Add a tent to your trampoline for next level fun

AlleyOop Tent inside trampolineRemember how I said that we had the coolest backyard ever thanks to our addition of a JumpSport trampoline back in 2012? Well, our backyard just got even cooler thanks to the addition of a much-anticipated JumpSport accessory: The AlleyOop Outback Trampoline Tent.

Yes, it’s a cool as you’re picturing, and probably even more so.

Take what you already have and make it cooler

My number one favorite thing to do is to periodically add accessories to beloved toys in order to prolong their life in our house. And, for me, the trampoline has been a big source of inspiration throughout the years.

Remember my post about 50+ things to do on a backyard trampoline? That offered years of ideas and ways to make the trampoline fun all over again. Whenever they would come to me for ideas, I would simply pull up the 50+ fun things to do on a trampoline post and say “have at it!”. When they were solo and needed inspiration, I would pull up my 31+ awesome things to do on a trampoline solo post and watch them delight in the new activities. JumpSport Trampoline with basketball hoop

Then, remember the addition of the trampoline ProFlex basketball hoop from JumpSport? That was all an effort to make the trampoline feel like new all over again, and it worked spectacularly. Then, remember when I added the trampoline roof with a play parachute? Ditto.

AlleyOop Outback Tent

But, I think I’ve finally outdone myself with the addition of the AlleyOop Outback Trampoline Tent. This was something I had been eyeing for years, and knew we would eventually buy. When they seemed serious about their desire to stay outdoors, I started my search again. When I realized the AlleyOop Outback Tent was a perfect fit for our Elite Trampoline, I was thrilled.

I don’t know what exactly I was picturing for a trampoline tent, but it certainly wasn’t the high-quality camping-trip quality tent that arrived from JumpSport. It makes sense considering that the tent is going to be placed on a bouncy surface that kids are definitely not going to be gentle with. But, I was definitely surprised when I first took it out of the box and saw an included stuff sack, high quality elastic cords, and a tent that could easily be from REI instead of a trampoline company. AlleyOop Sports Tent with stuff sack

Easy Tent Install

Notice that there’s no poles with the AlleyOOP tent? That’s because poles on a trampoline would be a disaster, no? Instead, the tent is supported entirely by elastic cords. These cords slip through loops on the Outback Tent that then connect to various places on the trampoline enclosure and to the spring coils of the trampoline base. This not only makes set up and take down so easy a kid could do it {with just a little lift to reach the upper poles}, it also makes the tent able to withstand jumping and bouncing in and around it. AlleyOop Tent install

The first install took a few extra minutes while we figured out how taut we wanted the elastic for our specific trampoline. Even with trial and error, the Outback Tent was up and ready to play in no time.  I’m sure we could get that time down to under 5 minutes as we now know best where to connect it and how many times to wrap the elastic. Alley Oop Tent in sun

All ready for playing… and sleeping

While the trampoline tent looks like any other outdoor tent, it should be noted that the floor of the tent is fabric and therefore not waterproof. I’m sure this is so you can jump on the tent safely, and it makes perfect sense. Just know that if rain is likely to happen during your campout, you could be sleeping in a puddle if it collects on the trampoline surface. Thankfully, our summers and fall are typically pretty rain-free, which means we still have plenty more rain-free weeks for trampoline camping. Alley Oop Sports Tent laughing

Hours of playtime fun

These kids are excited that the lack of rain means they get this awesome new play structure and toy. As it was all put together, I couldn’t help but marvel over the size of the Outback Tent. We’re talking a GIANT 11ft across and 5.5ft tall in the center of the tent. That makes it big enough for all of my kids to stand in it, and even allows the little ones to jump in it like a bouncy house.  And, these kiddos were more than happy to test it out, jumping in and giggling together for hours.Alley Oop Tent on Trampoline

The big zippered door allows easy in and out access, for playing and sleeping. It has 3 windows that allow a good cross breeze and ventilation so the tent doesn’t heat up and stay hot. I love that each opening has screens that shut to keep bugs out. This would obviously be incredibly important if we’re going to sleep out in the tent overnight.AlleyOop Sports Tent

Just look at these happy faces. Not only do they love resting in their new outdoor camp, they also love playing inside and outside of the tent. They have been bouncing for hours each day and playing a game they made up called “butterfly, fly with me”. This game takes place in the small perimeter of the trampoline not covered in the tent and they jump in through the door to “safety”. I don’t understand all of the rules, but I do know it’s a big hit with the entire neighborhood. AlleyOop Tent in side trampoline

Jumpsport next level fun

If you have a JumpSport Classic, Elite, or AlleyOOP Trampoline, I would highly recommend the AlleyOOp Outback Tent. A trampoline is always fun, but this adds even more fun and joy to your backyard. I know it’s going to be so many years of fun, both as a bouncy house as well as a secret hideout during the day. Soon it will be used for an actual overnight campout, which is going to be very popular. Alley Oop Sports Tent

Don’t forget that JumpSport has the ProFlex Basketball Hoop and Party Pack as well. We’ve written about them in the past, as well as a whole list of trampoline accessories that can make your trampoline feel new again year after year. What would be the biggest hit in your house?

Check out all the trampoline accessories on the JumpSport site.

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