Got seasonal allergies? Get Visine-A for allergy relief

Sponsored post basic disclosureLil Miss in TulipsJust when you start celebrating that the end of winter is finally here, you are reminded all over again that spring comes with its own downfalls. No, I’m not talking about rain, which Seattle has seen more than its share of. I’m talking about allergies that come along with blooming flowers, growing grass, and all the dust and dander the kids and pets bring indoors after an afternoon of playing outside.

It’s almost enough to make me miss winter. Okay, maybe not miss winter, but I long for the days when pollen and dust didn’t make me miserable every time we let the outdoors in.

For me, the worst part of the season is also the best part. There is nothing my little garden helpers love more than picking me bouquets of wildflowers on our daily walks, and there’s nothing I love more than displaying these flowers picked with love in my kitchen window and letting the kids help keep the vases full of water.

But, what I don’t love is the fact that many of these flowers make my eyes water as soon as they come within a few feet of me. As you can imagine, vetoing hand picked flowers just breaks my heart, so I’ve been looking for a solution that allows flowers without perpetually red eyes all season long.

I’m sure you know the symptoms of eye allergies – itching, red, and watery eyes with puffiness and swelling – but did you know that there’s something you can do to manage these symptoms? Introducing Visine-A Allergy, your pocket {or purse} sized best friend during allergy season.
Visine-A boxNo matter what allergen is your nemesis, whether it’s pollen, pet dander, grass, dust, weeds, mold, or something else entirely, Visine-A Allergy can help take away the itch and the redness. Visine-A Eye Allergy Relief Eye Drops combine an antihistamine with a redness reliever to temporarily relieve eye itchiness and redness, helping eyes get back to normal.

It is clinically proven effective for eye allergy relief, and easy to take with you everywhere so you can use it as you need throughout the day. Visine-A bottleAre you a contact lens wearer also suffering from eye allergies? Suffer no longer! Simply remove your contacts and use a few drops of Visine-A and then wait 15 minutes for the drops to be absorbed before you replace your contacts.

I don't know about you, but I'm going to stash a bottle of Visine-A away in my vanity, in my makeup bag, in my purse, and even in my travel bag. Because suffering through allergy season and {almost} missing winter isn't any way to celebrate the arrival of spring. Spreading wish flowers is clearly the way to do it.  Wish flowers

•    Wash linens and clothes regularly
•    Keep windows shut to keep out pollen and other outdoor allergens
•    Vacuum and dust often to reduce indoor allergens, such as dust and pet dander
•    Run the air conditioner or air filter to sift out allergens. Make sure to keep those air filters clean and replace them regularly
•    Put allergy proof covers on pillows, mattresses and comforters to ward off dust mites

•    Check the pollen count before going outside each day – pollen counts tend to be highest 5 – 10AM
•    Shower after being outdoors to remove allergens that may have stuck to you. Use a sterile saline eye wash to flush allergens out of your eyes
•    Do not hang laundry to dry outdoors because allergens can stick to the clothes
•    Glasses and sunglasses act as a barrier or shield to minimize allergens from sticking to your eyes
•    If you prefer to wear contact lenses, choose a daily disposable lens, which can minimize accumulation of allergens as well. Contact lens wearers can use VISINE®-A® Eye Allergy Relief, but need to remove contact lenses before use and wait at least 15 minutes before reinserting contact lenses after using the drops

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