Celebrate your summer birthdays at Chuck E. Cheese’s

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Chuck E Cheese's lay flatSummer birthdays at Chuck E. Cheese’s

It may seem like summer birthdays would be a breeze to plan with the many parks and beaches around us, but they can actually be harder than other seasons in my opinion. For one, the parks and beaches are always crowded this time of year, unless it’s dumping rain {in which case, carting all the party supplies to the park or beach to hang out under a picnic shelter sounds pretty miserable}. Even booking a shelter for $75+ on a decent day doesn’t guarantee you space, and you still have to buy all the food, decor, and treats.

And, what if there’s thunderstorms or sweltering heat? Well, then you just end up pushing the party later into summer and hoping everyone can still make it even with summer vacation schedules. So, then you book the shelter for the next available date and pay another $75+ fee and cross your fingers for better luck – all while consoling your poor kiddo who was looking forward to their birthday party.

And, did I mention that parties aren’t really my thing? Other moms have the Pinterest perfect cake, the amazing decor and goody bags, and I just barely can manage pizza delivery and a cake with a character or two on top. So, what’s a mom to do?

With Chuck E. Cheese’s, you can ditch the pressure that comes with birthday party planning. All you have to do is reserve your birthday party date, pick out one of Chuck E. Cheese’s fun birthday party packages, invite your guests and show up! Chuck E Cheese's games

Let Chuck E. Cheese’s handle the party for you

Take the stress out of planning and hosting a summer birthday party by moving it indoors to a place that specializes in parties. No worries about inclement weather, sweltering temperatures, or fighting off crowds to claim a spot in a busy park or beach. Chuck E. Cheese’s offers good old air conditioned fun and has everything you need to make your kiddo feel like a star on their special day, all without adding extra stress to your to-do list.

You can even skip the party store and bakery and let Chuck E. Cheese’s do all the set up for your birthday party, from goody bags, and balloons, and even cakes. And, when the party is over, there’s zero cleanup. None. Just take your personal items and leave, the staff handles the rest. Chuck E Cheese's cup summer birthdays at Chuck E. Cheese's

We’ve done numerous birthdays at Chuck E Cheese’s in the past, and they have all been as effortless as a party could possibly be. From booking the party online to the free customizable email invitations, all the way to food, and even hosting on the day of, it really couldn’t be any easier to party plan than a party a Chuck E Cheese’s. But, the best part? Every kid is thrilled to be there and you hear “best party, ever!” a million times. Chuck E Cheese's ride summer birthdays at Chuck E. Cheese's

I mean, just look at that smile. This kids was in heaven at the last Chuck E Cheese’s party, and she wasn’t even the birthday kiddo!

As a mom, I love how clean our Chuck E Cheese’s is and how attentive the staff is. But, I especially love the security at the door that doesn’t let little ones accidentally escape, which means I can relax a bit and enjoy the party myself. This is important because I cannot remember a single other party where the parent hosting can actually enjoy themselves, too.

All new All You Can Play Birthday Packages 

Chuck E. Cheese’s now offers Unlimited Games in select birthday packages, which was amazingly fun at our last birthday party there. Each kid got their own Play Pass {which I love – no tokens to lose! And they now have wrist bands!} and they could run around and ride the same ride over and over again, or play the same game as many times as they would like.

Birthday packages start at just $14.99 per child and can be upgraded to All You Can Play for only $3 more per kid. Check out all their options for summer birthdays at Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Chuck E Cheese's play pass summer birthdays at Chuck E. Cheese's

With an All You Can Play, your party guests will enjoy free rein of Chuck E. Cheese’s to play all the games they want in the time frame you choose. A great value and so convenient {when your party time is up, you’re done – it’s that easy} for the parents and the guests. My kids were thrilled about this because it allows the kids to play more games and win even more tickets, which of course means more prizes.Chuck E Cheese's prizes summer birthdays at Chuck E. Cheese's

And, if you reserve a VIP Party on Saturday or Sunday for your birthday celebration, you get the whole party area to yourself at the earliest timeslot before the restaurant opens, for one hour!  

After weeks of attending summer birthday parties at parks, pools, lakes, and amusement parks, I would love some good air conditioned summer birthdays at Chuck E Cheese’s instead. It’s not only fun for the birthday kiddo and their friends, it’s also fun for all the parents involved because they can sit back and relax while the kiddos entertain themselves. Plan your next no stress birthday today!

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