H2O at Home for a chemical-free whole house clean

When my friend Laura contacted me and introduced me to H2O at Home as a natural alternative to traditional household cleaners, I was definitely game to check it out. I met Laura years ago when our firstborns were in pre-preschool together and she’s been an invaluable source of advice ever since. So, when she told me about H2O at Home for a chemical-free, whole house clean, I was definitely interested.

I’m always worried about what chemicals we have in the home, but this is especially true now that we’ve got a new baby crawling and scooting across the floors, eating off counters, and basically putting anything and everything she can get her hands on into her mouth. We’ve already made the switch to natural products whenever possible, but there were certain things I just didn’t think natural products cleaned very well.

And, since Laura’s the one who introduced me to couponing and saving money way back when, I knew she wasn’t going to sell me on some super expensive system. No, in fact, she explained how it could save me money each month while still giving the best clean possible. H2O at Home toolkitShe explained the H2O 3E concept {efficient, eco-friendly & easy-to-use}, and even offered to send me a few samples to try out so I could see them for myself. After getting the samples, I joined her Facebook group where she and her loyal customers share cleaning wins with the H2O at Home products. You can also ask for product suggestions and tips about how to clean tricky items using water and minimal cleaning products.H2O at home chiffonnettes

Results with H2O at Home

Even after reading just a few posts in the group, I was sold on the magic that is H2O at Home. It was clear these women truly believed in the H2O at Home products. Seeing their before and after shots made it really obvious that the products really do work, even without extra chemicals. This is just one shot of many that has been posted in the group to show how to clean everyday items all the way from couches to showers. Before and after H2O at home

I’m sure you’ve already gathered this from the picture, but that’s a “before” shot on the left and an “after” on the right. Crazy, right? The general consensus it that if you have a microfiber couch, you need the H2O at Home All-Purpose Glove.

So, how did it work for me?

My first cleaning job I tackled was some horrible hot cocoa stains on the headliner of my car. The kiddos had straw cups that squirted these awesome chocolate splatters all over the ceiling of my car and embarrassingly it took months for me to notice. Once I did notice, they drove me crazy, but I wasn’t sure how to clean them properly. I was worried that anything strong enough to remove set-in chocolate would possibly discolor the ceiling and make an even bigger mess.

So, want to know what worked? Water.

Yes, that’s right. Water! All I did was get the All-Purpose Glove damp and those stains came out with almost no effort at all. Here I was embarrassed about the stains for months and a few minutes with the All-Purpose Glove made it chocolate-free. Oh, and notice in the “before” image what my little artist did one day while buckling her seat belt with a ballpoint pen in her hand? The All-Purpose Glove almost completely removed the huge pen mark that had been there for who knows how long.

Car headliner before and afterWhile I’m new to the products and by no means an expert, I feel like the samples I got have made a huge difference in how hard I have to work to keep things clean. Being a busy mama, I don’t have hours to lovingly wipe down my hardwoods on my hands and knees. Yes, I really used to do this – in fact I did it the night before I went into labor with my daughter and haven’t done it since. Now my floors get lovingly cleaned by a mop, and it looks just a great thanks to H2O at Home.

Making faces in the dishwasher

But, it’s not just my floors that have seen better days thanks to H2O at Home. My appliances, my counters, my cabinets, and just about everything in the kitchen is better off now that I’ve found H2O at Home.

Please tell me that my kids aren’t the only ones who attack my stainless surfaces in my kitchen like they are funhouse mirrors. Although this picture is a dramatic reenactment to show why my dishwasher looks like it was purposefully finger painted, this isn’t that far from what they do on a daily basis. But, here’s the before and after with just a little Netepur and a Chiffonnette. H2O clean dishwasherThat’s pretty awesome, right? I did the same thing on my fridge and my oven and I’m in love with the results. Virtually no streaks and finger prints visible after just a quick pass with the Chiffonnette.

H2O at home fridge clean H20 at Home for chemical-free whole house clean

H2O = Love

I love H2O at Home so much that I ended up placing another order for more products because I wanted to try out as much of the line as possible. I ordered an All-Purpose Glove because that seemed to be the one thing everyone in the Facebook group agreed was a must-have, and then I added a cleaning clay and a limescale remover for general cleaning. Just like that, my household kit was complete. H2O at Home cleaning kit H20 at Home for chemical-free whole house cleanSo now when I have what feels like an impossible task, instead of just trying a bunch of products and hoping one eventually works {and hopefully doesn’t have chemicals}, I simply go to Laura first and I ask for her advice. Every single time she nails it and I end up saving a ton of money, time, and headaches just doing it right the first time.

Icky car seat? She suggested the All-Purpose Glove in warm water and a bit of floor cleaner to help with smells {the name is misleading, it is actually an all-purpose cleaner and can even be used in place of bug spray}. Basically, that combo can clean about half of your tough problems. The other must-have? The Netepur bar that can be used on everything from laundry stains to car seats and even couches. H2O at Home soap H20 at Home for chemical-free whole house clean

Clean top to bottom with H2O at Home for a chemical-free whole house clean

My friend Jessi put it best as she marveled at how amazing her cabinets looked after one pass with the H2O at Home Chiffonnettes,“It took exactly much effort as I want to give to wiping kitchen cabinets…None! And I used all of the cleaning products I needed to….the H2O at Home Chiffonnettes and water! Brilliant!!”

I tried my cabinets and was equally impressed, but I wondered how it would handle a big task: cleaning my above-stove microwave. I think I’ve tried about 10 different cleaning products to get the grease and grime off of my microwave throughout the years, and I do actually clean it pretty regularly but it never seems to make that big of a difference and I feel like it always looks dirty and gross after a day or two. Disgusting above the stove microwave before H20 at Home for chemical-free whole house cleanOr at least it used to. Not anymore, thanks to a Chiffonnette and a little bit of Cleaning Clay. Clean microwave after H20 at Home for chemical-free whole house cleanWant to see that Chiffonnette after cleaning my disgusting microwave? Pretty gross, right?H2O at Home dirty Chiffonnette H20 at Home for chemical-free whole house clean

Q&A and tips with Laura from H2O at Home:

R&R: How did you find out about H2O at Home? 

Laura: A friend of mine posted on social media about how switching to H2O at Home had improved her daughters health. I had to know more. Then I saw the products in action. Not only did they work…the H2O at Home products exceeded my expectations. I have not looked back or used a traditional cleaning product since. The best part is that cleaning with H2O at Home saves you time and money.

R&R: What is your favorite cleaning tip using H2O at Home?

Laura: Chemicals are not the answer! You can actually remove bacteria with just our Microfiber Chiffonnettes and water. No need for harsh chemicals anymore. Our products actually remove harmful bacteria instead of just killing it with chemicals and spreading it around.

R&R: How would you use H2O at Home for a chemical-free whole house clean?

Laura: For windows, counters, showers and bathrooms it all comes down to the Variety Kit and the Cleaning Clay. You can literally clean your house from top to bottom with these items. The Cleaning Clay is the perfect companion to your H2O at Home Chiffonnettes®. It is simple and easy to apply, and its gentle abrasive action allows it to clean surfaces without scratching. But, the best part is that the Cleaning Clay leaves a protective layer that prevents calcium from being redeposited.

Compact and economical, cleaning clay applies quickly to surfaces and foams to allow easier distribution. Not only that, H2O at Home Cleaning Clay is completely food safe so it can be used in kitchens. With a 100% natural formula, it is easily rinsed off and is completely biodegradable. So, it’s basically the perfect kitchen cleaner.

For floors, our mops use the same microfiber technology with our mop pads.  The floor cleaner with eucalyptus, mint, pine and thyme essential oils will leave your home with a delightful scent. It has a high ingredient concentration so a little goes a long way! 

R&R: Who should use H2O at Home?

Laura: Everyone! These are safe for pets and children so everyone can get in on the action.

R&R: Any advice for someone just getting started cleaning with H2O at Home?

Laura: These products are effective AND non-toxic. A little goes a long way. That means tha they last a long time and save you money. Really, it’s a no brainier to switch to truly green products with H2O at Home. Many people don’t know how and where to find good quality products that are good for people, pets and the planet. This is an easy solution!

Ready to buy H2O at Home?

Clearly H2O at Home isn’t just about natural cleaning products, it’s a way of life. They also have natural home fragrances and organic personal care items so you can truly go chemical-free. After seeing how awesome their home care items are, I definitely want to try their other lines as well.

Visit myh2oathome.com/laurarobinson for more information about how to place orders. You can also host a party and earn hostess gifts and product credits. Ready to place an order for H2O at Home for chemical-free whole house clean? Visit the link above!

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  1. Love the review! For more product information or to order visit myh2oathome.com/laurarobinson. Click on “Shop” and select the Rave and Review event or you can message me directly through the site. Check out our discounted Household packages. Don’t hesitate to message me or join us on facebook.

  2. To order any fo the products visit myh2oathome.com/laurarobinson. I will be giving everyone the NEW scouring sponge FREE if you place an order by 10/30! Thanks! Laura to Feel free to contact me with any questions

  3. Thank you so much for sharing about these lovely toxic-free cleaning products! I also have children and this is a very good reason to start looking for all natural cleaning solutions that I can find. I use vinegar, baking soda, salt, lemons and other natural ingredients as cleaners and I will be happy to try the H2O cleaners, too! The results look great! Thank you for sharing!

  4. This is very interesting how you cleaned the home just by those products and with so efficient results. I would really like to try those cleaning products, especially after reading so many positive comments! Best regards

  5. I purchased several items last September. I do like the chifonettes, although the glass one has gotten very stained and the stains don’t come out no matter what I do. I love the scrubettes for dishes, but they now have a terrible dishcloth smell that won’t come out unless I use the netepur several times a day. At that rate I go through a bar about once a month. That’s a ridiculous amount of money to pay just to be able to wash my dishes. Guess I’ll go back to regular dishcloths that at least smell clean when coming from the laundry. I have never washed with bleach or fabric softener. And I will not pay the ridiculous prices for the laundry soap. I guess the H2O advisors should make it clear when selling the products that unless you are willing to invest hundreds of dollars in ALL of their cleaning products, none of them work that well by themselves.

    • I’m sure you could, but then it wouldn’t have sewn edges. If that doesn’t bother you, then I would just recommend using really nice fabric scissors to get a nice clean cut.


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