Gryphon Tower: all-in-one mesh router and online parental controls

A big thank you to Gryphon for sending their Gryphon Tower router with parental controls to be reviewed and one for giveaway. As always, all opinions are 100% ours.

Managing screen time with ComcastIf you would have told me 6 months ago that I would soon be writing posts about kids and online safety, I would have never believed you. At that time, I believed we would be screen-free for at least a few more years and we wouldn’t have to deal with the threats of the internet for my kids for a while. I never, ever saw faux school as a reality, and I never thought it would be mandatory for me to sit my children in front of screens for a good chunk of the day.

Mandatory screen time for kids of all ages. Who could have ever seen that coming? 2020, you’ve been a wild ride.

Now here we are a few months into the pandemic and it’s become clear that the screen-free ship has sailed forever. Whether we are back in school in September or we’re back at faux-schooling, screens are definitely going to be a big part of our lives going forward. And, that means I have work, school, parenting, and 12 different devices to juggle come fall.

That’s where Gryphon Online Safety comes in. Gryphon Tower: all-in-one mesh router and online parental controls

Gryphon Tower: all-in-one mesh router with parental controls 

Unsurprisingly, the best place to control the internet in the home is where the Internet is distributed—through the WiFi router. The Gryphon Tower is an all-in-one mesh WiFi router that provides parental controls, malware and ransomware filtering for all internet-connected home devices, intrusion security for all IoT devices, and fast internet. Basically, it does it all, and it looks good while doing it.

Have you noticed your spam and junk mail folders filling up even faster these days? It’s not your imagination – spammers are working overtime these days. Now that everyone is home and on devices, they are desperately trying to gain access to your personal information. That’s why I love that both of the Gryphon WiFi router solutions provide protection against phishing, hacking, and malware attacks by automatically blocking access to dangerous and fraudulent websites.

There’s an app for that

The Gryphon is truly smart WiFi security and parental controls. Instead of getting frustrated with yet another device to manage and the ongoing battle to protect our children, Gryphon makes it easy. Simply set profiles for each family member, and then add devices they can use to their profiles. You can use preset filtering for each age range or you can customize it however you’d like.

It really is easy to use and manage, which makes it easy to either set and forget or keep tabs on each and every day – whichever works best with your parenting style. It really couldn’t be easier to keep your kids from inappropriate online content with just a few clicks. Imagine having peace of mind allowing your kids access to tech even when you can’t be over their shoulder.

You can also curb excessive screen time and social media addiction. Just set start and end times, blackout times, or just pause the internet on demand on each and every device however you would like. No more arguing or trying to collect tech devices, just turn off access and they won’t be able to use it without asking first.

Take control, all with a few simple clicks

Gryphon Online Safety wants to help families protect all of their homes’ devices from hacker intrusions, malware threats, to prevent kids from being exposed to inappropriate content, and to equip parents with tools to promote healthy screen time for their children. The company’s purpose is to help create an online environment that is safe, reliable, and enjoyable.

Using the Gryphon Parental Control Router app truly puts the control back in your hands. It’s never been easier to manage your children’s online activities and ensure healthy amounts of screen time and age-appropriate content.

  1. Content filtering and Safe Search. Turning on Safe Search/YouTube hides inappropriate content for your child by automatically filtering their search engine results. With 1.2 million blocked sites stored locally on Gryphon it makes it easy to keep your kids from accessing content that isn’t appropriate. Aggregated website reputation ratings from multiple sources {including other parents} helps keep your kids on age appropriate sites.Gryphon Tower: all-in-one mesh router and online parental controls
  2. Intelligent Intrusion Detection and Malware Filtering. Machine Learning in Gryphon recognizes each device in your home as a unique fingerprint. Since it learns your devices, it can warn you if that device deviates in any way, helping stop malware hacks or intrusion. Protected with ESET technology, the Gryphon relies on the best of the best monitoring to keep you and your devices safe.
  3. View browsing history. Gryphon helps you monitor your children’s browsing history, even if they delete it. Never wonder what exactly they’ve been doing all day or whether or not they have even worked on homework.Gryphon Tower: all-in-one mesh router and online parental controls
  4. Set bedtimes. No more nagging, negotiating or wiggle room. Gryphon helps you schedule screen time and automatically shuts off their internet for bedtime.
  5. Suspend the internet. Just a touch of a button allows you to take complete control of the internet on each device, giving you instant and non-negotiable family time.

Gryphon Tower: all-in-one mesh router and online parental controls

Want Gryphon on the go?

Using Gryphon HomeBound™, their mobile service/utility app, you can control even more. The app allows up to five smartphones to be virtually protected and managed on the Gryphon network {even if switched to cellular data or using a different WiFi network in or outside the home}. Advanced Internet Protection, including patent-pending AI Intrusion Detection System and malware filtering is powered by ESET Technology.

Which Gryphon router with parental controls is right for you?

Would the original Gryphon Tower router with parental controls work best for you, or should you go with the new Gryphon Guardian?

Both are Mesh WiFi Security Routers and Parental Control systems, but the main difference is size, speed, and coverage.

But, the best news? You can connect more than one Gryphon to expand your WiFi network with daisy chain mesh support. The original Gryphon is not required to operate the Gryphon Guardian or vice versa, but they can be used together.

Gryphon Tower SPEED: AC3000 / Tri-Band, COVERAGE: up to 3,000 sqft, INTERNET SPEEDS: up to 1.3 Gbps, PRICE $219.00

Gryphon Guardian SPEED: AC1200 / Dual-Band, COVERAGE: up to 1,800 sqft, INTERNET SPEEDS: up to 550 Mbps, SIZE: 6.5oz and palm-sized at 4″ x 4″ x 1.5″, PRICE: $109.00

Ready to buy? You can find either the Tower or Guardian on the Gryphon site, or you can shop on Amazon for Gryphon.

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  1. I’m with you on thinking I wouldn’t need to worry about internet controls for awhile longer — this pandemic with fulltime work and childcare has really changed things.

  2. Even though I have 2 adult sons so I really don’t need parental controls , they live with
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