Naturalizer N5 Comfort Shoes Review and Discount Code

Shoes_iaec0222263 Many of you already know my non-negotiable rule: the only time you will ever find me wearing uncomfortable shoes is when I am a bridesmaid.  That means that roughly 99.999% of the time I will be wearing comfortable shoes, and why I’m so excited about the N5 Comfort Elements collection from Naturalizer.  I am extremely picky about what makes it into my footwear collection, especially when I’m searching for stylish shoes that fit my requirements.  So, when I heard about the Naturalizer N5 Comfort Elements collection that was hailed to be both comfortable and stylish, I had to see it for myself. 

Shoes_isec0222433 One look at the Naturalizer site and I had a 5 pair wish list that I was dying to try out.  The whole Naturalizer line is extremely practical, but the N5 especially has a whole range of footwear that can fit anyone’s taste.  We’re talking sandals, mary janes, slip-ons, oxfords, dress shoes, boots and office footwear all with N5 all-day wearability. 

So, which style did I choose?  It was a tough choice, but because we’re really thinking Spring here in the NW, I decided to go with one of the open toe designs.  Since most of our traveling happens when the weather’s warm, finding shoes that can go with both skirts and jeans is always a huge priority to me.  The Aurora Dress Sandals from Naturalizer are perfect for all my Summer apparel and even go well into Fall since they easily work with slacks, khakis and jeans just as well.  In fact, even though they are sandals, I prefer them peeking out from under jeans, adding a red pop to my outfits.  

Shoes_iaec0224082 As you would expect from the N5 line, the Aurora Sandals are extremely comfortable and incredibly practical in my days of chasing a toddler.  The outsole of the shoe is nonskid and rubberized so you can wear it anywhere safely, which for me is an absolute necessity.  The thicker heel base is also a little bit bigger than a dollar coin and gives you a wider base to stand and walk on, making the short 1 ¾ heel a whole lot less dangerous for a non-heel wearer like myself.   

The Aurora insole is made with extremely soft leather than cushions your foot with each step and has an inner suede patch throughout the arch of your foot, which means your bare Shoes_ifec0224082foot doesn’t stick to the leather with each step and gives you a much more comfortable hot Summer option.  Another feature I absolutely love is the elastic sandal upper that gives your foot a custom fit.  As someone with abnormally thin feet, I always appreciate when shoes are adjustable, especially when I can still slip them on in a hurry.  

And, it’s no wonder these Naturalizers are so comfortable.  With years of engineering and design behind them, Naturalizer has taken comfort to a whole new level by bringing on their own reflexologist and mother of three, Michelle Ebbin.  Her goal is to reach out to moms and encourage them to take care of their feet – a body part that is often very much overlooked in our days of caring for young children.  The tips below are ones that Michelle Ebbin has developed to help moms find the most comfortable shoes for their busy days:
•  15 minutes of…comfort: When selecting a shoe, you should be able to walk for at least 15 minutes without discomfort or pressure to any part of the feet. Even if you live in heels, you should be able to feel balanced and stable enough so that you are not carrying all of your body weight on the balls of your feet.  Balance ensures that your core is stable and energy circulation can flow easily. Stability promotes stress relief and improved posture.

•  Breathe easy: Every woman knows how annoying sweaty, sliding feet can be. And when your feet can’t breathe, your energy can’t flow. Find shoes with a breathable lining. By keeping your feet cool, and comfortable, you can relieve and prevent energy blockages in the feet.

•  Lighten up and embrace the softer side: Hard, clunky shoes are more than just ugly, they can affect your circulation. The lighter the weight and the softer the cushioning, the less pressure on your feet, which means better circulation.

•  The 2010 shoe mantra – NO BREAKING IN: Flexibility means no “breaking-in” period. Supportive, lightweight shoes lessen the impact of gravity, which can wreak havoc on your feet and your entire body. Buy shoes that feel good straight out of the box.

Naturalizer_iSEC0213555 If you're looking for comfort straight out of the box, you should check out Naturalizer's full line of shoes.  And, to help get you started, Naturalizer has offered Rave and Review readers a discount code to get 15% off the .com and .ca sites (some exclusions apply).  Use the coupon NTWELL -  good thru 6/10/2010.

I received a sample and discount code from Naturalizer as part of a campaign through Family Review Network.  All opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. I agree… A very comfortable shoe with no need to break in as I could wear it all day shopping right from the box.

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