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Now that I've been doing the Jenny Craig program for a while, I've reached a point where it's become obvious that I've made some changes in my lifestyle. People are asking questions about what I've done and when I say that change has been Jenny Craig, it just leads to even more questions.  WP_20151028_002So I thought I'd just put a bunch of the usual questions people want to know up along with my answers all in one place for everyone to see. So, here are the questions I get asked, starting with the most frequent.

FAQ about the Jenny Craig program

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Turn that stress into something positive with RESCUE #StressLess2BMyBest

Believe me, I know stress. So, when I got an email asking me to share a peek into my world as a working mom of three young kids and give some tips about how I deal with stress and how RESCUE can help in a sponsored post, I was all about it. Rescueremedy_blogger_FINAL
What kind of stress, you ask?
How about the time my newborn cried every single time I set her down, or the time my coworker was moving clear across the country and I was covering her shift during the move, or the time my beloved camera stopped working in the middle of a shoot and I couldn’t get it to work again, or the time I had stacks of financial, legal, and tax paperwork to go through all on a deadline and was dealing with numerous calls, emails and texts with people asking for the paperwork.

And, all of that I just mentioned? That all happened today while I was trying to get work done and take care of three kids.  But, to make things worse, I couldn’t even ask my husband for help because he was busy working extra shifts and dealing with our rental property that was leaking in three different places because our renters were neglecting it. A day in the life of Leanne, people, a day in the life. Kids in tulip field

Of course, there's also days that look more like this. I was literally playing in fields of flowers with my sweet babies.

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Why you should see Disney’s Cinderella with your kids

If you’ve been around young girls recently, you’ve probably heard an earful about how much they want to see the new live-action Cinderella movie that arrives in theaters today. As a mom to one of those overly-excited young girls, I knew from the first movie trailer that I was going to end up being talked into seeing it at some point, so I figured I would go ahead and attend the Seattle pre-screening with the family to check it out.

It’s not that I don’t love Disney’s Cinderella, because the truth is I grew up loving the animated movie and singing the songs along with my sisters. In fact, I’m fairly certain I could recite the entire film at one point after hearing my little sister watch it so many times when she was little. But, even back then I had a lot of questions about flaws in the logic of the story, a desire for a less one-dimensional Cinderella, and trepidation about love at first sight… even if it was a prince we were talking about. Cinderella54de9bb90cd8bNow, as a mom evaluating everything on the lessons it teaches my young children, I wasn’t sure I wanted a new Cinderella for this new generation. But, I knew I was going to be outnumbered in this view and there was no way my daughter wouldn’t want to see it, so I figured I would rather see it with her so we could talk about it afterwards. What I didn’t expect was that not only would I love the movie, but the talk afterwards would be so in depth and cover so many important topics that I would end up highly recommending it to other moms and young girls. 

Are you on the fence about the new film and wondering if it’s worth the admission price? Here are just a few of the reasons I feel you should go and see it with your kiddos.

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Got seasonal allergies? Get Visine-A for allergy relief

Sponsored post basic disclosureLil Miss in TulipsJust when you start celebrating that the end of winter is finally here, you are reminded all over again that spring comes with its own downfalls. No, I’m not talking about rain, which Seattle has seen more than its share of. I’m talking about allergies that come along with blooming flowers, growing grass, and all the dust and dander the kids and pets bring indoors after an afternoon of playing outside.

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Rant: who’s hoarding all the Frozen stuff?

It’s been brought to my attention that I don’t do nearly enough rants here these days, so I’m going to fix that with a lengthy rant about Disney’s Frozen. No, not the movie itself, which we love, I’m talking Frozen STUFF.

You see, I have two Frozen fanatics in my house. These kids would love to own an official Anna and Elsa dress or two. In fact that’s all my 5 year old asked for this past Christmas, but all that was available locally was toddler-sized. We bought her the cheapie toddler dress from Target because Santa doesn’t let kids down like that, but it’s just too short for her and it’s apparently “very scratchy”.

It's this one, if you're wondering: 14552730_201308291517

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Our new pets: praying mantis babies

Unable to resist any opportunity for growing things, playing with bugs, or learning about things in the garden, my daughter talked us into buying two praying mantis {or praying mantid} egg cases at the Sorticulture garden festival this year.  They were supposed to hatch within a week or two, and quite honestly we had given … Read more