Great gifts for the DIY fan from Innova Automobile

Do you have a DIYer on your list? If so, you’re going to want to know about the new Innova Automobile 5110 and 3360. 

The Innova CarScan Reader 5110 

As long as I’ve known my husband, he’s enjoyed working on his cars. He has been known to do crazy things like flip open a car hood and tell you exactly what was wrong with it without opening or removing anything at all. Not only that, but he actually enjoys doing so. So much so that he’s the go-to guy all of our friends and family call whenever they have automobile issues. 

But, as cars have moved from being purely mechanical into more and more electronic parts, they become harder to diagnose and fix.

Or, at least they did. Now, he’s got two new tools that can help make the newer cars just as easy to fix as that old beater he’s used to. The benefit of newer cars is that because they are all moving to more and more electric components, they can now tell you exactly what’s wrong with them if you know how to listen to them.

No, you don’t have to go out in your garage and talk to your newer car, it’s even easier than that. You can simply plug it in to an OBD2 scan tool, and this little device can tell you exactly what’s wrong with it, what part(s) to order to fix it, and so much more. 

If you’re skeptical and shaking your head insisting that you do not have an OBD2 port, you should Google your car make and model real quick. Pretty much any car after 1996 has the port, and you can plug it in right inside the cab of your car. Seriously.

Innova Automobile

So, you can plug this bad boy in, and get your results right on the 5110 OBD2 scan tool screen. If you need to know more, you can connect to the new Innova Automobile RepairSolutions2 app and get even more detailed information and details.

Innova Automobile

Who is the Innova CarScan Reader 5110 for?

It’s for anyone who wants to know more about their car. Why blindly trust mechanic shops or buy random parts that you might not need when you can just get the answers you need, right at home?

So, the next time your check engine light comes on because you only screwed your gas cap on 2 clicks instead of the required 3 clicks {true story}, you can completely avoid the auto mechanic and just clear the light yourself. Oh yeah, did I mention that you can also clear that annoying light? It’s true, you can!

Or, say you want to take a long road trip and you just want to make sure your rig is ready for the road. Then, you just plug this in and do a system check before you roll on out. Head out with peace of mind knowing that your car was in tip top shape at the start of the trip.

Alternatively, imagine you’re buying a used car for your teen and want to make sure that it’s safe and secure. That’s where the 5110 OBD2 scan tool comes in again. Simply plug in the car you’re considering, check for potential issues, and bid accordingly. 

Even if you’re not mechanic and don’t care to do anything under the hood – the OBD2 tool is for you as well. Plug it in whenever you have an issue and then call your mechanic and tell them exactly what’s wrong and what parts you need. No need to perform awkward car noises or guess at what could be wrong. Unless you like being laughed at, of course, and in which case you can still call and play charades with your busy auto mechanic. 

Basically, this OBD2 diagnostic scan tool is made for all levels of experience. Pair instantly with RepairSolutions2, via a Bluetooth connection, and get the most comprehensive automotive OBD2 code reader and scan tool solution. 

Click here to find the 5110 on the Innova website.  (MSRP: $70.58). Click here to buy on Amazon.

Innovate Multi-Purpose Infrared Inspection Camera 3360

Want to dive even deeper into car repairs? Then the Innova Multi-Purpose Infrared Inspection Camera is for you. Now you can use thermal sensors to target and record temperatures in real time.

You can view live thermal images right on the 3360 screen and take pictures to view later. This is incredibly useful for checking your radiator for even cooling and efficiency. This is the perfect gift for the DIY mechanic who has everything, and it just might be even more useful than you imagined it would be. 

If you’ve already guessed that this is great for more than just mechanical work, you’re absolutely correct. We’ve used it to find water pipes in the wall, we’ve used it to see how insulated our attic was, we’ve used it to see if our water heater was properly heating, check for air leaks, see if windows and doors are sealed, and we used it when my daughter swore she smelled a fire in our upstairs hallway. Sure, we don’t use it every day, but when we do? It’s worth its weight in gold. 

With advanced infrared technology, this multi-purpose precision camera uses thermal sensors to give you the best view of hot and cold spots. If you prefer, you can download images to your personal computer to edit, share or print

This Innova inspection camera is sold at many auto parts retailers across the U.S., including AutoZone and O’Reilly Auto Parts. (MSRP: $352.93).  Click here for more product info.

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