Year-round water fun with Coconut Pool Floats

A big thank you to Salus Brands for sending two new Coconut Floats for us to enjoy. All opinions are 100% ours and no form of monetary compensation was received in exchange for this Rave Review. Coconut Floats FloatopiaI used to think that pool floats were basically disposable. You buy a cheap floatie for one vacation or trip to the pool, and then enjoy it until it popped or you lost track of it. Then, you buy another the next time you need one. Utterly wasteful, and expensive over time, which is why we stopped buying them.Coconut Floats Unicorn in Water

But, this fall we were introduced to Coconut Floats, and it changed how I view pool floats. While attending Social Media on the Sand at Beaches Turks & Caicos last October, we got to attend the awesome Floatopia Party and the Coconut Floats were the main attraction. The party started with the entire conference enjoying the French Village Pool, but it didn’t really start until the countdown to when they released the Coconut Floats into the pool. Coconut Floats piled up

Everyone went crazy grabbing a floatie or three and hopping on with their families. And, I do mean crazy. There were entire families on floats together, floats linked together to form chains, and because there were massive amounts of high energy kids, eventually a floatie battle started. But, know what *wasn’t* at the party? There was no popped or ruined Coconut Floats. I was sold.Kiddo in pool

Find your float with Coconut Pool Floats

While at the party, I started “shopping” the pool for floats that I was certain we needed to buy once we got home. I knew I had a winner with the Unicorn Float for the girls, but I wasn’t sure what to get for my son. But, I knew it right when I saw it on the Coconut Pool Floats site: the Blue Raptor from Jurassic Park was a must-have.Coconut Floats inflated

I also learned what makes Coconut Floats so amazing – aside from their wonderful selection of both licensed and unique designs that any kid {or adult} could want. The new Coconut Floats are made of heavy duty, durable 0.25mm vinyl that resists punctures, which is why there were no floatie casualties at the Floatopia Party.Coconut Floats Dino

Now that we’re in full summer swing, our Coconut Floats have already gotten quite the workout at our friend’s new lake house and at pool dates, and they are still good as new. I knew the kids were going to love the Blue Raptor and Pink Unicorn Float, but I honestly didn’t realize I would love them as much as I do. But, I find the Pink Unicorn is perfect for relaxing on and getting in all the kiddo snuggles I want and the Blue Raptor is fun to play active games with the kiddos on. I’m looking forward to bringing them on all of our family excursions year-round because they are just too cool to hide away for summer only!Coconut Floats in the water

Are you searching for the perfect pool float that can last you years? Check out the sweet White Swan or Pink Unicorn, the tween-approved Rainbow Poop, or the awesome Indoraptor or Blue Raptor pair from Coconut Pool Floats. Coconut Float Floatopia Party

What Coconut Pool Float design will you go with?

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