Adorable Kids Shoes from See Kai Run

As many of you already know, one thing that can really pull an outfit together is your shoes.  This is just as true with children’s shoes, and sometimes even more so.  At our house, we take great pride in dressing our children up in fun outfits that really highlight their personality and style, and their … Read more

Holiday Shopping at TJ Maxx and Marshalls

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: Day 36 This past year has been all about saving money, which means that we really only go shopping when we have a huge coupon or when we’re headed to a discount store.  Because of this, T.J. Maxx and Marshalls have been my main source of new clothing purchases and gifts … Read more

Naturalizer N5 Comfort Shoes Review and Discount Code

Many of you already know my non-negotiable rule: the only time you will ever find me wearing uncomfortable shoes is when I am a bridesmaid.  That means that roughly 99.999% of the time I will be wearing comfortable shoes, and why I’m so excited about the N5 Comfort Elements collection from Naturalizer.  I am extremely … Read more

Nowali Moccasins

The Pacific Northwest has at least another 3 ½ months of cool weather before things start heating up for Spring, which means we’ve still got months of sweaters, coats and even mittens left in the year.  My favorite part of Seattle’s chilly spring?  Family cuddle nights that don’t have to end on March 20th.  So, … Read more

Däv Rain Boots

Every woman needs a fabulous pair of rain boots.  Why?  Because it rains everywhere.  The Pacific Northwest, in particular, sees more than their fair share of inclement weather and rain is just a natural part of life around here.  But, no matter where you are, being prepared with a great pair of comfortable rain boots … Read more

Rakkiddo Shoe Wheel by Rakku Designs

Rakkiddo Shoe Wheel for Kids Okay, I’ll admit it, this shoe wheel looked like cheap plastic on the website. When my package finally arrived I couldn’t wait to get it open to slap it together really quick. Imagine my surprise when I opened the box to find a collection of heavy weight parts – 6 … Read more

Rileyroos Baby Shoes

Rileyroos           For decades there was literally one type of baby shoe available.  You know which one, you’ve seen it a million times.  Oftentimes it is plain white, sometimes it is bronzed.  But it’s always the same design.  Classic, yes, but rather boring.  And, as it turns out, it wasn’t the best for our baby … Read more