Get organized with a deck box from Patiowell

Get your yard organized with Patiowell and get a head start on your warmer weather fun. Whether you choose a shed or a deck box from Patiowell, it can help you keep your gear clean and dry until you’re ready to dust it off this spring.

IRIS cordless vacuum with stand

Sick of your quick grab vacuum sitting in a mess of wires and accessories on your floor? Check out the IRIS cordless vacuum with stand that not only has all the tools, but also has a great way to store them all within reach.

Little luxuries from L’Occitane En Provence

Find your perfect skincare routine at L’Occitane En Provence. From travel size to little luxuries to help keep your skin looking and feeling its best, there’s something for everyone.

Portable clean with the eufy HomeVac S11 Go

If you’re looking for a portable, yet powerful, vacuum unit, I highly recommend the eufy HomeVac S11 Go. It can handle just about anything and give you a whole-house clean on one charge.

Do air purifiers really work?

Do air purifiers work Air Free

These days, I know more of us are more worried than ever about what’s in the air around us. You see all the studies focusing on air quality and viral load and it’s easy to question everything and never breathe deep again. But, aside from wearing filtering masks 100% of the time, what else can … Read more

Omni Air all-in-one cordless UV-C sanitizing vacuum

Omni Air all-in-one cordless UV-C sanitizing vacuum

Who doesn’t want a chemical-free clean for both their bare floors and their soft surfaces in their homes? Get the RAYCOP Omni Air cordless UV sanitizing vacuum to get rid of dirt and kill germs in one easy step. It’s fast, effective, and can clean large areas in no time!

Best of CES: Tech in 2020

U by Moen

The Consumer Electronics Show was packed full of new {and improved} technology that will be making its way to retail this year. I’m sharing my favorite finds from on the floor, events, and parties we attended. From Smart Home to tech that you can take with you on the go, there’s a whole lot to be excited about in tech this year.

Make your own foaming hand soap – 3 different ways

DIY Foaming soap castile soap with essential oils ingredients

I love foaming soap, and I love it even more now that I can make it myself right at home from soap I already have. Add in some essential oils and coconut oil and it feels luxurious and yet only costs pennies. Try these three ways to make it and start saving money today!

The smartest dishwasher on the block

Bosch Dishwasher at Best Buy

It felt like all dishwashers were more or less the same for roughly 30 years. And, then in the past 5 years or so, there’s been so many dishwashing innovations. These newest Bosch models are the smartest dishwashers I’ve ever seen, with functions I never even knew I needed. We’re talking automatic everything, adjustable to a shocking degree, and the quietest operation I’ve ever experienced.

Cleaning made easy with the Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean Technology

Shark Rocket CompleteSponsored postThere’s a rule I hear thrown around a lot about shopping for women, and every time I hear it, it makes me cringe. Marketing companies for years have been spreading the rumor that women don’t like practical gifts. And, while this might be true at some points in a woman’s life, like when she’s going through tough times or has had a life changing event happen, it absolutely is not a written-in-stone “rule”.Shark Rocket I, for one, love a good practical gift. Really, the more practical, the better. My favorite gifts in recent years have been 1) camera equipment that I needed for work, 2) a bread box, and 3) a new pair of boots. Honestly, the absolute best present ever is one that I really, really need – and maybe one a little nicer than I would be fine with. So, if there’s a deluxe version of a super practical, needed item, go with that.

That’s exactly what the new Shark® Rocket® Complete with DuoClean™ Technology is. 


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