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Sponsored postI have what my sisters refer to as "baby hair". I believe the official word for my type of hair is “fine”, but on top of that it’s also really thin – like baby hair. As for actual styling, it's just about as frustrating as trying to style a baby's hair and requires a ton of product in order to somewhat hold even the easiest hairstyle. Even backcombing my hair doesn’t work very well because my soft baby hair just won’t hold and soon after it’s styled it ends up limp and lifeless.

But, while there are hundreds of products on the market for thinning or receding hair, my baby hair has always left me wishing I had any other type of hair. The best advice I've gotten from hair professionals so far in terms of managing my fine, thin hair has been to damage it as best I could.

Sounds crazy, right? Really, it's not as nuts as it sounds, but it makes my hair very high maintenance because unless it's basically fried through chemicals, dyes, heat and product, it just lays there limp. Or, at least it used to.Voloom packageWhile at BlogHer this year I met a company called VOLOOM and it sounded just like what I needed to try to help give my baby hair some real volume – without having to spend hundreds of dollars in a salon damaging my hair. However, it was so popular that every time I passed the VOLOOM booth there was a line of girls waiting to try it and I never got a chance to see it work in person.

When I heard that VOLOOM was working with iFabbo to get the word out about a whole new way to add volume to your hair, I gladly volunteered my locks. You see, I’ve tried volumizing powders, mousse, hair spray, creams, and just about every other gimmick on the market without success, so I’m willing to try anything at this point.

So, what is the VOLOOM? It's not a curling iron or a flat iron; it’s the first hair volumizing iron that was created specifically to add huge volume to hair. Basically, VOLOOM creates hidden layers of texture underneath your style that adds volume to any hairstyle.

While the VOLOOM sort of reminds me of hair crimpers my older sisters rocked in the 80s with plates that kink hair, these square plates don’t add that awful corrugated look. Instead they create “volume pockets” to raise hair off the scalp that are then hidden by upper hair levels. When used properly, you won’t end up with 80s hair, but you will be able to do so much more with the hair you were born with. In fact, from the outside you can’t actually see the magic that VOLOOM is working, but you can see all the volume it adds. Voloom ironBy sectioning off the top layer of hair and focusing on the underneath layers, your hair looks {and feels!} like normal, but you get the benefit of having extra body and fullness without having to use chemicals and product to achieve it. You can add as many layers as you want to achieve the look you’re going for. Voloom top section of hairI’m betting you’re wondering how easy it is to use, and the answer is “really easy”. It’s easier than curling or straightening your hair and it only takes just minutes to do. Hey, if I can do it, anyone can do it! Voloom in actionSince you only VOLOOM the hair near your scalp, it’s actually healthier for your hair than traditional heat styling tools. The hair near your scalp is rich in natural protective oils and since the VOLOOM is never pulled through the hair, you don’t run the risk of damaging the fragile hair ends. Voloom heat controlsPlus, the VOLOOM has temperature controls that allow you to use only as much heat as you need. Add in protective ceramic-coated plates, as well as ionic technology that helps seal the hair cuticle and protect it from damage and you’ve got one amazing hair styling tool that’s actually healthier than traditional styling tools.  Voloom lockThe VOLOOM has its own locking device to make it easier to take with you and store and comes with a bunch of awesome bonus accessories that make getting the perfect style easier than ever. With a heat proof case, a brush to help you part and style your hair, three alligator clips to section off hair, and a mesh bag to carry all your little accessories, you can use your VOLOOM at home or take it with you for travel. Voloom with accessoriesDo your locks look lifeless? Use the VOLOOM to add volume to any hairstyle, add grip and holding power to updos, or add height and a finished look to basic ponytails. Want to find out more? Simply view the "HOW-TO" video in the "Video Tips" section of VOLOOM.com to see how you can go from limp hair to lasting volume.

Check out VOLOOM.com and follow them @VOLOOM on Twitter or search the hashtag #VOLOOMlastingvolume. You can also see more reviews at @iFabbo on Twitter. You can join iFabbo here.

Leanne SignatureA big thank you to iFabbo for this opportunity to review the VOLOOM free of charge. As always, all opinions are 100% ours.

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  1. I did not know that they made a Volumizing Iron! My hair is thin and fine and this hair iron would give me a lot of body! I will have to take a look at this brand!


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