Work from Home Essentials

Movo smartphone kit work from home essentials

Are you working at home more these days? Just kidding, we’re *all* working from home these days. I guess what I should have asked is if you’re surviving working from home these days. While we’re all new at this working and schooling from home, I’ve created a list of my favorite products and services for … Read more

Easy treasure hunting with the GO-FIND 66 from Minelab

Go Find 66 on rocky beach

Our treasure hunting days were almost over, but they have been revivved thanks to Minelab metal detectors. After meeting with the Minelab team at CES, I knew I had found the solution to all of our treasure hunting woes of the past with the new GO-FIND 66.

Best of CES 2020: Tech for families

MovoPhoto Video Kit

Wondering what kinds of amazing tech for families was in Las Vegas for CES? Here’s the breakdown of all the best family tech for 2020 – for kids, tweens, teens, and their parents.

Comcast delivers on their promise to Washington 

Goodwill Digital Classroom from Comcast

We hear a lot of promises these days. Promises that this lotion will make you slimmer or that company will provide you with the very best argyle socks on the market. But, how refreshing is it when a company actually makes good on their promises?  Comcast is doing just that for Washington State, and I couldn’t be happier to share their newest partnership.

10 reasons to try a Soothe in-home massage for yourself

Soothe app in home

Having the option of an in-home massage got rid of so many roadblocks I had built up. I no longer had to worry about traffic to and from the massage, or planning a babysitter, and then travel time around the appointment. Since you can schedule your massage with as little as one hour notice, it really is as easy as realizing you have some spare time and hopping on the app.  

Celebrate your summer birthdays at Chuck E. Cheese’s

Chuck E Cheese's lay flat

Take the stress out of planning and hosting a summer birthday party by moving it indoors to a place that specializes in parties. No worries about inclement weather, sweltering temperatures, or fighting off crowds to claim a spot in a busy park or beach. Chuck E. Cheese’s offers good old air conditioned fun and has everything you need to make your kiddo feel like a star on their special day, all without adding extra stress to your to-do list.

Comcast Internet Essentials: low-cost internet and tech resources for even more families

Comcast Internet Essentials Back to School Events - Jacksonville

You probably remember how much we love the Internet Essentials program, right? I love that it is helping close the digital divide by providing low cost internet and technology resources to families in need. But, now I love it ever more now that Comcast is expanding the eligibility for Internet Essentials to include all qualified low-income households in Washington state. 

Let Blipbox by Playtime Engineering inspire your own little DJ

Blipblox playing sisters

The Blipblox by Playtime Engineering is a fully functional synthesizer designed for kids {and kids at heart} that allows little ones as young as 3 to create new and exciting sounds without the complexity and fragility of a traditional synthesizer. The Blipblox instead makes synthesizers fun, easy, and safe for all ages, inspiring them to create music without all the rules.