31+ awesome trampoline games and activities you can do alone

Trampoline water play
A few years back I wrote a post about 50+ Insanely Fun Trampoline Activities and it’s been one of my post popular posts ever since. But, I noticed quite a few parents would message me and ask for trampoline activities for one person and I wanted to get a list together of all the things one person can do alone on the trampoline. Behold, the complete list of trampoline games, activities, and ideas that you can do alone.

Getting outside and staying active is important to me, and I love that the trampoline makes that more fun than you can imagine. I have made it a point to keep the trampoline as fresh and exciting as possible, even when I only have one person wanting to jump. I figure by giving my kids fun ideas every few days, it allows them to get out energy, work on coordination and balance, and continue to best utilize the trampoline well after the initial newness wears off. Of course, there’s also plenty adults can do solo, too! Trampoline dancing

The complete list of trampoline games, activities, and ideas that you can do alone:

Drawing on trampoline
Play options

There are so many opportunities for play on a trampoline, and so many ways kids can get creative. However, if they need a little help, here’s some ideas to get them started!

  1. Just add water – put a sprinkler either under the surface of the trampoline or off to one side and let your kiddo jump on the trampoline in their bathing suit and sunscreen. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a hot summer day, with or without adding a roof to your trampoline. No matter how you set up your water on your trampoline, be sure to exercise caution as the jumping surface can get slippery when wet.
  2. Inflatable beach ball – lay on the trampoline with your torso in the center and try and keep the beach ball in the air using your hands and legs. Count how many times you are able to toss the ball up before you lose control of it and try and go for an all-time high record.
  3. Hopper ball – pick up a fun hopper ball with a handle at any sports store or toy retailer and let your kiddo hop across the trampoline. It adds an extra level of bounce and fun to your play.
  4. Dance – just add music and a costume and you have everything you need for a rockin’ good time.
  5. Picasso unleashed – did you know you can write on the jumping surface of your trampoline with sidewalk chalk? It’s true! Think of it like a giant canvas and see what you can create as a family! Once you start jumping, the chalk will come off slowly or it will disappear completely with a slight rain.
  6. Chinese jump rope – lay Chinese jump ropes {stretchy elastic jump ropes} across the trampoline surface and attach them to the trampoline enclosure with elastic straps. Once your jump rope is secure, slide up to ankle level and you can jump in, out, side, side, in, out, side, side in a pattern and chant the steps in order as you jump.
  7. Basketball – did you know that you can buy an amazing trampoline basketball hoop that hooks to the side of the safety enclosure? A basketball hoop adds another dimension of fun to your backyard and your trampoline, and it makes it easy to practice layups, free throws and more.
  8. Hopscotch – using sidewalk chalk, draw a hopscotch board on the trampoline surface and then jump across.
  9. Play ball – position a lightweight {think small beach ball or small air-filled} ball in the center of the jumping surface and jump around, trying to keep the ball as close to center as possible.
  10. Practice throwing – stand off to one side of the trampoline and take a small, lightweight ball and practice throwing against the net of the far end of the trampoline. The best part about using your trampoline net as a ball net is that the ball will automatically roll right back to you on the trampoline surface!
  11. Secondhand scarves – dancing with trailing silk scarves is a favorite activity of my kids, but you can also use ribbon rings with lightweight ribbons attached. Try to run fast enough so that the scarves or ribbons stay airborne as a great challenge for little ones.

Trampoline running Ball on TrampolineGet a workout
While you can get a workout simply by jumping on a trampoline for even 15 minutes, here are some suggestions on ways you can get a great aerobic workout on your trampoline.

  1. Low impact cardio – some of your favorite moves at the gym can easily be modified for the trampoline including jumping jacks, burpees, lunges, high knees, squats, running in place or simply jogging around the perimeter of the jumping surface.
  2. Kickboxing – think kickboxing is fun at the gym? Try it out on your trampoline at home for even more fun and higher jumps.
  3. Yoga – why not try some of your favorite yoga moves on the soft {and forgiving} surface of a trampoline? You may not be able to do all the poses, but you can certainly do some and have fun trying!
  4. Cross country skiing – shift your feet forwards and backwards, alternating feet as if you are trekking through the snow
  5. Downhill skiing – with feet together, jump side to side as if racing down a mountain.
  6. Back to basics – sit-ups on a trampoline are much easier on the back. Whether you are doing a modified crunch or a full sit-up, the trampoline surface is a nice place to work out in comfort.
  7. Warm ups – if you are training for a run, you probably spend a good deal of time warming up your muscles before taking off. Why not do some bouncing and then your calisthenics on the soft surface of a trampoline before your run?
  8. Twist and jump – whether you are simply bouncing to face right and then bouncing back to face left or you are doing a full 360 degree spin in the air, this is a great exercise as it works your core, too.
  9. Feet pulse – keeping your hips and upper body steady, push your feet up and down in the middle of the trampoline without having them leave the jumping surface. Trust me, it’s harder than it sounds, and a great leg workout!
  10. Challenge yourself – find out how long you can bounce in one stretch or see how many more workout moves you can come up with. Almost any exercise can be modified for a trampoline, it just takes a little creativity!
  11. Trampoline Tumbling – Trampolines are a great place to teach basic tumbling like somersaults and cartwheels because the surface is so forgiving.

Relaxing on trampoline
Trampoline roofFor relaxing

Trampolines aren’t just for jumping, they are also a great surface for laying, hanging out, and for snuggling. Here’s our favorite anti-jump trampoline activities:

  1. Add a roof – a simple play parachute becomes an awesome ready-made roof with a few simple elastic ties. See our DIY trampoline parachute roof that can make even a boring trampoline feel fun and new again.
  2. Backyard fort – JumpSport sells a great trampoline tent that can make your trampoline a sleepover haven, a daytime fort, or an enclosed bounce house. How incredibly cool is that?
  3. Movie night – using an inexpensive projector and a white sheet/curtain or simply a large laptop, enjoy an outdoor movie night solo. Bring out blankets, pillows, and snacks and lay back and watch a favorite movie under the stars.
  4. Larger-than-life hammock – what could be better than an oversized hammock? Whether you are relaxing after a fun day of jumping or you are reading books, a trampoline is an incredibly comfortable place to lay to unwind.
  5. Star gazing – what better place to lay back and watch the night sky than the soft and forgiving trampoline surface. Add blankets, spill-proof cocoa, and even a telescope and you’re all set for the next meteor shower.
  6. Cloud shapes – during the day, the trampoline is the perfect place to lay back and pick out cloud shapes. You’d be surprised at how early they can play this game and how fun it is to watch their imaginations blossom.
  7. Outdoor screentime is better than indoor screentime – even if your child is insisting on being on a tablet or game device, you can still send them outside to the trampoline to get fresh air while they play. If you are worried about them starting jumping with the device, attach a net bag to your trampoline so they can safely get their screen off the surface before they jump.
  8. Gazebo – put up our parachute “roof” over the top of the trampoline enclosure, and add colorful curtains tied back at the sides to create a private place to relax in the backyard.
  9. Step away from the desk – need to work on a paper, do a sketch, or even work on a tablet or computer? Take your work outside and enjoy fresh air while you cross off your to-do list.

Looking for more trampoline ideas? Check out our post about 50+ things to do on a trampoline and a super easy DIY roof for your trampoline! Want to keep this list handy? Pin this post:Trampoline games and activities for one person

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  1. I would love to get my daughter a trampoline for her 5th birthday. She would really enjoy it, and it would really help some of her gross motor issues.

  2. (This game includes fighting) Here’s another game: I came up with it but here: Fiesty Baby:
    Fiesty baby is supposed Tom Ben played with 3+ people (recommended 3). One person is the baby, the other two players are the people in the game. The baby has a couple emotions: Sleepy: you have 30 seconds to hide while the baby’s sleeping, if they’d find you, you fight them. Mad: you and the other players stay still while Fiesty baby attack you. Sad: you have to hug the baby, if not everyone hugs that baby, they turn mad. Happy: you and the other player(s) Head buck eachother until the baby falls asleep.

  3. I play blidmans bluf it is where someone lays down in the middle are the trampoline and everybody counts to 12 and then the person in the middle gets up and tried to tag the other people and it’s really fun to enjoy this game

  4. Wow, what an impressive collection of trampoline games and activities! Your list of 31+ ideas is a treasure trove for anyone looking to have a blast on their trampoline, even when flying solo. From fun challenges to creative exercises, you’ve covered it all. I’m excited to try these activities on my trampoline and add a new level of excitement to my solo jumping sessions.

    Your post is a valuable resource for trampoline enthusiasts, and I’ll definitely be sharing it with my friends. Thanks for sharing these awesome ideas and inspiring us to make the most out of our trampoline time!


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