Omni Air all-in-one cordless UV-C sanitizing vacuum

A big thank you to Raycop for sending their Omni Air all-in-one cordless UV sanitizing vacuum for us to adore. As always, all opinions and raves are 100% ours.  

 Vacuuming with the Omni AirHas your deep cleaning routine changed in the past few months during the pandemic? If you’re like everyone else I know, deep cleaning is happening more often and it’s a much more intense process than ever before. Admittedly, I’ve always been a little on the obsessive side about cleaning, but these last few months have almost broken me.

There have been so many times in the past few months that I’ve gone crazy with worry, wondering if I’m doing enough to keep my family safe. But, kids are wildcards, even during a raging pandemic. Parenting is weird. Literally everything eventually ends up in someone’s mouth despite all your best efforts.

What’s a mom to do?

So, I find myself obsessively cleaning almost daily, whether it’s any clothing we wore on walks or to stores, our masks, and any and all items that come into the house. There’s a system for everything, and it’s usually more steps than I care to admit. Tiles, doorknobs, countertops, they are easy, but our soft surfaces seem like a lost cause.

I mean, you can’t simply dust your countertops or sweep your linoleum and call them clean. So why would you merely run a vacuum over your carpets or couches and call it good? As I said with kids, it’s gotta be clean enough to eat off of, which I think we can all agree isn’t going to happen with a few passes of a regular old vacuum.  

That’s why a vacuum alone isn’t the right tool for the job. What we need is a way to truly *clean* the carpets, couches, mattresses, car seats, etc. Sure, there’s carpet sprays and professional shampooing to really clean your soft surfaces, but those leave chemicals and toxins down where your children play, and can even do more harm than good if you have a child with sensitive skin or allergies. Not to mention they can be costly, especially if you have a large area of carpet to clean. Omni Air all-in-one cordless UV-C sanitizing vacuum

Thank goodness technology has come to save us yet again, and this time it is in the cutest package ever.

Introducing the RAYCOP Omni Air cordless stick vacuum with two power heads. This little baby uses the same UV technology that hospitals do to eradicate 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, and dust mites from fabrics, surfaces, and floors. UV light is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to clean otherwise impossible-to-clean areas like rugs, bedding, couches, and more.

And, did I mention how cute it is? This isn’t a beast of a vacuum that requires brute strength in order to wield. The slim profile of the Omni Air makes it not only easy to use, it’s also super easy to store in the smallest of places. That makes it perfect for RV’s, apartments, or just about any home.

Small design, powerful presence

The lightweight Omni Air weighs only 3.75lbs and the power heads are 3.50lbs, which makes it the lightest full-featured vacuum I’ve ever held. It is so easy to handle that my 5-year-old can easily maneuver it, and enjoys doing so.Omni Air all-in-one cordless UV-C sanitizing vacuum

But, while it is small in size, it’s pretty powerful in action. It can completely remove dust mites, dirt, harmful microorganisms, and fuzz with just a single pass. Sanitize hard floors and soft surfaces such as mattresses, sofas and rugs, vacuum large areas, or use the smaller attachments to get in every single crevice.

Not only is it slim, it also has smaller heads that can get into the smallest of spaces. That makes it easy to get around furniture, in hard-to-reach spaces, and even be used above your head without fatigue.

Versatile design and all the attachments

Oh yeah, did I mention it comes with all the attachments? Not only does the Omni Air have a power head and a UV head, it also has a wand, a crevice tool, a small brush, and more. The UV light head is equipped with a rubber-cushioned handle and a dual textured brush.Omni Air all-in-one cordless UV-C sanitizing vacuum

The other power head has an easy-to-access brush roll, which I very much appreciate as a mom of long-haired daughters who love string crafts of all kinds. There hasn’t been a vacuum yet that they didn’t try their best to clog, so I love when vacuum heads make it easy to cut out the offending hairs/crafts and keep on rolling. 

Omni Air all-in-one cordless UV-C sanitizing vacuum

In talking versatile, I should also mention that in addition to having two power heads and multiple tools, but the Omni Air is also easily converted from stick vacuum to handheld. Use it a stick vac on floors and carpets, or use it as a shorter hand-held on soft surfaces. Basically, you can use it anywhere, in any format to get where allergens and germs like to hide.Omni Air all-in-one cordless UV-C sanitizing vacuum

HEPA filter and mightily mini dust cup

This dust cup is only the size of an insulated coffee mug, which at first had me worried. No one wants to empty a dust cup multiple times in one vacuuming session, so I was curious how it would handle a house over 2500 sq ft. It turns out that it handles beautifully, and I just need to empty the cup at the end of my vacuuming, just the same as I always did.Omni Air filter in hand

Also small but mighty is the Omni Air filtration system. The entire filtration system, including the HEPA filter, is completely washable. The filter collects and traps fine dust, keeping those allergens out of the air, and washing it is super easy.Omni Air filter parts

Are you ready to transform your vacuuming with the RAYCOP Omni Air cordless UV sanitizing vacuum?

Who doesn’t want a chemical-free clean for both their bare floors and their soft surfaces in their homes? Why not make the vacuum work smarter and vacuum and kill germs in one easy step?

The RAYCOP Omni Air cordless UV sanitizing vacuum retails for $249.95 and is available on and on Amazon.

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  1. This is amazing! I’m vacuuming so much more, I’ve really been thinking about getting a handheld, and the UV is a huge bonus!

  2. I like the RAYCOP Omni Air cordless stick vacuum is a UV sanitizing vacuum and the small storage spaces that I can place the RAYCOP Omni Air cordless stick vacuum is a UV sanitizing vacuum in.


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