Fully Vital hair system

A big thank you to Fully Vital for sending the Fully Vital hair system to try out. As always, no monetary compensation was received for this Rave Review. 

I’ve talked about my hair problems pretty extensively on here in the past. From referring to my hair as “baby hair”, to listing all the things my hair cannot do {hold a curl, fill a bun, go days without washing, etc, etc} to talking about prescription woes for thinning hair, this has been a large topic of conversation for the past 15 years, both on the blog as well as in multiple doctors’ offices.  

But, if you’re new here, the basic gist is that my hair has always been really fine and thin, and I just dealt with it. And, then I probably lost too much hair during my last pregnancy, but chalked that up to hormones. Somewhere along the line, my doctors became worried that I was losing too much hair and put me on multiple prescriptions in the span of a few months.

The side effects came in fast and furious, and we tried a few modifications to mitigate them, but they still bothered me more than my thin hair. After weighing my risks, I decided to stop taking my prescription this past year. In the end, I decided that since it’s just thin and thinning, and not severe hair loss, it’s not something that I feel is worth taking multiple medications and risking side effects. 

All that being said, it doesn’t mean I’ve given up trying to manage my thin hair and make the best of it. In fact, throughout the years since I decided to forgo my prescriptions, I’ve tried just about everything in retail looking for a hair solution that would work for me. So, when Fully Vital reached out and offered their hair system to try, I was incredibly excited. I’d never tried a full system before and had always sort of hodge-podged my hair care routine together, trying this supplement this time, a different one the next. I was super excited to try something that was designed to work together and see what I could do with this thinning and lifeless hair of mine.

What is the Fully Vital hair system? 

The Fully Vital system consists of 4 components: vitamins, hair serum, natural hairbrush, and derma roller. Together, they work in 4 different ways to promote hair growth. Instead of just vitamins, or a fancy brush, or simply hoping and praying a shampoo/conditioner will work for you, the Fully Vital hair system is just what it sounds like – a complete system that works together seamlessly to encourage hair growth.  

Fully Vital hair system

Here’s the basics of the Fully Vital hair system: 

Enhance Hair Vitamins 

  1. The Enhance hair vitamins have 12 nutrients and 15 superfoods that Fully Vital designed to work together to balance your hormones and nourish hair follicles. The supplement acts in multiple ways for hair regrowth by providing essential hair nutrition, helping improve circulation, and balancing inflammation. You take 4 vitamins a day with meals, typically morning and with dinner. 
Fully Vital hair system

Enhance Hair Serum 

  1. Paired with the vitamins is the Enhance hair serum that is applied to clean hair to help fight thinning hair by revitalizing follicles. The serum has a non-greasy feel on the scalp, and doesn’t make my hair look like it badly needs a wash. The serum acts in multiple ways by balancing hormones and giving hair exactly what it needs, right at the roots, to create a healthy head of hair. 

Bamboo Hairbrush 

  1. Every good system has a fun tool, and with the Fully Vital hair system, that tool is a natural bamboo brush. The bamboo brush is great for redistributing scalp oils to the hair for enhanced shine while helping with increased circulation. 

Gold Derma Roller 

  1. The second tool is a medical grade stainless steel roller that works to activate hair regrowth and boost collagen by improving circulation. The derma roller has been shown in studies to regrow 15% more hair, as well as encourage a healthier scalp. 
Fully Vital hair system

My Fully Vital Reviews 

Hair growth isn’t something you can fully evaluate in a month or two, it can take up to 3 months to see thicker and stronger hair to be noticeable. But, the first thing that I noticed while trying out the system was that I was losing noticeably less hair in the shower each day. I was tentatively excited by the decreased hair shedding, but was thrilled when my hair started to just feel healthier. I feel like it’s getting thicker, stronger by the week, and I cannot wait to see how it is after 6 months.  

Fully Vital hair system

I find that I can use a bit less serum than they recommend since my hair is baby-fine, and that keeps the serum from weighing down my locks. I started experimenting using less drops until I found the sweet spot of coverage but not over saturation that works for my hair and scalp. Once I figured that out, it seemed like the serum actually made my hair easier to style. 

The hardest part for me to implement was the derma roller. I guess this shouldn’t be a surprise since it is technically a super-fine-micro-needle covered roller, but it took me longer than I want to admit to finally roll it on my scalp. First, I put it off because I was traveling and I didn’t want to have to pack rubbing alcohol to sanitize it before each use, but then I just put it off out of fear. When I finally convinced myself to try it, I started it on my hand, and when I realized it wasn’t painful in any way, I faced my fears and used it on my scalp. Honestly, it wasn’t a big deal at all. It didn’t sting like I thought it would, and it definitely didn’t draw blood, which I think is everyone’s fear.  

If you haven’t heard of micro-derm rollers before, they work by way of creating micro-traumas to the skin, which the body works to heal, sending extra healing to wherever they are used. The science is a bit lost on me, but I have read enough to know that many dermatologists are now recommending them for hair loss and thinning. When paired with a serum, like in the Fully Vital system, it improves the absorption of the hair regrowth serum and helps is penetrate the skin more effectively. It might sound strange to you, but the practice is becoming more and more common – not just for hair loss but for many skin conditions and health reasons.  

Why try Fully Vital? 

If you’re looking for a whole hair system that targets hair from the inside out, Fully Vital is for you. The vitamins help give your body the vitamins it needs to encourage hair growth, the hair serum helps get the nutrients right to the hair root, and the micro-derm roller helps target the skin and increase the effectiveness of the hair serum. Add in the brush and it’s everything you need for hair and scalp health, as well as helping regrow hair.  

Don’t believe it’s for you? Check out Fully Vital Reviews online and see what other people with thin/thinning hair have to say. Check out the before and after pictures to see what an amazing difference a few months on the system can do.

Fully Vital hair system

To buy the Fully Vital hair system 

You can buy the whole starter system in a 6-month, 3-month, or a 1-month bundle. After that you can order the individual parts if you’d like, or you can order their multiple month bundles to save money.  If you find yourself going through one supplement faster than the other, you can easily adjust your purchases to buy just what you need. I recommend starting with the full Luscious Hair System bundle so you can see how the system all works together, and then adjusting your autoship or making individual purchases from there so you get the brush and the derma roller in your initial order.

Check out Fully Vital’s website and see how you can put together a bundle or buy the entire hair care system. While you are there, be sure to check out the science behind the magic and take their hair quiz. You just might learn a thing or 6 about your hair and how to best care for it. I have learned a lot about hair in the past three years in my research, and I actually learned quite a bit about the root causes of thinning hair and what to do about them.

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