Naturalizer N5 Comfort Shoes Review and Discount Code

Many of you already know my non-negotiable rule: the only time you will ever find me wearing uncomfortable shoes is when I am a bridesmaid.  That means that roughly 99.999% of the time I will be wearing comfortable shoes, and why I’m so excited about the N5 Comfort Elements collection from Naturalizer.  I am extremely … Read more

prAna Clothing for All Seasons

In my quest for warm clothes this past January, I remembered a brand I had seen while hubby was browsing one of the {many} local outdoors shops we frequent. Normally, I don’t do much shopping for me in those kinds of stores, with the exception of the stray water bottles or specific biking gear, but … Read more

Hard Tail Rolldown Yoga Pant

It’s New Years resolution time again, and it’s time to break out the exercise gear to help you follow through on your 2010 goals.  Since my goal is to get back into my pre-baby shape, I thought a new exercise outfit would be just the thing to get me working out consistently again and actually … Read more

T3 Bespoke Featherweight Hair Dryer

I grew up in a house that had just about any beauty product you could imagine, and even though they were pretty old at the time, they were all the good professional stuff thanks to my mom’s beautician background.  It was so nice to have irons, dryers, rollers and more to experiment with as my … Read more

Find A Whole Family of Footwear with Teva

Teva is a company that’s well known for their years of expertise and innovation in the world of sandals, but most people don’t realize that Teva also offers a full line of shoes and boots as well.  Not only do they have a whole lot more than sandals, they have some of the cutest and … Read more

Däv Rain Boots

Every woman needs a fabulous pair of rain boots.  Why?  Because it rains everywhere.  The Pacific Northwest, in particular, sees more than their fair share of inclement weather and rain is just a natural part of life around here.  But, no matter where you are, being prepared with a great pair of comfortable rain boots … Read more

The Pretty Peacock Personalized Jewelry

There are two things that all mothers want; the first is obviously sleep, and the second is a way of keeping their babies close even when they have to be apart.  The Pretty Peacock offers one of the most extensive selections of personalized and custom jewelry pieces to keep your babies near and has some … Read more

Lauren Nicole Gifts

Personalized necklaces have become really popular in the past few years, and it’s easy to see why.  There is really no better way to show off your kiddos, your significant other, your pets, or to commemorate a life-changing event like motherhood or marriage.  Anyone who knows me personally already understands my deep love of all … Read more