Stay active year round with the KidSource Musical Hop Skipper

Kids with Hop Skipper

As a family, we stay pretty active. We hike, we skate, we walk just about everywhere, and we’re always up for a multi-city bike ride. But, as active as all of my kids are, they haven’t all inherited my natural athleticism. I’m going to pause here while everyone that knows me finishes laughing. Not to … Read more

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2017

1) Fruition Fruit Infusion Water Bottle. Infuse your water faster with even more flavor with the Fruition Infusion Water Bottle. Add fruit to the bottom infuser and then press the bottom to extract the juices and infuse into your water. I love to change it up and add different fruits to infuse, and it’s been such … Read more

Matching Girls

Want to get to know my matching girls? Click through the pictures below to see what they were wearing and where our adventures took us! Ready to find your own matching clothing for your family? Check out our The Complete Guide to Matching Clothing for Baby, Kids, Siblings and Families. If you are looking to add … Read more

Family Travel

In the past 9 years, we have visited 6 different countries, 3 continents, and countless towns and cities in the United States and abroad with our children. We’ve traveled by train, plane, boat, and car, and at this point our kids can pretty objectively be referred to as seasoned travelers. We love sharing our favorite destinations and … Read more

PR & Partnerships

Rave & Review® is an award-winning Seattle-based site featuring new and established products, the best destinations, and tips and tricks for parents. Known for our in-depth articles with quality writing and beautiful photographs, we engage our readers and give them a real feel for the products we test and the places we visit. We have … Read more

Happy Holidays from Rave Central

As I'm sure you noticed, we had a very busy holiday season this year prepping our 8th annual holiday gift guide. There were entire days that I never left my home and just sat and wrote posts and edited all day long, so I'm super excited to spend a few days relaxing with my little … Read more

2015 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for great holiday ideas for everyone on your list? We’ve got tons of options in our 2015 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide{s}. Click on the images to see more options. For adult ideas, click here, and for kids and teenagers, click here.