traditions in favor of less stress.

But, the one tradition that has remained is Steiff. Every year, the kiddos run downstairs to find a special Steiff plush sitting atop their Easter basket. We’ve now had 10 Easters with kiddos {crazy, but true} and each addition to the kiddos Steiff collection is as unique as they are.

Steiff has been making classic plush animals since 1880, and it’s most recognizable by their “Knopf im Ohr” {or, rather “Knopf im Ohr”}. Each of their pieces are created mostly by hand with an attention to detail you just don’t find with other plush companies. Every Steiff release is limited and supremely collectable, but that’s not why they became so special to us.Steiff love Easter tradition of Steiff bunnies

Easter tradition of Steiff bunnies

We fell in love with Steiff while expecting our first, and the first thing we bought for her was a special Steiff bear.
That special bear has now been joined by dozens of friends on her shelf, and it’s one of our favorite things to collect as a family. I love that each animal or piece is representative of a certain season or specific time, and my kiddos love that they are the perfect size for playing with in the doll house and felted fairy garden set.

Steiff has introduced the adorable Candy Rabbit for 2019 and I was so excited when one showed up on our porch unexpectedly. Bunnies are the preferred collectible for our youngest, and the Candy Rabbit in all it’s pink adorableness couldn’t be a better fit for our girl. Candy Rabbit is the perfect huggable size for kiddos, and a fun break from our mini mohair collectibles that live 90% of their lives on display shelves. Candy Rabbit, however is designed for play and snuggles.
And, the Candy Rabbit is sure to get plenty of both here at our house.

Each kid has gotten a few playable Steiff friends throughout the years, but our littlest was definitely overdue for a Steiff snuggle friend. I love that we can love on the Candy Rabbit while we’re shopping for our newest Easter Steiff that will grace the top of their Easter baskets since that usually takes me a long time to decide on.Steiff bunny love Easter tradition of Steiff bunnies

Shop local, or straight from Steiff

Sadly, our favorite Steiff retailer has closed up shop in La Conner, WA after their wonderful owner’s passing, but I’m excited that the family is still selling online. We’ve been visiting Bears N Friends for a decade now, and many of our special friends have been purchased there throughout the years. We’re especially excited to have gotten a few finds signed by the Steiff granddaughters who just so happen to frequent the Seattle area.

If you don’t already have a favorite Steiff retailer and you’re looking to start or expand a Steiff collection, you should start your browsing at the Steiff website. They have collectibles, toys for playing, ornaments, jewelry, and even first Steiff friends for new babies. And, if you are buying direct, you can snag this deal

*Receive a free plush gift with your Easter purchase over $100. Cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions, Offer expires at 11:59 pm on April 12, while supplies last

Or, to find a retailer near you, you can check out the Steiff Store Locator here. I will warn you that this is by no means a full list of retailers, since numerous stores near me carry the Steiff animals but only a handful come up on this list for the entire state of Washington. You will typically find Steiff animals in high end retail shops and boutiques, but a large selection can even be found at FAO Schwartz and other big retailers as well as online.

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