JumpSport ProFlex Basketball System for Even More Trampoline Fun {Review & Coupon Code}

When I was young, my family bonded over basketball.  It was where we talked through any problems we were having, celebrated our successes, and laughed about the funny things that happened that week.  No matter what was going on in our lives, getting out in the fresh air with people who loved you made everything else just disappear.  Some of my favorite childhood memories are practicing layups, playing H-O-R-S-E, Around the World, and more with my parents and siblings until the sun went down and we were forced to come inside.

Because I really wanted to share this form of bonding with my own children, my one regret with buying our current house is that it came with a very “urban yard” and there was simply no place to put a basketball hoop.  Well, I’m happy to say we’ve come up with a solution that might make this a positive instead of a negative: Bouncy Hoops.  Bouncy Hoops is the very made up name of our new favorite game with our favorite new accessory, the JumpSport ProFlex Basketball Set.

You may remember our JumpSport Elite 12ft Trampoline review or perhaps our #1 post of all time, 50+ things to do on a JumpSport Trampoline that continues to get hundreds of views every single day.  If you read either one of those, you probably got the gist that we were head-over-heels in love with our JumpSport Trampoline.  Well, I’m happy to say that after months of bouncing and jumping and playing, we actually love it even more than we did before.  While I could go on and on about the ways it has changed our lives over the past few months and made getting out and staying active a family affair, it’s nearly impossible to explain just how much we love it.

For instance, when it’s my daughter’s turn to pick what she would like to do for the day, her answer without fail is, “I-want-to-jump-on-the-trampoline, please” and any day that it’s not raining {and some days that it is}, you will find my son longingly looking out the back door at the trampoline saying, “bounce?”.  Whereas most kids choose ice cream and treats, ours choose the trampoline for rewards.  30 minutes for that glowing teacher report, 15 minutes for helping mama clean up, and another 15 minutes for staying quiet during that important conference call is an hour of good exercise and a great way to motivate without sweets. 

Heavy Duty Hardware
But, now we’ve got even more motivation to get outside and stay active with the addition of the JumpSport ProFlex Basketball system.  It comes with everything you need to take your jumping to a whole new level, including a full-size backboard, cushioned hoop with heavy-duty ProFlex hardware, a 5" soft rubber inflatable basketball, and my favorite feature, triangular side nets to divert stray balls back into the trampoline. 

Installing the JumpSport Basketball Hoop
It’s no joke when I say that this basketball hoop is literally the only thing I wanted for the holidays this year, and it really was like Christmas morning when we got it all installed and ready to play.  I had visions of all of those nights we spent playing basketball when I was young and all the family memories we’re going to create throughout the years with our own hoop and it honestly made me a little weepy. 

All a mom wants is to see her family laughing and bonding together, and this is a sure way to do that even into the dreaded tween/teen stage and beyond.  There’s something special about the combination of physical activity, friendly sport, and fresh air and I was thrilled that we won’t have to miss out on that bonding because of our lot constraints.

JumpSport Trampoline Hoop
And, once the kiddos got outside to check it out, I realized quickly how incredibly right I was.  Between gales of laughter and fits of giggles, the kiddos made their first baskets and were so proud of themselves. 

Trampoline Basketball
Here’s my daughter showing off how many baskets she made. Wait, is that 2… or 4?

How many baskets
And, look at these DIMPLES! Doesn't he look like an NBA pro?

Mples Basketball
While we did make very good use of those side nets that help us contain all of their {many} air balls, they actually did better than I thought they would at hitting the backboard and rim.  I’m pretty sure I’ve got basketball legends on my hand, which is a good thing we got them an amazing hoop so early on.

Basketball Hoop with side nets
The kiddos were even nice enough to let hubby and I try it out and we were both impressed with the quality of the hoop and the ingenious design.  The first thing we both loved is that instead of merely being mounted on top of the safety net, the ProFlex Basketball System is actually integrated into the safety enclosure frame itself to give it extra stability.  But, in addition to offering more stability, moving it onto the enclosure frame moves it out of the bounce area and leaves less opportunity to accidentally hit the padded rim. 

Which leads me to my biggest rave: like the trampoline itself, the ProFlex Basketball System has all sorts of safety features built into the design.  From the reinforced and durable backboard that was made to withstand the elements to the padded and cushioned hoop with heavy-duty ProFlex hardware, this is not some doorway basketball hoop rigged up to a trampoline, it’s the real deal and built to last. 

Family Bonding Trampoline
I have absolutely no doubt that the ProFlex basketball hoop that our kids are making their first baskets on will also be the one they learn their first layup on and the one they reminisce about once they leave home.  We may not have our own half court, but you can bet my kids are going to grow up around basketball and bonding over games in our backyard now that JumpSport has made my dreams of owning a hoop a reality.

I know many of you are thinking about getting a trampoline this Christmas, and this is the perfect time to bring home one of the world’s safest trampolines.  Your kids will think you are the best parent ever and you will wonder why you ever waited so long. 

And, if you act fast you can get the ProFlex Basketball set for a shocking discount just in time to have it delivered for the holidays.  From now until December 25, 2012, simply enter the coupon code ABLOG50COUPON at JumpSport.com and you'll receive 50% off your purchase of a basketball hoop when you purchase a trampoline.

To find out more about all of their amazing products and hear about all of their promotions, connect with JumpSport online at JumpSport.com on Facebook and Twitter as well as on Pinterest.

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big HUGE thanks to JumpSport for providing the ProFlex Basketball System for
review.  All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation
was received in exchange
for this Rave Review.  NOTE: I am not a physician, do not work in
healthcare and in no way should you take medical advice from me.  As
with all sports and exercise activities, you should consult a doctor
before attempting anything you see above.  This is especially true
when small children are playing, but goes for all ages.  We supervise
our children during every activity outdoors and this includes the use of
the trampoline. 

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